UPDATED – JANUARY 17, 2017 – GKIDS is so competitive that they can get multiple entries into the race and it could be at the expense of something pretty big.  Which is it though?


  1. Zootopia” – (Walt Disney Pictures)
  2. Kubo and the Two Strings” – (Laika)
  3. Moana” – (Walt Disney Pictures)
  4. The Red Turtle” – (Sony Pictures Classics)
  5. My Life as a Zucchini” – (GKIDS)


  1. Miss Hokusai” – (GKIDS)
  2. The Little Prince” – (Netflix)
  3. Sausage Party” – (Sony Pictures)
  4. Your Name” (FUNimation)
  5. Finding Dory” – (Pixar) – Lindsey Collins, Andrew Stanton


  1. Trolls” – (DreamWorks Animation) – Gina Shay
  2. Sing” – (Universal Pictures)
  3. April & the Extraordinary World” – (GKIDS)
  4. The Long Way North” – (Shout! Factory)
  5. The Secret Life of Pets” – (Illumination)
  6. Phantom Boy” – (GKIDS)
  7. Ratchet and Clank” – (Rainmaker Studios)
  8. Storks” – (Sony Pictures)
  9. The Angry Birds Movie” – (Sony Pictures)
  10. Mune: Guardian of the Mune” (GKIDS)


  1. Bilal” – (AMBI Distribution)
  2. Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV” – (Stage 6 Films)
  3. Monkey King: Hero Is Back” – (Viva Pictures)
  4. Mustafa & the Magician” – (Passion Distribution)
  5. Snowtime!” – (CarpeDiem Films)
  6. 25 April” – (Transmission Films)
  7. Kung Fu Panda 3” – (DreamWorks Animation)
  8. Ice Age: Collision Course” – (Blue Sky)

**=could be pushed back to 2017



  • Mister Man

    A lot of this is dependent on how reviews look when the movies are released, but I’m thinking the nominees will be:

    – The Boxtrolls (Laika, USA)
    – The Congress (Drafthouse FIlms, Israel-France)
    – The LEGO Movie (Warner Bros., USA)
    – Song of the Sea (Cartoon Saloon, Ireland)
    – The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Studio Ghibli, Japan)

    Whaaaat? A list without a DreamWorks or Disney film? Preposterous!

    Actually, I’m banking on the Academy’s track record with superhero films and sequels going into this one. As I said, it’s all dependent on how well each film is received, but I’m thinking the Academy will eat the foreign fare up this year.

    Isao Takahata’s often considered second only to Miyazaki when it comes to animation in Japan, and with The Tale of Princess Kaguya being his first film in almost 15 years, it would be hard to not see it get the nomination.

    Song of the Sea is from Tomm Moore, who was nominated for Best Animated Feature for his directorial debut, The Secret of Kells. The Congress is directed by Ari Folman, nominated for Best Documentary Film for his animated feature debut, Waltz With Bashir. Both critically acclaimed, both making sophomore films, it will be interesting to see how they are received in the U.S.

    If any of these are switched up, I’d say Congress will get bumped for either Big Hero 6 or HTTYD2. And all this isn’t even counting independent releases such as Yellowbird, which has work by Benjamin Renner in it (director of last year’s nominated Ernest & Celestine), and Moomins on the Riviera, based on the popular children’s comic series.

    It should definitely be an interesting race this year, to say the least.

  • Tiffany Herring

    I have a feeling that The Boxtrolls will win best animated picture. Stop motion is crazy hard to do (speaking as a stop motion animator myself) and Laika makes the most advanced stop motion ive ever seen. Laika DESERVES an Oscar

  • Austin

    What is the Academy’s grudge against stop-motion animation

  • Still think Boxtrolls can win despite not having as high of a reception as the previous Laika movies?

  • Yeah yeah yeah. Pixar for #Oscars. 😉

  • Marwin 1994

    My Prediction: (Trust me, this will be the nominees, I am really sure.)
    1. THE LITTLE PRINCE – Netflix
    2. FINDING DORY – Disney Pixar
    3. ZOOTOPIA – Disney
    5. THE RED TURTLE – Studio Ghibli

    Other Contenders:
    7. MOANA
    10. TROLLS

    • tombeet

      You have Kubo replacing April and we have a very solid set of nominees. Laika will get in, since all of its works were nominated before

  • notafanboy

    Finding Dory was underwhelming, Zootopia was surprisingly good, but I still don’t think we’ve seen the Best Animated Feature yet. I love all of Laika’s work, and I think if Kubo can be on the same level of quality as Coraline, it will win. Moana might pull off a win as well— it’s from the creators of Frozen, and it will feature songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda (who is basically our national treasure after the smashing success of Hamilton). Hard to say at this point though.

  • Luke McGowan

    Zootopia should kick Finding Dory’s ass. I hope it does

  • Laut Fuentes

    1.Finding Dory
    2. Zootopia
    3. The Little Prince
    4. Kubo and the Two Strings
    5. Moana
    6.The Red Turtle
    7. Sausage Party

  • Damian Pietrzak

    Sausage Party is too rude. Dory is getting in. And you should cross The Breadwinner off because its 2017.

  • Dante Roma

    Kung Fu Panda 3
    Finding Dory
    The Little Prince

  • Kenny

    My Predictions (As of now):
    April and the Extraordinary World
    The Red Turtle
    Phantom Boy

  • Iso Ns

    I’ll go safe

    1. Kubo and the two strings
    2. Zootopia
    3. Moana
    4. The Red Turtle
    5. Finding Dory

    Sausage or any other GKIDS feature might upset Dory for now. Zootopia andThe Red Turtle seem locked for me.

    I’m confident with Kubo, I heard very good reactions about the film.

  • Rubén González

    Maybe My Life as a Zucchini has a chance since it’s France’s choice for the Best Foreign Language Film award.

  • Rober Cuenca

    Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV

    • Adventurer

      Kingslaive had a brilliant animation. But it terrible in every other way. The story was a total farce.

