The Overdue: Peter Sarsgaard Stakes a Claim on the Supporting Actor Category

Peter Sarsgaard is the patron saint of Oscar bait that doesn’t quite make its mark. The hardworking actor’s frequent independent work has made him the talk of the town. However, Sarsgaard’s role in “The Magnificent Seven,” opening this weekend, won’t likely be the role the acclaimed actor gets his first nomination for. Yes, despite many well […]


Weekend Openings: A ‘Magnificent’ Assortment

For this week, we get a high profile remake of “The Magnificent Seven,” along with a number of other interesting titles. Among them, there’s a fascinating character study, an inspirational tale and plenty more. While nothing overtly sticks out as something truly special, it’s a strong mix. The overall slate offers all sorts of things, though […]

Snowden JGL Shailene

Weekend Openings: Whistleblowers and Witches

This weekend, an Oscar hopeful biopic and a surprise horror sequel highlight the new releases. Both are hitting theaters along with a small collection of other titles, making for an interesting grouping. Considering how it’s the middle of September, the change in the air is palpable – not just weather wise, either. The movies are […]


Sci-Fi Fridays, Episode 59: Five Ways ‘Arrival’ Can Avoid the Oscar Fate of ‘Interstellar’

Has Denis Villeneuve crafted a new sci-fi classic with his well-received “Arrival?” That’s for audiences to ultimately decide, but critics emerging from recent festival screenings were bowled over by its ingenuity. Several were also quick to remark how esoteric and perplexing it might come across to Academy voters. Like “Interstellar” before it – which nabbed five […]


Emmy Episode Analysis: Can HBO Defend Itself in Comedy and Drama Series?

The big races are finally here. Last year we saw HBO dominate all the top categories, with “Game of Thrones,” “Veep,” “Olive Kittridge” and “Bessie” all winning. While HBO does not have a race in Best Miniseries, it is looking to defend its title in the other three major categories. For series nominations, each nominated […]


Top 10 Tuesdays: Best Found Footage Films

In light of Adam Wingard’s upcoming “Blair Witch,” I felt it highly appropriate to rank the Top 10 greatest found footage films of all-time. Lest the demons get any angrier than they already are, here’s the full list! 10. V/H/S This underrated anthology film provides multiple visionaries a platform for flexing their creativity. Not every short […]


Top Ten: Best Romantic Comedies of the Aughts

Love and laughter go hand in hand. That is the reason romantic comedies are possibly my favorite genre of film. From the screwball comedies of the ’30s to the famous pairings of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the ’90s, no other films can make my heart swoon and my sides split all at the […]

Sully, Telluride Film Festival

Box Office Report: Tom Hanks’ ‘Sully’ Takes Off

(SEPTEMBER 9 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 estimates) Sully (Opening) – $35,505,000 When the Bough Breaks (Opening) – $15,000,000 Don’t Breathe (Week 3) – $8,210,000 Suicide Squad (Week 6) – $5,650,000 The Wild Life (Opening) – $3,400,000 Kubo and the Two Strings (Week 4) – $3,230,000 Pete’s Dragon (Week 5) – $2,938,000 Bad Moms (Week 7) […]


Weekend Openings: Hero Hanks

Now that we’re in the heart of September, the movies are really starting to get better. In fact, despite quantity being a bit of an issue today, quality certainly isn’t. The main attraction is of course Tom Hanks doing his heroic thing in Clint Eastwood‘s new film “Sully.” Besides that real life heroism, there are […]

TIFF 2016

15 Films to Watch at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

With another edition of the Telluride Film Festival in the books, it’s time for cinephiles worldwide to turn their attention to arguably the biggest stop of the fall festival circuit – the Toronto International Film Festival. Once again, TIFF features a packed lineup of exciting films to unfold before audiences from September 8-18, culminating in […]

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Circuit Tech: Cinematography Contenders for the Remainder of 2016

Several weeks back, I discussed some of the potential cinematography contenders on tap for Academy recognition from the first half of 2016. This week, I look ahead to the second half of 2016 where there’s bound to be a plethora of Oscar hopefuls given the encroaching awards season. With the Venice Film Festival and Telluride […]


Women in Cinema: 10 Terrible Movie Moms

There are a lot of moms in the movies. There are great movie moms and terrible movie moms and some that are just sort of there in the background without a lot to do. This summer we’ve seen some interesting examples of motherhood. From the appropriately titled Bad Moms to this weekend’s less obvious release […]

Circuit Chat: Fanning v. Fanning Face-Off in Supporting Actress?

Welcome to Circuit Chat!  Each Wednesday that Circuit Chat lands, we’ll be talking about a specific category either in depth or a particular film or narrative taking place through the season.  Think of this as Clayton’s Oscar Circuit, but about one race rather than all of them!  For example: the potentially historic strength of the Best Actress […]