Film Review: ‘I Am Bolt’ Brings the Feel-Good Vibes of its Superstar Athlete

Directed by brothers Gabe and Benjamin Turner, the documentary “I Am Bolt” starts off with a bang. Opening with a montage featuring anthemic music while a narrator introduces a man with “physical strength and magnificent speed,” it could easily be mistaken for a superhero movie. As the title suggests however, the film’s subject is the […]


Film Review: ‘Fences’ Draws More Meaning to the Art of Acting

Two-time Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington has made his mark on film history with such films as “Malcolm X” and “Glory.” His work as a director has admittedly struggled to find the right voice and aesthetic to capture the same passion he’s brought to his acting roles. In the adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning […]


AFI Fest Film Review: ‘Moana’ Rides a Colorful Wave of Quintessential Disney Magic

Walt Disney Pictures’ “Moana” glistens with exuberance and heart, providing a cinematic vacation paradise of utmost necessity. Politics aside, the country needs the joyousness of “Moana” more than ever, and thankfully this heroine is bred to uplift. Riffing off the classic Chosen One narrative, “Moana” utilizes character reflection to subvert the arrogance that typifies this trope. Nailing her debut […]

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AFI Fest Film Review: Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Salesman’ Is an Emotionally Unnerving Yet Vital Morality Tale

2016 AFI FILM FEST: Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” is another turbulent familial drama that’s among the very best in the auteur’s oeuvre. Pushing viewers’ stress level to peak capacity, the film addresses the moral consequences of retaliating the cruelest form of dishonor. Issues of sexual assault, female agency, male entitlement and violence are meticulously probed. […]

Miss Sloane

Film Review: ‘Miss Sloane’ Is Ruthless With a Monstrous Turn by Jessica Chastain

2016 AFI FILM FEST: In a time of fiery debate, just following a tumultuous election year, nothing is as timely or educational as John Madden‘s politically charged “Miss Sloane.” Constructed by a crackling script by Jonathan Perera, in his boisterous debut, the film is rich in words and helmed by an enigmatic turn by Jessica […]


AFI Fest Film Review: ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Rebels Without Coherent Cause

2016 AFI FILM FESTIVAL: Warren Beatty‘s haphazard “Rules Don’t Apply” is a screwball dramedy that plays like a direct-to-video sequel to Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator.” Where that film provides honest penetration into the depravity of wily tycoon Howard Hughes, this cinematic farce exploits for amusement. Beatty, doing double duty as writer-director, can’t decide whether the egomaniac […]