Oscar Circuit: End of the First Quarter, Any Academy Award Contenders So Far?

April may bring the “fools,” but along with that comes brand new predictions for the Oscars. With the first quarter of 2017 officially in the books, we haven’t yet been inundated with contenders. But over the last few years, films like “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The LEGO Movie” and “Zootopia” showed themselves as forces early […]

OSCARS: Charlize Theron’s Multiple Producing Projects and the “Double Troubles”

Over the past few days, the WAY TOO EARLY Oscar Predictions for 2018 have been updated category by category. In case you missed it, the first guesses for PICTURE, DIRECTOR, LEAD ACTOR, LEAD ACTRESS, SUPPORTING ACTOR, and SUPPORTING ACTRESS have been unveiled. Commentary is included at the top of each category page. Speaking as a […]

OSCARS: Taking A Look at the 2017 Hopefuls for the Academy

We’re already moving to a new Oscar season. As proven by the shocking Oscar win for Barry Jenkins’ masterpiece “Moonlight” at this year’s Academy Awards, the demographic and tastes of AMPAS is changing. While there are still hindrances and biases against certain films and genres (like superhero films, comedy or sci-fi), we could see some […]

OSCARS 2017: Thoughts on the Historic Night with the Biggest Shocker in Academy History

The dust has settled considerably over the last few hours where one of the biggest shockers in the history of the Oscars unraveled right before our eyes.   Barry Jenkins’ urban masterpiece “Moonlight” bested out the long standing frontrunner “La La Land” by Damien Chazelle, in the Best Picture category. Today, the media will be […]

Final Oscar Predictions – Will ‘La La Land’ Tie or Break the 11 Win Record on Sunday? #Oscars

ENTER OUR OSCARS CONTEST via our CIRCUIT CENTER HERE! The Academy Awards ballots were handed in this past Tuesday, Feb. 21. We have stewed on this for months now, looking for alternatives in different sectors of the film year. Everything has pointed to “La La Land,” with a few subtle hints along the way that […]

OSCARS 2017: A Peek at the Ballots #4 (Female Voter Over 40) – Adores ‘Fences’ and Denzel Washington

  Speaking with voters for the Academy Awards can offer some wonderous insight.  Speaking with an older female voter, who only agreed to share her major categories with me, along with very few tech choices, she ended up pouring her heart out about her feelings about “La La Land,” Damien Chazelle, and the powerhouse performances in […]

OSCARS 2017: A Peek at the Ballots #3 (Male Voter Over 40) – Loves ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘Manchester’

As the Academy Awards get ready to unveil their winners this Sunday, Feb. 26., we take a peek inside the ballots of Oscar voters from different parts of the world.  The look at the ballot down below is from an older male voter.  To protect his identity, he asks to only include one sentence from each […]

Oscars: DGA and ASC Weigh In and Shake Up the Double Digit Race for ‘La La Land’

With two big guilds weighing in this weekend, the Directors Guild of America and American Society of Cinematographers, the race has evolved into a few more question marks. While it’s been all but determined that “La La Land” and its director Damien Chazelle will be winning Best Picture and Director at the 89th Oscars ceremony, […]

SAG Awards

SAG Awards Predictions: Can ‘La La Land’ Keep the Momentum without an Ensemble Nomination?

After a few zingers handed out by the Academy this week with their Oscar nominations, the Screen Actors Guild will weigh in on their choices for 2016 with their awards.  Indicative of support from the actor’s branch, only one film has won the Best Picture prize without the SAG Ensemble prize (“Braveheart”).  This year, “La […]

How Many Oscars Can and Will ‘La La Land’ Win in February?

It’s been a long day. The Academy Awards revealed their nominations today with “La La Land” leading the fray with 14 nominations, tying “Titanic” and “All About Eve.” While we are all quick to say “it’s over,” I’d like to point out that many things can happen in four weeks. SAG will reveal their own […]

Oscar nominations

2017 Academy Award Nominations Announcement – LIVE Stream With LIVE Blog Chat

Happy Oscar nomination day! We’re finally here: The Academy Award nominations for the upcoming 89th annual ceremony. Beginning at 8:18 am ET, the Academy will reveal their nominations on the very best of 2016. We expect plenty of surprises and we’re going to be here with you every step of the way. Down below, you […]

la la land

Final Oscar Nominations Predictions: Can ‘La La Land’ Tie the Record? Is ‘Arrival’ Going for 10?

It’s all down to this! Tuesday morning the Academy will finally unveil their choices for the best in film for the year, and let’s be honest, we just all need the distraction right now. With the inauguration, confirmation hearings, and the fabric of America seemingly falling apart, retreating into the movies and glitzy red carpet […]