  • Kings of Hockeywood

    This is probably the best year so far in terms of competition since the award began where a legitimately good film could very well not get a nomination.

    1) Zootopia
    2) Kubo and the Two Strings
    3) The Little Prince (Netflix distribution won’t hurt it because it was released theatrically in the rest of the world)
    4) The Red Turtle
    5) Finding Dory (even though it underwhelmed in comparison to its predecessor, it was critically acclaimed and made nearly half a billion dollars domestically, so it probably gets a nomination)

    Just missing the cut:
    Moana (Zootopia was so good that this will have to be phenomenal for Disney to get a second nomination with so many quality choices this year)

  • Damian Pietrzak

    “My Life as a Courgette” should be in the predictions. it got picked up by GKIDS and got raves from Cannes.

  • Spencer

    My predictions are at this point…

    Kubo and the Two Strings
    The Little Prince
    The Red Turtle

  • mateusvagner

    In the beginning of the year, my bet was that Finding Dory will be the movie to be catch (because of the buzz, the nostalgia feeling, and it’s a pixar movie) .. but now, the movie had the risk to even get a nomination. Zootopia and Moana are in the run to get the Oscar this year.

  • Harry Vu

    What about Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). It did incredible with the Japanese box office and it has very good ratings with critics so far.

    • Lodus

      Have you watched it? Its a huge box office hit in Japan, and I’ve seen it.. and I have to say.. Its an absolute masterpiece. I mean I love Zootopia, but Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi no Na wa take the cake for me, but I dont think kids would like it much ie probably effecting the nomination. Personally, I hope it win. One of the best movie I watched.

      • Renard N. Bansale

        I want either Your Name or Zootopia to win Best Animated Feature. If it goes to Kubo, I’m not going to be happy.

  • Trevor Pacelli

    Zootopia’s got this category all wrapped up. I can’t see anything (especially Moana) possibly topping it, and I’m talking in terms of art direction, animation quality, and most importantly, it’s social message.

    • Xandro Tirador

      YES! YES! YES! Zootopia is a CLASSIC.

  • Chucho E. Quintero

    I don’t understand why you’re not predicting “Sausage Party”, this category is the one with bolder choices, and SP is a f***** masterpiece. It will definitely get two nods: Animated Feature and Song. Hands down. If they feel even bolder on January, even Original Screenplay. C’mon, if we get to call “Borat”, “Ted”, and “Bad Grandpa” Academy Award Nominated films, why not SP?

    • Chucho E. Quintero

      And “South Park: B, L & U” of course

      • BTS

        While “Sausage Party” is a good raunchy animated film, I believe it’s only high hopes are for Original Song for “The Great Beyond” (which SONY has confirm to be campaigning for, along for Animated Feature). South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut was only nominated for Original Song for “Blame Canada”.
        Also Ted was nominated for Original Song.
        Bad Grandpa was nominated for Hairstyling & Makeup.
        Now Borat was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Best Adapted Screenplay which did help it A LOT to be nominated for an Oscar because the Guilds have a lot of members that make up the Writing Branch of the Academy Awards.

    • There has never been a raunchy ANIMATED feature nominated in this category or Original Screenplay. Your analogies with live action pics don’t hold much water.

    • Reece

      Sausage Party I found to be AWFUL, one of the my LEAST FAVORITES of 2016.

      There’s nothing raunchy about it besides the unnecessarily large amount of swearing. It doesn’t even make sense, the script sounds like it was written by a 3rd grader who just learned about curse words. The plot is lazy, and the female protagonist (Brenda) is arguably the most UNLIKABLE character in any movie of 2016 in my opinion. She’s so helpless and causes so many problems, and is a total b.i.t.c.h throughout the movie. I couldn’t enjoy it, and I’m POSITIVE AMPAS won’t either. (and I’m not just saying that b/c of what I thought, I’m trying to think like a voter rn)

    • Adventurer

      Sausage Party seems unlikely for the Animated Feature category because almost every film that has ever been nominated for this has been family friendly. Sausage Party is an adult comedy on the other hand.

  • Tobey

    Finding dory will get a nomination, maybe not the win im sure of it

  • Adventurer

    I did not like Zootopia. I don’t understand critics’ obsession with really poorly written Disney movies with really tiring voice acting. Before it was Frozen, which had so many plotholes. Then Big Hero 6. And now Zootopia.

    • Lennon Surcot

      Your opinion. But the majority will strongly disagree!

      • Adventurer

        There was nothing clever about Zootopia. It was a cookie cutter film about racism, social stereotypes and prejudice. I would have liked it if it had touched the topic with refinement but it did not. It went the “Crash” way (the 2005 Oscar winner for Best Picture which touched the same issues in society) i.e it preached about the topic from start till end in an excessive manner. There was NOT one moment in the film where it did this with fine intelligent writing either. An example of a terrible writing in the film? The whole scene in the Elephant Ice cream parlour. It screamed of “look at this film, we are talking about racism!!” propaganda. And “world building” pays no relevance to my comment, I did not criticise its setting and premise, I criticised its writing.

        “Profitable” Irrelevant. Need I remind you of Twilight series? “Critically acclaimed” again irrelevant. Another great example for both would be Frozen, critically acclaimed and high grossing. But was full of stereotypes, cliche and plotholes (I can explore upon them if you want but warning, it’d mean a huge text block).

        And about your last sentence, I seek for no approval of yours or anyone to share mine perception of a movie. You liked it? Great for you. I found it flawed. Deal with it. I could not care less if you take my criticism seriously or not.

        • Lennon Surcot

          So bitter! Thanks for the “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” tantrum. But I stand by everything I said! And like it or not I have many that agree along with experts. So kiddo be jealous that people liked this film rather than some anime crap I’m sure you’d say was the second coming! And bitch all your little heart desires! But your not going to change the fact that Zootopia is a great movie, will win awards, and the OVERWHELMING majority of critics and audiences from around the world loved it!

