Community: What Are Your Favorite Films From Peter Berg?

Traditionally, action thrillers are far from Oscar bait, but they often show up in below-the-line categories. One of this weekend’s big releases is “Deepwater Horizon,” a film that recounts the events that led to the largest oil spill in United States history. The film was written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter J.C. Chandor, and stars Mark Wahlberg. Directing the film […]


Community: What Are Your Favorite Post-Oscar Kate Winslet Performances?

Since the early 1990s, Kate Winslet has been an ever present force in film. One of the top young actresses from her generation, Winslet quickly burst on the scene in Peter Jackson‘s “Heavenly Creatures.” By 1995, she began appearing in period films like “Sense and Sensibility” and 1997’s “Titanic,” which made her a global star. The British actress took advantage of […]