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Box Office Report: “The Martian” contends with “Gravity” for October record

(OCTOBER 2 – OCTOBER 4, 2015 estimates) The Martian (Opening) – $55,000,000 Hotel Transylvania 2 (Week 2) – $33,000,000 Sicario (Week 3) –...


The Awards Circuit Book Nook for October 2015

Awards season is right around the corner which means the books are getting longer. I jest, kind of. The books on this month’s slate range from comprehensive...


Under the Circuit: Joe Wright

After a fast start to his career, Wright has struggled to find the right chord to strike with the Academy


Box Office Report: “Hotel Transylvania” sequel hosts a record breaking September opening

(SEPTEMBER 25 – SEPTEMBER 27, 2015) – ESTIMATES Hotel Transylvania 2 (Opening) – $47,500,000 The Intern (Opening) – $18,225,000 Maze Runner: The...


NYFF: Ten Movies to look forward to at the 2015 New York Film Festival

Time flies when it’s Oscar season folks. It seems like just yesterday I was still at the New York Film Festival, but it’s a year later now and we’re on...


Box Office Report: “Maze Runner” sequel ahead of “Black Mass”, “Sicario” stellar limited release

(SEPTEMBER 18 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2015) Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Opening) – $30,300,000 Black Mass (Opening) – $23,360,000 The Visit (Week 2)...


Sci-Fi Fridays, Episode 48: Top 5 New Genre Shows of the Fall TV Season

With the muted response following Fear the Walking Dead’s early debut (gangbuster ratings are trivial at this point), are hardcore genre fans going to end up...


Under the Circuit: Tobey Maguire

The 21st century's first super hero has yet to defeat the Oscar snub


Under the Circuit: Brie Larson

As Larson gets ready for another award season, we look back at her previous run at Oscar glory


15 Films to See at TIFF 2015

After Telluride and Venice got the ball rolling last weekend, the fall festival season charges full steam ahead this week with the Toronto International Film Festival....


Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Mad Max: Fury Road

It’s no secret that I am a very passionate fan of Mad Max: Fury Road, and it remains my favorite film of the year four months later. I don’t know if it will remain...


Box Office Report: “War Room” halts “Compton’s” roll

(SEPTEMBER 4 – SEPTEMBER 6, 2015) War Room (Week 2) – $9,350,000 Straight Outta Compton (Week 4) – $8,850,000 A Walk In The Woods (Opening) –...


8 Hank Williams Songs To Listen To Before You See “I Saw The Light”

Although the buzz is looking relatively tepid, Marc Abraham’s Hank Williams biopic starring Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen I Saw The Light premieres at the...


Under the Circuit: Kevin Bacon

The Academy apparently isn't as big a fan of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon as the rest of us


Mountain-Sized Dreams: A Brief History of Telluride

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a film critic. That, with apologies to Nicholas Pileggi and Martin Scorsese, is the absolute truth. I’ve been...


Box Office Report: “Compton” fights off “War Room”, “We Are Your Friends” one of the worst openings ever

(AUGUST 28 – AUGUST 30 2015) Straight Outta Compton (Week 3) – $13,240,000 War Room (Opening) – $11,000,000 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Week...


Box Office Report: ‘Compton’ Takes the Weekend, ‘Sinister’ and ‘Hitman’ Underperform

(AUGUST 21 – AUGUST 23) Straight Outta Compton (Week 2) – $26,760,000 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Week 4) – $11,700,000 Sinister 2...


Why ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Can Be the Best Thing That’s Happened to the Oscars and Black Filmmakers

The Academy Awards have desperately been attempting to stay relevant in today’s cinematic climate, with changes to their voting system and members, in order to...


Under the Circuit: Rosemarie DeWitt

Most Known For: “Poltergeist,” ” “The Watch,” “Cinderella Man” Snubbed For: “Rachel Getting Married” It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at...

UNCLE Trailer Still 12

Under the Circuit: Hugh Grant

Can Hugh Grant spark his own career renaissance and find himself landing an Oscar nomination one of these days?


Under the Circuit: Miles Teller

How far will Teller have to stretch before he gets rewarded by the academy with an Oscar nomination?


Awards Circuit Book Nook for August 2015

Summer’s over and that means kids (and college students) will be spending the next nine months or so reading books they’re required to. If you’re like...


Under the Circuit: Rachel McAdams

Can the "True Detective" star follow in Matthew McConaughey's footsteps and become an Oscar winner?


Under the Circuit: Judd Apatow

Will one of comedy's current kings ever earn the respect of the academy?


Superheroine Producers Needed – A Plea for Gender Equality in Hollywood

WOMEN IN CINEMA: With the latest installment in The Avengers franchise kicking off the summer with soaring box-office digits and the release of Marvel’s latest...