          When it comes down to it the reason you don’t like this film is the exact same reason a hand full of others didn’t! And it has NOTHING to do with the film it’s self!

          • Adventurer

            Bitter? I’m not the one getting butthurt and going all “critics loved it, gosh it’s the best movie ever because it touches the social cliches” to every comment here. And anime crap? Completely random and irrelevant to the discussion here. I did not praise any Japanese animation whilst criticising Zootopia. Also for your information, Kubo and… is not an anime.

            Jealous? Of what? Why would I even be jealous that people liked this film? You have no sense of coherence. Please get your thoughts straight out before replying like a daft nincompoop.

            Like I said, I don’t seek your approval nor do I care what you or any other person think of the film.

            • Lennon Surcot

              Yes bitter! And kid trust me I’m not at all upset! I’ve been hearing things like this for the last three years. “Zootopia is going to suck” “it’s going to be stupid” etc, etc. To “I don’t care what others or critics say, my opinion is the truth and the overwhelming majority is just wrong.” Yet Zootopia still won!

              So have at it! But you need to face reality that MANY are not going to agree with your petty little arguments for why the film actually isn’t good. 😉

              • Adventurer

                Oh my god, how many times do I have to say that I don’t care if they don’t agree? Is that so hard for you to comprehend?

                Ironic in that first paragraph. I chortled. You sound like someone going through a fanboy/girl phase. Hilarious.

                • indy lol

                  Don’t worry guys.. Look at his username. It’s a furry.

                  • Lennon Surcot

                    That’s my real name Jack ass! Funny that trying to make fun of someone is your only way of making a point. But hey, I’ll let you have it if it helps you to sleep at night. 🙂

              • Reece

                Lennon you’re getting awfully (as I hate to say) “triggered.” You’re clearly a HUGE fan of Zootopia, but it doesn’t make it the best film of 2016. It was great, but that doesn’t mean no other animated film this year can compare to it. Kubo was breath-taking and beautiful, and Moana’s early reviews are better than Zootopia’s.. You can root for your favorite, but you cant get upset over a difference in opinions.

                And also, Zootopia has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. *METACRITIC.COM IS THE SUPERIOR RATINGS WEBSITE*.

                • Lennon Surcot

                  LOL I was listing up till you said METACRITIC is superior website and in all capital letters. No one gives a rats ass about Metacritic, no one! That’s a fact! It is a deeply flawed system that picks and chooses what reviews they wish to post (and no they are NOT all top reviewers! Then makes up a score from what is said in the review. However they refuse say how they even come up with this!

                  No one ever takes this site seriously until they want till they are trying to make a claim that some random indy arthouse film (take a look at the top films on that site and tell me how many you have even heard of!) Is the greatest film of the year just because Metacritic says so!

                  We’ll sunshine I’m lol I’m not going to argue with you! You just go ahead and think that alrighty. Just try not to be to angry when Zootopia still wins. As for Moana, read the reviews! Zootopia is being used a the bar of quality in several of them you idiot! And also Zootopia opened at 100% on RT and 82% on Metacritic!

                  • Reece

                    They are much better at getting an accurate score, even though they aren’t as popular. They aren’t popular b/c they give movies realistic scores. Metacritic uses *only* top critics from the country. Rotten Tomatoes has reviewers like Willy Waffle and Common Sense Media. Movies get up to 300 reviews and it’s not a reliable score. It’s on a percentage of good reviews to bad reviews. A movie could get 700,000 reviews, all giving the movie a C. The movie still has a 100% on RT..

                    And Moonlight is the top movie of the year right now, have you never heard of Moonlight?

                    • Reece

                      Also, I’m probably going to withdrawl myself from this argument. Considering you spelt indie with a “y.” You also complained that Metacritic gives art house movies good reviews (as does RT), which they rightfully deserve, and called me an idiot for supporting, what I believe in my opinion, to be a better website. And you’re also making a ridiculous claim that Zootopia is the year’s best film. Now, I respect your opinion(s), just…not really you.

    • Ryndan Riley

      Zootopia us what the oscars like. It’s a well made film with the right political harping. Your comparison to crash is a good one. It will win partially for the same reason crash beat the far superior broke back mountain. If anyone still gives the oscars any credence after that, forrest gump, big hero 6, frozen, birdman, inarritu, etc etc etc then they’re not paying attention. The academy has specific things they celebrate and it has very little to do with the technical aspects of each performance/movie. They look for the right type of movie/song/directing/etc. That’s where the term oscar bait comes from. Zootopia was a fine movie, especially if you don’t try to rewatch it, but the reason it is a runaway for this category is that it is oscar bait. It’s specifically what the academy is looking for.

      • Adventurer

        Actually I found Birdman the best movie among the nominated ones last year. I mean I can see why people would want Boyhood to win, but Birdman had the right recipe of direction, acting and screenplay. lol Boyhood was very innovating, but aside from that the screenplay was just lacking in emotional gravity. I felt detached from the film mid-way though.

        I do understand what you mean though. Oscar baits has become more common than not. And they do handout ridiculous wins like Crash, Forrest Grump (how dare they not give the win to the Shawshank Redemption) etc.

        The reason why I compared Zootopia to Crash was because both the movies were excessively impelling in the handling of the topic. For e.g the Elephant Ice-cream parlour scene from Zootopia that I singled out, it was eerily reminiscent of one of the worst scene in Crash where Terrence Howard’s character and another character argues if a line “sounds Black” or not.

  • DamonS

    Kimi no na wa is the most overrated crap this year,which is highly overrated because of the visual,all the weebs be like it’ll get a nomination, but there are lots of more deserving film.

    • Adventurer

      You must not know what weaboo means for you to throw the word around randomly.

    • Mateus Correa

      Lol man, you are in all the places making hate

  • Xandro Tirador

    There is NO way all of the other films listed above COULD defeat Zootopia. It can even be nominated for Original Screenplay and Best Picture (But it’s too jam-packed).

