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Under the Circuit: Ex Machina

Every Oscar season pundits attempt to figure out if there is a film from the first half of the year can survive the marathon to the February ceremony. For instance, last...


Under the Circuit: Love & Mercy

Under the Circuit changes paces and looks at an under the radar contender for 2015 Oscar glory


Under the Circuit: Joe Wright

After a fast start to his career, Wright has struggled to find the right chord to strike with the Academy


Under the Circuit: Tobey Maguire

The 21st century's first super hero has yet to defeat the Oscar snub


Under the Circuit: Brie Larson

As Larson gets ready for another award season, we look back at her previous run at Oscar glory


Under the Circuit: Kevin Bacon

The Academy apparently isn't as big a fan of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon as the rest of us


Under the Circuit: Rosemarie DeWitt

Most Known For: “Poltergeist,” ” “The Watch,” “Cinderella Man” Snubbed For: “Rachel Getting Married” It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at...

UNCLE Trailer Still 12

Under the Circuit: Hugh Grant

Can Hugh Grant spark his own career renaissance and find himself landing an Oscar nomination one of these days?


Under the Circuit: Miles Teller

How far will Teller have to stretch before he gets rewarded by the academy with an Oscar nomination?


Under the Circuit: Rachel McAdams

Can the "True Detective" star follow in Matthew McConaughey's footsteps and become an Oscar winner?


Under the Circuit: Judd Apatow

Will one of comedy's current kings ever earn the respect of the academy?


Under the Circuit: Melanie Laurent

Will Melanie Laurent get her chance to join the ranks of Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz as European stars who find Oscar glory?


Under the Circuit: Steve Martin

He may have earned an honorary Oscar last year, but work of Steve Martin is another victim of the academy's lack of reverence for comedic work


Under the Circuit: Paul Dano

Can Paul Dano end his drought at the Oscars with his role in the Brian Wilson biopic "Love & Mercy?"


Under the Circuit: R. Lee Ermey

In celebration of Memorial this past Monday, Under the Circuit looks at the best performances of Marine turned actor R. Lee Ermey


Under the Circuit: Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay may only have three feature films to her name, but she is quickly becoming one of the industries most respected names


Under the Circuit: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is about to lead his first blockbuster in "Mad Max: Fury Road," now if only the academy could get off the snide and nominate one of the best actors working...


Under the Circuit: Jack Black

"The D Train" marks Black's first credited role since 2012, but will it also be his first trip to the Dolby as a nominee?


Under the Circuit: Scarlett Johansson

She's saved the world from an alien invasion, the least the academy could do is give her an Oscar nomination


Under the Circuit: Matthias Schoenaerts

Belgian native Matthias Schoenaerts may be the next big foreign star, but will his time with Oscar ever come?


Under the Circuit: Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn has come up snake eyes at the Oscars thus far, but is his luck about to change?


Under the Circuit: Greta Gerwig

Indie queen has conquered the world of independent film, will she ever get that chance at the Oscars?


Under the Circuit: Alan Rickman

Does Alan Rickman need to pull a Hans Gruber to get the academy to finally recognize him?


Under the Circuit: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

The pair behind 2014's most egregious snub have a previous gripe with the academy as well


Under the Circuit: Kevin Bacon

"The Following" star is connected to nearly everyone in Hollywood, the one thing missing in an Oscar nomination