Emmy Episode Analysis: Can the “O.J.” Men Steal a Supporting Actor Victory

It’s hard to be a supporting actor sometimes. You have to wrestle away the spotlight from people with much more screen-time than you. There’s the pressure to make an impact, sometimes with much more limited time to do so. A truly successful supporting performance manages to craft an inner life and fully realized character with less […]


Women in Cinema: 10 Best Animated Female Heroes

Animated films are a big business and animation is almost as old as the movie industry itself. When it comes to great characters, there are many that come to mind. There are even quite a few female characters in the mix. Sadly, most of them are princesses. And very few women are princesses in real life.  And […]


Emmy Episode Analysis: Three “Game of Thrones” Women Compete for Supporting Actress

One of the strengths of the TV medium is how it uses the expanded length to spotlight many supporting characters. With full arcs and consistent subplots, supporting players do more than merely support. They get to carry plots, episodes and more. They are able to craft a fully fleshed out life for their characters. Eighteen […]


Top 10: Favorite Epic Movies of All-Time

The famous adage “they don’t make them like they used to” applies to the genre of the epic. The practice of making decades sprawling three hour plus films has gone by the wayside in favor of cinematic universes and men in tights. Perhaps one of the most famous of the epics of the golden age […]

Kubo and the Two Strings

Oscar Circuit: An Original Raunchy Song Contender and Meryl Streep’s 20th?

With outlets packing their bags, and securing their itineraries in order to head off to Venice and Telluride, the August cinematic landscape has rounded out an enjoyable summer.  This past weekend, the R-rated “Sausage Party” cooked up some impressive money over the weekend.  The raunchy gem, directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, emerged itself […]


Weekend Openings: #’Squad’ Goals

This week, one of the year’s most highly anticipated titles finally hits screens, but is the pseudo follow up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice worth seeing? That’s one thing I’ll be answering below, but if you’ve seen my review on the site already, you might know the answer. Also, there’s a notoriously mocked […]

Battle-of-the-Bastards-Game-of-Thrones (1)

Emmy Episode Analysis: Best Directing Will Go to the Bastards

We journey forward in our trek through the Emmy nominated episodes. Last week we looked at writing in the drama, comedy and miniseries/made for TV movie fields. Each Wednesday, from here on out, we are going to discuss each and every category leading up until the big night on September 18th. Every category, including the acting […]


Top 10: Who are the most Dastardly Superhero Villain of All Time?

A superhero movie is only as good as its villain is bad. This directly proportional relationship is something that has yielded some of the landmark highs of the superhero genre. This weekend sets a whole crew of villains out in Gotham City in “Suicide Squad.” In honor of the latest DC film opening on Friday, […]