  • Lennon Surcot

    Disney has already sent out discs to the Academy and Zootopia was among them! So it’s clear that Disney is pushing this film! They also have the listed for pretty much every award that it could possibly win (best animation, best director, best screenplay, and best film.) Also interesting of note just after Zootopia was released the Academy called the directors in for an interview. This is all but a done deal. With it’s stong message, underdog feel, outstanding quality, and world wide gross it will win!

    Far as the other two films you have listed above it. No one (other than hipsters) have heard of The Red Turtle (I’m sure it’s a fine film but it will not win) and Moana (critics are already saying in reviews that Zootopia is better than it and the story isn’t very original.)

    *Edit* Every other awards site I’ve found all have Zootopia as #1 for animated film. This site just seems to be an outlier.

    • tia maria

      Everybody thought the Lego Movie would for sure win the Oscar for animated feature back in 2014/2015 but it only managed to get a best original song nomination so wouldn’t say Zootopia is a lock for the win.

      • Lennon Surcot

        I’ve heard this argument from fans of that film time and time again and I’ll just give the same answer. The reason that film was snubbed (all be it creative) was that the Academy seen it as nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell more toys! So apples to oranges and I assure you that will not be the case with Zootopia.

        As for Zootopia here’s another example! It won the Hollywood Film Award. This in it’s self might not seem like a big deal. But Zootopia is the first Disney film without Pixar on the label to ever win this award and many of the Academy voters attended this event! Also it doesn’t take a genius to see that Zootopia was a film about social justice and promoted positive values for society. It’s screenplay and general animation was also praised by some of the most respected critics with a lot of pull in the Hollywood circle. These factors all play a huge part of why Zootopia will very likely win! And if you still don’t believe me just follow the awards, you’ll get a pretty good idea then who is going to win.

      • Ryndan Riley

        Zootopia doesnt have the handicap of being seen as a marketing ploy. The academy is pretty fickle and falls into some silly traps when choosing their winners. Zootopia will win because it has positive political buzz in Hollywood and groundbreaking visuals. If Kubo had a Hollywood approved political message it would have a chance at winning. Lego movie was the best main stream animated movie the year it was snubbed and of course zootopia isn’t the best animated film this year, but the academy has strange criteria. If a movie has original music, the right political message, the right names behind it, etc, it will win over better films every time. I mean, it’s harder to find a case where the academy got it right than it is to find ones where they messed it up.

  • Greg

    Kubo and the two strings is the best reviewed animated film of the year. I hope this movie will win it’s so excellent and magical!

    • Lennon Surcot

      Id be surprised if I’d didn’t get nominated but it won’t win. First off no one watched it, and secondly while its animation is unique it’s story didn’t do anything to make it stand out. Thirdly outside of its fan base I never hear anyone even talk about the film and I don’t remember seeing it used as a bar of quality in any other critics reviews since its release. While Zootopia came out last March, people are still taking about it, and it’s still being used by critics in reviews of other films.

      Futhemore “best reviewed animated film of the year” is a silly argument! It has a lot less reviews that many other mass releases and even with that its average on RT is less than a percentage point between Zootopia and Kubo. That isn’t going to sway anyone. And before Metacritic is brought no one cares about that site and its methods of grading are far from being legit. Just take a look at the top movies and tell me how many of them you’ve seen or even heard of.

      • Greg

        When Spirited Away won in 2001 nobody saw this film in America but it won over Shrek. Popularity is not the question. Zootopia is a good film don’t get me wrong it’s my favorite movie this year after Kubo. But while Kubo was groundbreaking Zootopia was nothing new. That’s the difference for me

        • Tastes like candy

          Sprinted Away was pushed HEAVILY by John Lasseter who also worked on that film!

          Kubo isn’t at all “ground breaking” stop motion also isn’t at all new! In fact Zootopia is more “special” and “groundbreaking” that you’re given it credit for! What it was able to do in its animation wasn’t even possible during Frozen’s box-office run. Infact new technology was developed for this film! Also please don’t try to tell me the Kubo’s story (claisic hero’s quest based on countless stories) or the voice acting… Not even going to go there. Will sway awards voters away from a story about bias and a hero that although has the best of intentions is deeply flawed.

          Other than that you don’t have to listen to me, just take a look at Gold Derby or Awards Watch (professionals in the awards field) and see what film is number one. Also good for thought, no animated film that has been in AFI top 10 for that year has ever lost the Academy Award (with only one exception when two animated films made it one year, one of them still won).

  • Karol Perez

    kimi no na wa (your name) is my favorite animated movie of all times, I hope it wins, it’s just pure perfection!!!

  • Zeka

    Zootopia isn’t my favorite animated film this year, but I’m 100% sure it will win because it’s a Disney film. There are a lot of good (i like them better) animated films this year, but Zootopia will win.

    Moana or Finding Dory probably will be nominated too. The Academy will choose a popular 3D animated film with a strong message like Disney/Pixar films. Fairly unknown good films like The Red Turtle, Miss Hokusai, your name, My Life as a Zucchini, and April and the Extraordinary World definitely won’t win.

    Well, at least Zootopia is much better than Frozen. I’m ok with it.

  • Al Turnbull

    Wow… 25 April is 26th on this list? Not surprised big budget films get the nod….again. Huge surprise when I went to it at TIFF. this was not a kids film at all, and I am shocked it isn’t considered amongst one of the best on this list. Very different from all the others by using a unique narrative style from the actual diaries of the soldiers. Powerful account of a historical battle forgotten by much of the world..Extremely moving film that should be considered for sure!

  • Like a mint on your pillow

    It should be added that Zootopia also picked up the most Annie Award nominations this year. 11 total! Kubo came in second with 10, Moana with 6, and Dory with just one or two. I’ve forgotten its total but it’s pretty clear it’s all but done this award season.

  • whispered;

    I hope Kimi no Na wa and Koe no Katachi will make it to the shortlist. It’d be strange to see ’em out.

    • Karl

      Koe no Katachi wasn’t shown in theatres in the US so it’s not eligible.
      If Your Name doesn’t get at least a nomination it is an absolute travesty.

