Middleburg Film Festival: An Introduction to an Up and Comer in the Awards Season

While Telluride, TIFF and NYFF offer a detailed and enthusiastic landscape of the awards season, smaller, regional festivals are rising in the ranks. Scoring high-profile features, Virginia’s Middleburg Film Festival, taking place this weekend, is one of the most fruitful and dynamic destinations for a movie lover. Just a mere four years old, the festival […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Elle’ Tantalizes Its Viewer With Difficult Material and Isabelle Huppert’s Striking Portrayal

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Paul Verhoeven has established himself as one of the most controversial directors working today. Constantly pushing the boundaries, and hitting contentious and often heavily questionable beats and choices, the “Showgirls” director has seemed to hone in most of that and put it to good use in his provocative thriller “Elle.” […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Things to Come’ Is Straightforward but Not Particularly Compelling

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Honest and real, Mia Hansen-Løve‘s look into the life of a woman whose world comes crashing down is at times compelling and provocative. Anchored by a strong leading turn from Isabelle Huppert, “Things to Come” is an ultimately satisfying examination, even if it slugs through its own narrative. Hansen-Løve focuses […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ Focuses on Technology and Nothing Else

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: With a luxurious resume that includes timeless films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Brokeback Mountain,” there has been an expectation that there isn’t anything that director Ang Lee can’t accomplish. His last venture “Life of Pi,” which also premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2013, pushed the […]


NYFF Film Review: ’20th Century Women’ Redefines Family and Relationships

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Clever and beautifully endearing, Mike Mills‘ beautiful portrait of five people in the late 1970s is one of the year’s most glamorous efforts. Vaunting an exceptional ensemble, Mills’ wistful and ingenious script stands tall above the competition. Sweet-minded and shimmering in its comedic beats and even more irresistible in its […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Toni Erdmann’ Is Ambitious but Ultimately Flawed

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Maren Ade‘s touching, and often funny “Toni Erdmann” finds the nuance in many family relationships. Its look into the lives of a father and daughter struggling to take the serious out of their life, and vice versa, is quite charming. It is weirdly neurotic and reckless, but by credits end, […]


NYFF Film Review: “Personal Shopper” Is a Kristen Stewart Showstopper

2016 New York Film Festival: At this point, it seems like a safe bet that Kristen Stewart is capable of making just about anything captivating. For a good portion of “Personal Shopper,” she texts with a potential ghost. Sounds boring, right? Well, at times it threatens to be, but Stewart pushes through. Writer/director Olivier Assayas clearly […]

NYFF Film Review: Cynthia Nixon Soars in ‘A Quiet Passion’

2016 New York Film Festival: Without the right touch, period pieces can often come across as overly mannered. Luckily, “A Quiet Passion” has the right touch, courtesy of writer/director Terence Davies. Armed with a fantastic performance by Cynthia Nixon, he crafts something far different than you’d expect here. What could have been stodgy and dry […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Certain Women’ Is Quietly Powerful With Stunning Performances

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: A methodical and slowly cooked film focusing on love and women, Kelly Reichardt‘s “Certain Women” is totally engrossing. The film lives and breathes in the quiet. The silence, in which Reichardt decides to focus on the inner emotion of the character, is quite compelling and uncommonly absorbing. Rest assured, you […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Delivers Masterful Performances for a Cold Resolution

In typical Kenneth Lonergan fashion, his sensibilities and his abilities to build rich and dynamic characters are evident in his newest feature “Manchester by the Sea” from Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions. Putting together an intimate and dynamite ensemble that includes the talents of Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Lucas Hedges and Kyle Chandler is his crowning […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘Paterson’ Showcases the Poetry of Everyday Life

2016 New York Film Festival: It takes a while to get into the rhythm that filmmaker Jim Jarmusch wants to establish with “Paterson.” Reflecting poetry as much as anything else, he manages something very unique. This is a film almost entirely about vibe – albeit alongside a captivating lead performance. It’s a risky proposition, but one […]


NYFF Film Review: ’13th’ Could Be One of the Best Documentaries Ever Made

2016 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: In this political landscape where racial tensions are at an all-time high, and humanity is desperately searching for a peaceful compromise of understanding, Ava DuVernay‘s “13th” from Netflix is about as timely as a film can be. A passionate powerhouse of emotions and content, DuVernay somehow manages to top her […]

Austin Film Festival

‘Bleed for This,’ ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and Filmmakers Set for Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival & Screenwriters Conference announced its Centerpiece and Closing Night Films Tuesday. Coming-of-age dramedy “The Edge of Seventeen” is the Centerpiece film, while boxing drama “Bleed for This” will close the fest. “The Edge of Seventeen” closed Toronto International Film Festival last week. The film stars Oscar nominees Hailee Steinfeld and Woody […]


NYFF Film Review: ‘The Unknown Girl’ Is Another Compelling Dardenne Outing

2016 New York Film Festival: If you’re familiar at all with the work of filmmakers Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne, you should know exactly what you’re getting here. “The Unknown Girl” is another dramatic outing of theirs, one that’s as consistently compelling as any of their movies. Now, it’s not quite on the level of […]