ACCA TV 2016 Final Voting is Open! Pick the Winners!

Welcome to the Awards Circuit Community Awards final ballot for TV in 2016! We’re very happy with the enthusiasm you showed in the initial ballot. We received hundreds of votes, and it was fun to see how diverse everyone’s choices were. We feel that the readers did an amazing job picking our diverse nominees, while […]


Community: What are your favorite “Star Trek” performances?

With the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek” this year, Paramount was able to release it’s latest entry in the franchise, “Star Trek Beyond” in a perfectly mundane summer. “Star Trek” is one of the few franchises make the jump from TV to film with excellent results, and the franchise is still rolling on all cylinders. […]

The People Vs. OJ Simpson Nathan Lane David Schwimmer Cuba Gooding, Jr. Courtney B. Vance  John Travolta

2016 ACCA TV Nominations: FX’s ‘People v O.J. Simpson’ Leads with 10 Nominations, Sophie Turner and Bruce Campbell Surprise Too!

If you listened to the latest episode of Circuit Breaker, you heard the announcement of the Awards Circuit Community Awards for Television.  FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson” led the fray with ten nominations including Best Limited Series.  Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was 2nd in nomination tally with seven including a double dose in Supporting […]

Battle-of-the-Bastards-Game-of-Thrones (1)

Community Poll: What is your favorite HBO show, past or present?

With the Emmy nominations last week, HBO proved again that it is the premier network in prestige TV. While the network dropped considerably from last year (from 120+ nominations), the network still led the nomination count by almost 40 nominations. With HBO’s dominance the old adage, “it’s not TV, it’s HBO” continues to ring true today. […]


Community Question: Cast Your Dream Comedy Ensemble!

This weekend comedian Mike Birbiglia brings his comedy “Don’t Think Twice” to theaters. The film follows an improv troupe that is faced with the possibility that one of their members may be called up to a “Saturday Night Live” style show. The cast is stacked with comedy actors and actresses, including Birbiglia, Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, […]

Ice Age

Community: What is your favorite animated animal?

This Friday marks the return of the “Ice Age” franchise with “Ice Age: Collision Course.” The franchise has long been a family favorite, with each film grossing over $160 million domestically. The films are even bigger internationally, with “Ice Age: Continental Drift” grossing $877 million worldwide. The most popular character of the franchise, at least for […]


Circuit Streaming: Emmy nominations, and 1994 ACCA

This week in Circuit Streaming we’re going to point you in the direction of Emmy nominated shows, some funny movies from the ’80s, and some flicks to catch up on before we open ACCA 1994! Let’s jump right in! Emmy Nominated TV If you’re looking to catch up with “Game of Thrones” or surprise nominee […]


Community: What is your favorite Summer TV Series?

With the Summer movie season in full swing, TV has fallen a little by the wayside. That said, the return of shows like Mr. Robot have already sparked conversation about which shows are the series of the Summer. With that in mind, we want to know what your favorite shows are this summer. Vote below in […]


Community: What child actors would you like to see return to movies?

As long as Hollywood has been making movies, child actors have been an important part of the industry. Some have highly successful movie careers (e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio), while others find consistency on television (e.g. Emma Roberts). This weekend, one of those child actors, Joseph Mazello, makes his debut as a director and writer. Mazello is […]

Fantastic Mr Fox

Community: What are your favorite non-Disney/Pixar animated films?

Animated films have long represented a genre of classic film. However, these films are rarely given the credit they’re due when they release. The exception to this rule is Pixar Animation, which has delivered more Best Picture animated films than any other studio. Since Disney acquired Pixar, the animation studios have held a grip on […]

LOTR The Two Towers

What are your favorite Viggo Mortensen performances?

This week, Viggo Mortensen returns to the big screen with the release of “Captain Fantastic.” The indie film follows Mortensen’s struggles with his deceased wife’s family as he attempts to attend her funeral. Mortensen looks to be giving a fun performance, and so far critical consensus has agreed. Mortensen burst into the hearts of “Lord […]


Community Poll: What are your favorite wedding movies?

Who doesn’t love a great wedding? This week “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” is coming to theaters with what looks to be another funny raunchy comedy. With surprisingly strong talent aboard this project, many are thinking the film will exceed expectations in quality and box office returns. With weddings on our mind, we’re wondering […]