      • whispered;

        I agree. And thank you for the info. So Koe no Katachi is 2018 Oscars material?

  • Rafael Bueno

    Kingsglaive? Sing? Pets? Storks? Ice Age? For REALS?
    Who in the world would think that these would be on the Oscars

    • Reece

      He just naming every single eligible nominee… that’s why they’re at the bottom, they’re eligible for a nomination but there’s no way

  • theatregeek

    Do we think “My Life as a Zucchini” has an odds boost since its on the shortlist for Foreign Film contenders? Perhaps that is GKIDS’ best bet instead of “Miss Hokusai”.

    Also: You may want to remove “Ratchet and Clank” since its not on the list of eligible films, wasnt submitted. And having “Your Name” ranked below a film that wasnt even submitted is a crime.

  • Alec Glass

    I hate to be the grammar nazi but please, please can we just use the right “you’re” if you’re gonna call us fools with it?

  • Jamie Teller

    A Miss Hokusai nod would be amazing. So very underrated.

  • sailingsam

    Kubo and his two strings is an extraordinary animated work of art! So much beauty and technical brilliance.

  • Stein-Erik Rutledal

    Kubo and the Two Strings is an absolute masterpiece, can’t wait to see it lose to Disney buying themselves another award.

  • Yvonne Bannerman

    Within our history is our future wellbeing. The film 25 April is unique. A powerful true story based on the diaries and letters of six ordinary people told in an extraordinary way. I would like to see this film get the recognition it deserves.

  • Jonathan

    Why is “Kung Fu Panda 3” all the way down at 27? The Academy obviously likes the films, as the first two recieved nods. It received great reception and nabbed an Annie nod for Best Animated Feature.

    • That was back when this category was less competitive. Now, with a record number of films submitted, a critically praised film by Pixar, and two critically claimed films by Disney, don’t be surprised that Kung Fu Panda 3 is simply lost underneath the heap.

  • Thedude3445

    Personally I definitely want Kubo to win big, and the fight is essentially between it and Zootopia (the major favorite). But I really hope Your Name/Kimi no Na wa gets a nomination; it’s an extremely strong movie and seeing non-Ghibli Japanese animation get awards attention is very nice.

  • Bryce

    Finding Dory
    My Life as a Zucchini

    It is between Kubo and Zootopia, but if you look at it, the winner should, and will be, Kubo and the Two Strings. The animation in Kubo will end up winning it.

    • Tastes like candy

      You’re welcome to think that. But Kubo will not win. Zootopia being in AFI’s top 10 (the only animated film) tells me that much! Other than one year that two animated films made this list (one still won) every animated film to make AFI’s best films of the year have all gone on to win a Oscar. And Zootopia was the #1 film of the year on Rotten Tomatoes (a lot of people pay attention to this including the Academy). Disney is now also pushing for Zootopia to get a Best Original Screenplay nomination for Zootopia and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t get it! Zootopia is the film to beat like it of not.

      • TheLillypop

        Eh, after what happened in 2006, anything is possible. Cars won most local critics awards, national board of review, hollywood film award, best animated feature in the Annie awards, golden globe. And yet, Happy feet won the oscar.

        • Tastes like candy

          One thing you missed! Happy Feet was on AFI’s Top Films, none of those others were. Only once when two animated films were chosen by AFI one didn’t win but the other did! No animated film has lost the Oscar that picked up this award.

          • TheLillypop

            So just because it was on AFI’s Top 10 films it won the oscar? Even though it didnt win anything else? Sounds kinda odd. I really hope that the academy actually thought that it was better than Cars and didnt make their decision only based on the AFI..
            Anyway, unless the AFI will make history and Zootopia wont win, it pretty much clear that Zootopia’s gonna win this one..but still not losing all hope for Kubo!

            Update: So why did Big Hero 6 win the oscar? (not that i mind, i think it was the best movie of 2014) It didnt win any important awards and didnt make it to the AFI.

            • Tastes like candy

              Big Hero Six won because Lego Movie got snubbed, and it was the only decent thing that Academy had left. Now I can’t tell you want went on behind the scenes with Lego movie. But I can guess the Academy didn’t like it because they seen it as a marketing campaign or someone who made the film pissed someone off at the Academy and they got blackballed! This does happen! James Camron is a good example of this! Don’t expect any film from him in the future to win anything other than technical awards!

              As for the AFI it is pretty important and well respected in the Academy! I just pointed out the fact that it’s not every year an animated film gets this award. It’s only happened seven times in fact. But every time it has happened the animated film has won the Academy Award. So 100%.

              Another example is PGA and BAFTA’s. Every time an animated film has won both of these (Zootopia is the favorite) that film has gone on to win the Academy Award 100% of the time.

              • TheLillypop

                Yea that was probably the case with The Lego Movie. But how to train your dragon 2 was also a favourite. It had a huge lead in most predictions, it won the golden globe, the annies, hollywood film award and national board of review. What do you suggest is the reason that it lost to BH6? Did the academy think, as you assume, that bh6 was the only decent movie left regardless of all the awards httyd2 won?

                Yea i get your point with the AFI 🙂
                And we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the PGA and BAFTA’s then. Not that i think that whatever wins in those awards will decrease Zootopia’s chances for winning though.

                • Tastes like candy

                  That year was a mess! And it’s very likely the Academy doesn’t want to ever have that disaster happen again. Anyway, two things hurt How to train your dragon (that I know, but other things could of happened behind the scenes). First thing was it was a sequel and generally the Academy doesn’t like to reward sequels (the exception is Toy Story 3), and secondly Big Hero Six got a BAFTA nomination and How to train your dragon didn’t. That might not sound like a big deal but you have to remember that the BAFTA guild are voting members on the Academy also! And I think they might of had something to do with it.

                  • TheLillypop

                    Haha yea it sure was, though it did make things less predictable and more interesting.
                    And yea I thought that being a sequel could be one of the reasons why it lost. And i didnt know that it wasnt nominated for the BAFTA!! 😮 nor that the BAFTA guilds are voting members on the Academy! That makes so much more sense now!

