into the forest 1

Film Review: Survival drama ‘Into the Forest’ chainsaws assumptions with an effective minimalist approach

Patricia Rozema’s Into the Forest ditches all tropes and genre sensationalism implied by its title for a truly groundbreaking minimalist approach that only a studio like A24 could nurture. Instead of focusing on the “why” or “who” or “what” involved with the global power outage that ushers a slow-burn apocalypse, Rozema is more interested in […]


Film Review: ‘Jason Bourne’ begins to show diminishing returns

I completely understand why the Bourne franchise needs star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. Anyone who saw The Bourne Legacy clearly noticed what was lacking. At the same time though, I’m not sure why Damon and Greengrass need this franchise anymore. Jason Bourne is a serviceable enough action film for the most part, but it’s […]

Noémie Lvovsky and Cécile De France in SUMMERTIME

Film Review: ‘Summertime’ gently depicts the bliss and struggle of forbidden love

As we know from real life and as emphasized in films, love can sometimes be irrational and inexplicable. Indeed, the most passionate romances are often the most taboo, as evident in the popularity of the classic Romeo and Juliet story template. Such a forbidden romance takes center stage in the tender new film Summertime from […]

Innocents - 3

Film Review: Secrets and lies abound in harrowing post-war drama ‘The Innocents’

Opening with peaceful, serene images set within a convent, director Anne Fontaine quickly establishes the illusion that will soon be broken in her new film The Innocents. A group of nuns sing in unison, before being interrupted by a harrowing scream. This cry in the dark later becomes a recurring motif, as the sobering drama […]


Film Review: “The Purge: Election Year” is only slightly less terrible than Donald Trump

I’ll be the first one to admit, The Purge: Election Year has an extraordinarily great marketing campaign. Tying the film in to the Donald Trump related “Make America Great Again” slogan by having the tagline for this one be “Keep America Great” is clever, timely, and worth praising. Unfortunately, nothing else about this movie is. […]


Film Review: Misanthropy and a “Wiener-Dog” make unexpected pair

Before the screening of Todd Solondz’s latest film, “Wiener-Dog,” the filmmaker classified the film as a “comedy about despair.” No one could have summed up the film in such an apt manner. Who would’ve thought to pair an adorable dog with a series of misanthropes on their worst days? On many occasions it works, although […]