Cameron Diaz

Community: Happy 44th Birthday Cameron Diaz! What are your favorite Diaz films?

Happy 44th birthday to actress Cameron Diaz! Diaz has been active for more than 20 years, after making one of the strongest debuts in film history. Diaz co-starred in “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, and then when on an impressive five year run after her debut. While Diaz’s personal life has been tabloid fodder, that doesn’t […]

Southside with You

Community: Who are your favorite movie presidents (real or fictional)?

Film history is chock-full of movie presidents, and this weekend, we get another depiction of a sitting president. However, unlike films like “Lincoln,” “W.,” or “Lee Daniel’s The Butler” this story far predates the president’s time in the Oval office. “Southside with You” tells the story of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on their first date in the late 1980s. […]

Sean Connery

Happy 85th Birthday Sean Connery…Name your favorite performance!

Happy 85th birthday to the legendary Sean Connery! The Scotish actor has been an icon of Hollywood since the 1960’s after bringing James Bond to life in “Dr. No.” Not only did he appear in the perfect number of James Bond films (7), but he brought his iconic presence to many films. Action films were often […]

Dont Breathe

Community: What is your favorite horror film in 2016 so far?

his year has been a relatively solid year for horror films, with a handful of standout films. Last year the genre struggle in delivering quality films, so this has been a welcomed change. This weekend, we see the release of another potential horror/thriller hit coming to theaters. “Don’t Breathe” follows the story of three young adults […]


Community: What is your favorite boxing movie?

Boxing movies have long been a staple of film history. Alfred Hitchcock made “The Ring,” the 1931 “The Champ” won Best Actor and Best Writing at the Oscars, and “Champion” made Kirk Douglas a superstar. The genre returns to the big screen this week with “Hands of Stone” a film based on the true story […]


Community: What is your favorite remake of classic film?

This week, audiences will see a remake of one of the greatest films of all time. “Ben-Hur” opens this weekend from Paramount Pictures this week, and involves Morgan Freeman, Jack Huston, and John Ridley. This is actually the 5th adaptation of the novel “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ” written by Lew Wallace, but none is more famous […]

Morris From America

Community: What is your favorite film from A24 so far?

It’s fun to see the film landscape shake up, and since 2013, a new player has come to town. A24 has quickly established itself as a studio that releases interesting films, as well as awards contenders. The studio was formed in 2012 and released their first movie by 2013. Since 2013, they’ve released a bevy of contenders […]

Kubo and the Two Strings

Community: What is your favorite Stop-Motion film?

Since 1912, stop motion animation has been used by filmmakers around the world to bring their stories to life. In 1917, Argentine filmmakers used stop motion animation to develop the first feature animated film in history, “El Apostol.” Since that time, dozens of stories have utilized stop motion to deliver cinematic journeys. We’ve seen stop […]

Pete's Dragon 2

Poll: What’s your favorite Disney live action retelling so far?

This week, Disney releases another big live action retelling of one of their classic films. “Pete’s Dragon” soars into theaters this weekend with solid fanfare. So far Disney has released a handful of retellings and they’ve almost all been successful. “The Jungle Book” fell just short of the billion dollar mark with $940.7 Million worldwide. “Cinderella” […]


Community: What’s your favorite comedic performance in an animated movie?

Seth Rogen is set to release “Sausage Party” this weekend, and so far reception has been overwhelming positive. The film seems to accomplish it’s goal as an R-rated Pixar movie, and considering the talent involved that’s not surprising. The film’s cast includes frequent Rogen collaborators Jonah Hill and Bill Hader. Even Alan Menken wrote original music and songs for […]

Florence Foster Jenkins

Community: Which actors have given the best performance opposite Meryl Streep?

This week we see the return of the Oscar Queen, Meryl Streep. The woman with the most acting nominations of all time is looking to add another with “Florence Foster Jenkins.” The film follows Streep playing the real life Jenkins as she attempts to become an Opera singer. However, Jenkins is not a particularly good singer, […]

Black Panther

Community: Which upcoming superhero movie are you most excited about?

“Suicide Squad” is officially in theaters today, but with so many superhero films in development, attention quickly turns to the next property to release. There are a lot of films on the horizon, especially with DC gearing up their production. Den of Geek  pointed out there as many as 70 superhero films on the horizon, […]