                    Anyway it was nice discussing the topic with ya, and thanks for all that new info!

            • Tastes like candy

              Also cars didn’t win the AFI Award. In fact only 11 films (including Zootopia, I thought it was 7) have won the AFI Award since 2000. They are: Inside Out, Toy Story 3, Up, Caroline*, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Shrek, Happy Feet, The Incredibles,
              Finding Nemo and (Zootopia). In every single case with the exception of Caroline that won along with Up the same year, every single one of these films won the Academy Award.

  • Kian

    Kubo and the Two Strings
    My Life as a Zucchini
    Your Name

    Personally, I would love Your Name to win. I also think it would be getting a nod since it did great in the box-office especially for an anime. Kubo and Zootopia are both easily contenders. Zucchini made the Foreign Language shortlist so why not?

  • Kia Nakagawa

    Those who haven’t seen “Your Name” GO WATCH IT NOW!! It needs to be up there in the top 5, it’s so damn good. Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) is one that will make for 2018 Oscars and it WILL make you cry.

    • troyjay

      I’m watching it in the theater tomorrow! So excited!

  • jmlatinsir

    I liked Zootopia a lot. I loved the visuals in Kubo but I disliked the talkiness of the script. It took away front the flow of the story. I’m surprised The Little Prince isn’t registering in most lists. It’s a lovely film with a lot of heart.

    • Adventurer

      Zootopia wasn’t talky? You must be kidding. It might the preachiest animated movie ever.

  • When looking at the competition, I honestly don’t know if Moana will make the cut. There were so many great animated features from other countries, ones that nobody is aware of. My predictions:

    1. Zootopia
    2. My Life as a Zucchini
    3. Your Name.
    4. Kubo and the Two Strings
    5. The Red Turtle

  • Pokermask

    Here are my predictions for Best Animated Feature at the moment:
    Finding Dory
    Kubo and the Two Strings
    The Red Turtle

    Top choice: Zootopia

  • Jason Lemmon

    I definitely agree with the 5 predictions. GKids has had major pull over the years, so Zucchini should get in. Sony Pictures also has pull and it has the Ghibli connection as well. Also just the fact that usually two indie/foreign animated features get in.
    I think Disney will definitely try and push their voters away from Dory, because I don’t think they want three nominations as it may end up splitting votes, which might mean that Kubo could have the slight possibility to win, though extremely small.
    Zootopia will win though. Sure critics love Kubo and it is most certainly beautifully animated, but it wasn’t as widely seen. Academy members don’t have to see these movies in order to vote. So a lot of votes will just be popular vote based on what they have seen or simply going with the safe pick which is a Disney movie. People need to understand that quite a lot of academy members are straight up idiots or simply aren’t that much of film buffs. So you will have some that will vote simply on the studio behind it, or go with the recognizable film if they haven’t watched any, or may even have some that vote simply on which one their children liked the most. Sad, but true.
    Some may think of other years like when Wallace and Gromit, and Happy Feet won. Yeah, but those years didn’t have a Disney film that was the best reviewed wide release film of the year on Rotten Tomatoes and made over a billion dollars worldwide. Yep, Zootopia has it in the bag.

    • TheLillypop

      Well perhaps when Wallace and Gromit won there wasnt any successful Disney movie, but when Happy Feet won the oscar, there was Pixar’s Cars, which won nearly all the awards (including the Golden Globe), made half a billion dollars in the box office (which was a lot for an animated movie during that time, considering that the highest grossing animated film back then made less than a billion dollars) and basically was a major hit. So although it seems like Zootopia’s gonna win, i still think Kubo has a chance. Especially since the Academy is trying to push the movie in other categories such as costume design and particularly visual effects. If Kubo gets a nomination for both visual effects and best animated feature, it’d seem odd to let a movie with more nominations than any other movie in the best animated feature category lose to a movie with just one nomination. Dont you agree?

      • Jason Lemmon

        I very much disagree. Comparing Cars to Zootopia is a horrible comparison. Cars was the lowest received Pixar film critically to that date. And in terms of box office, it was actually one of the lowest they’ve had. It was a step down from their last two films of Finding Nemo and Incredibles in every regard. It’s really easy to see why it didn’t win. Zootopia is the best critically received movie for WDAS, probably in decades, matching the extreme praise of some of Pixar’s best. The studio might be pushing Kubo in other categories, but it won’t be nominated in them. Even if it did, that has no holding over the animated category. Only if it had a BP nod would it do that. There is nothing odd about having a one nominee movie win over a multi nominee. The two categories you are talking about, Zootopia isn’t even eligible, so it’s a moot point. The only movie Zootopia is losing to as far as I’m concerned is Moana, because it’s fresher on minds. But even that is a smaller chance since it’s box office is fading out a bit. If it was a phenomenon like Frozen, then we would be talking, but it’s not.
        You are fine to question it, but in my mind, I’m certain Zootopia wins.

        • TheLillypop

          1. Hm the fact that Cars wasnt as successful as the previous Pixar films doesnt really convince me. It was still very much successful and im more than sure that it had lots of oscar buzz around it. And if that really is the reason Cars lost, then according to your opinion, Big Hero 6 should have lost the oscar in 2014, since it wasnt as nearly as successful or critically acclaimed as Walt Disney Animation’s previous movie – Frozen.

          2. Yes Zootopia is the best critically received movie for WDAS. But Kubo is also by far LAIKA’s best critically received movie. Which i think matters, especially since it seems like the Academy likes LAIKA’s movies (all of their movies have been nominated for the oscars so far).

          3. It probably wont be nominated for costume design (Although im sure it’s historic nomination for CDG awards made the voters for the oscar nominees think twice about this movie), but i think it has a good chance in visual effects. Thats not the topic atm so i wont start detailing why, but if you’d like me to explain ill be more than glad to do that 🙂

          4. I dont see a reason why Zootopia isnt eligible for visual effects. VFX are being used in this movie as much as in many other animated movies. And also, it didnt get nominations for VES awards for nothing. But perhaps you know something that i dont, so care to explain why Zootopia isnt eligible? It’s kinda important cos if it is, then Kubo receiving a nod for VFX would be quite a big deal.
          And you know what? even if Zootopia isnt eligible in that category, i still think that a nomination in VFX would affect the voters’ decisions in animated feature. It’s not everyday that an animated movie manages to receive a nod for this category. In fact, it only happened once. But we both could be right.

          Overall, yes. Zootopia’s most likely to win. But i think that Kubo being a breakthrough in animation challenges Zootopia. Lets not forget that this is the Animated feature category. A movie isnt given the award just for it’s message. Everything, especially the animation itself, should be taken into consideration. And i hope the academy does that.
          I wont mind too much if Zootopia wins, its a great movie. But i think that giving it the oscar wont really change anything. I mean, millions of people have already saw it, it already won a bunch of awards and it got all the recognition it deserved. Plus Im sure it served the creators’ wish to ”start a conversation about racism in our society”. It already got awards and attention. Giving it another award wouldnt make as nearly as much difference as it would if it would be given to Kubo. So why give the oscar to a movie which got all the recognition it could have asked for and served the purpose it was made for, when there’s another movie that is as important as Zootopia, which wasnt lucky enough to have the ”Disney” title on it and therefore didnt manage to send it’s messages to many of us?

          • Jason Lemmon

            I don’t agree with your assessment on Big Hero 6. It was a very well received film, definitely more so than Cars. I would also position Cars in the early days of the award, when it didn’t necessarily feel like Disney had the most influence with it. And since Disney and Pixar has won it every time except for 2011, but that made sense since the only Disney film that year was Cars 2, which was a massive critical bomb. Well, I guess there was Winnie the Pooh as well, but I don’t even know what happened with that. Disney barely even marketed that movie. Anyways, if the first Cars came out today and was the only Disney film in the running, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if even that beat Kubo now. The Disney influence is just too big.
            I’m not saying I don’t want Kubo to win (even though I do think Zootopia was the better overall film), it’s just that it all comes down to what over 7000 members will vote on, and based on your post, you are giving far too much credit to them than I think they deserve. Like I said, they don’t have to see these movies in order to vote, and many of them won’t see some of them. These people aren’t cinefiles. They don’t care about the technicalities of Kubo. They get invited to be members simply because they have worked in the film industry. There is no merit with most of these people. Every year there is an article that comes out selecting a few of them and asking how they voted. I’m paraphrasing, but I strictly remember one saying “I’ll vote for either Big Hero 6 or How to Train Your Dragon 2, as I didn’t see The Boxtrolls, and I don’t care about those other two shit Chinese films.” When in fact one was an Irish film and the other a Japanese. And like I said some others have voted on what there kid liked or just voted on the Disney film because it’s the safe bet, when they in fact don’t care about animated films. Are all voters like these? Of course not. The ones that take the category seriously, will probably be somewhat split. The one that don’t, will all go for the Disney movie, and that has major influence on shifting the tide.
            Yes, you make your fair share of points, but I’ve lost faith in academy members years ago, and just wish people wouldn’t take these awards so seriously. Unfortunately it’s the industry itself that takes them so seriously.

            • TheLillypop

              Well cant really argue with the point you’ve made about the Disney influence these days, though im not sure if Cars came out this year it would have beat Kubo. And i do agree on one thing: i have way too much faith in the academy members and give them way too much credit. I guess part of me really hopes that things have changed for the better, and those interviews with the voters were simply made up (since the only time i’ve heard of them was in 2014).

              • Jason Lemmon

                So because you didn’t see them, means they were made up? WTF, if that’s not the most arrogant thing I’ve heard. No, they weren’t made up, you just didn’t see them or don’t remember them.

                • TheLillypop

                  Dont judge me! I have every right to think that!
                  You wanna know why i thought that? There:
                  Big Hero 6 surprised everyone and won the oscar –> fans of httyd2 were filled with rage and the internet was filled with angry comments of ”How To Train Your Dragon 2 should have won” or ”Disney bought the award” and so on. –> Me: comes across a single, not well known site (i dont even remember it’s name) that claims that it had interviews with the academy voters anonymously saying all those comments you mentioned earlier and more. –> Me: Doubts that those interviews ever happened since: 1. I didnt know how reliable the site is. 2. I’ve never seen any mention of interviews with academy members in the internet before, and therefore thought that it’s simply the fans of the movies that didnt win trying to justify and support their opinions that the movies they liked/thought would win should have gotten the award. 3. Because why would the academy members ever agree to be interviewed about the way they picked the movies? Even if it’s made annonimously? Why would they risk themselves?

                  I dont see how’s that arrogant, as i simply based my thoughts on what i know and saw about the subject in the internet back then.

                  • Jason Lemmon

                    Sorry, but that is still arrogant because the way you stated it in your last post was as if you knew it as fact that they were made up, when it is simply just your opinion. That is fine if that is your opinion, but don’t act as if you know simply based on your own hearsay.

                    Anyways, it is something new they have done over the past few years. I don’t know what site you read it from, but I strictly remember them being from The Hollywood Reporter, which is a reputable source.
                    Also, risk? What is so risky about a member telling a journalist how they voted? Where is that stated in the Academy rules that they can’t?

                    And as long as we are making rash judgments and forming our own opinions based on whatever we want to believe, I know some people who know academy members (yes, I know how that sounds), in which one guy is pretty old and doesn’t care about it so he gives his screeners to his son and tells him what he should vote for. Another where a guy gives his screeners to his ex-wife and daughter and lets them decide. Whatever, just silly examples.

                    You believe what you want to believe, and I’ll believe what I want to. Continue having your blind faith in the academy. Which is composed of human beings, mind you.

                    • TheLillypop

                      I always meant it as my opinion and not as a fact, sorry if it wasnt clear.

                      I dont think that any of the members would like to be revealed of picking the winners the way it is assumed they do. No one would want to take the risk of being caught doing that, let alone admit it. That’s the risk.

                      Im not saying that any of this is not possible, it could be true. But i just dont truly believe in that. And if you dont mind, i, and only i, choose whether i believe something is true or not.
                      And ”Blind faith in the academy?” please. I dont know what you think of me, probably as a huge fan of the academy or any silly-nonsense of that sort, so let me stop you there and tell you that you’re terribly wrong. While i do have some faith in the academy, that doesnt mean that i 100% trust them to pick movies fairly. I know how the world works. But there’s nothing wrong with having faith in people. Just because i havent completely lost my faith in the academy like you doesnt mean i should give up all hope and immediately agree with you.

            • BTS

              Well, your statement is not entirely true, this is the voting process to determine the nominees and winner of the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film.

              “IV. VOTING

              A. A Chairperson, appointed by the Academy President, shall head the Animated Feature Film Award Reviewing Committee. An invitational letter will be sent to a select list of active and life Academy members, approved by the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Executive Committee, requesting their participation. Those serving on the committee will be required to see 66 percent of the submitted eligible films.

              B. All submitted eligible films will be made available to the Animated Feature Film Award Reviewing Committee. The committee will vote by secret ballot to nominate from 2 to 5 motion pictures for this award. In any year in which 8 to 12 animated feature films are released in Los Angeles County and submitted for consideration, either 2 or 3 motion pictures may be nominated. In any year in which 13 to 15 films are released and submitted, a maximum of 4 motion pictures may be nominated. In any year in which 16 or more animated feature films are released and submitted, a maximum of 5 motion pictures may be nominated.

              1. The committee will view all submitted eligible films and assign each film a score of 10, 9, 8, 7 or 6, with the guidelines of 10 (excellent), 8 (good), 7 (fair) or 6 (poor). Those films receiving an average score of 7.5 or more shall be eligible for nomination.

              2. If only one film receives an average score of 7.5 or more, the Executive Committee may recommend to the Board of Governors that a Special Achievement Award for Animated Feature Film be made to that production.

              3. If no film receives an average score of 7.5 or more, the Executive Committee shall recommend to the Board of Governors that no award be made for Animated Feature Film for the current Awards year.

              C. The Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Executive Committee shall have the right and responsibility to resolve all questions of eligibility, rules and the designation of award recipients.

              D. Final voting for the Animated Feature Film award shall be restricted to active and life Academy members.”

              Basically, each member of the reviewing committee must, personally, see 66% of the submitted films, and the films that receive 7.5 grade or higher are eligible to be nominated. Once the list is composed, the ACTIVE and LIFE members under the animation branch VOTE for the top five achievements. Then ALL the ACTIVE and LIFE members of the Academy Awards, as a whole, vote for the winner.

              Remember, when BIG HERO 6 and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 where battling to take the win, THE LEGO MOVIE was’t even nominated that year and a lot of people were in shock of that snub because many expecting to take the win, since it was a greater success critically and financially (at least it got a song nomination).

              • Jason Lemmon

                Not sure which part of my post you are referring to that you are saying is not true. If you are talking about members not needing to see the films, then I didn’t say anything not true. Only the selection committee has to, not the academy at large.

          • AyeAye

            I’m pretty sure the reason Zootopia’s not eligible for VFX is because it’s a 3D CGI movie, whereas Kubo’s SMA with VFX.

            And don’t count on Academy members (just look at the past Animated feature wins). They only care about hackneyed CGI movies, they don’t care about the fact that real innovation lies in SMA which is infinitely harder to create.

            In my personal opinion, Zootopia’s the worst Disney movie. While Frozen was so very flawed with huge plot-holes, Zootopia was overburdened with extreme amount of preaching where every character went beyond norms to make the point of “everyone’s Xenophobic” in it, which is much worse than plot holes. I’d rather take finesse over consistent sensible writing.

            • TheLillypop

              Yea you’re probably right, but there’s still some unexplained hope in me that things have changed in the Academy and that they’re actually paying attention for other animated movies and not just 3D CGI Disney movies. Silly, eh?

              Unlike Frozen (or Moana, as a matter of fact) Zootopia is a good and important movie, imo. It’s just that Kubo is even better and deserves the award more..

              • AyeAye

                Zootopia handled a sensitive, important subject but failed at delivering. Like someone has said below, it’s exactly the animated version of Crash. The ice cream parlour scene was IMO the single worst scene I’ve seen in an animated movie, and one of the worst scene I’ve seen in a movie which handled this topic. It was reminiscent of one scene in Crash where Terrance Howard and another minor character belabour over the wording of a line being “too black” or not.

                • TheLillypop

                  Well i dont think the movie had completely failed to deliver the message, but in this particular scene, yes. It did.
                  And it might be just me, but i think the main reason it failed to deliver the message in some places is because they mostly focused on the comedy and the ‘solving a case’ plot.

                  • AyeAye

                    I found the exposition of the “solving the conspiracy” part of the screenplay way better tbh While I do not question their intention, the propaganda pushing was overburdened, exactly like with Crash. And this flawed exposition and the overburdened screenplay is the main reason I’m against it winning any awards for that matter. While I do not think Kubo’s narrative was brilliant (there were plenty of places where it just felt flat), incomparison to Zootopia it did not lack finesse and was much more focused. Not to mention the animation while inherently different to Zootopia, was brilliant to look at. The final scene (I think you know which one I mean) especially was mesmerising, it was a brilliant work of traditional SMA with VFX.

                    • TheLillypop

                      Yup, cant argue with that.

  • Mangesh Gaikwad

    # Animated Feature

    2.Kubo and the Two Strings
    4.The Red Turtle
    5.My Life as a Zucchini / Miss Hokusai / Your Name

  • BTS

    What might get nominated:

    My Personal Top 5:

  • Alexandria James

    I hope Moana wins.