UPDATED – FEBRUARY 23, 2017 – FINAL PREDICTIONS – Asghar Farhadi boycotting the Oscars due to the grotesque #MuslimBan may actually have an impact on this category.  I hope they Skype him in during the ceremony to speak to America about the disgusting and vile nature of this act.


  1. The Salesman” – IRAN* – Asghar Farhadi
  2. Toni Erdmann” – GERMANY* – Maren Ade
  3. A Man Called Ove” – SWEDEN* – Hannes Holm
  4. Land of Mine” – DENMARK* – Martin Zandvliet
  5. Tanna” – AUSTRALIA* – Bentley Dean, Martin Butler


  • My Life as a Zucchini” – SWITZERLAND* – Claude Barras
  • Paradise” – RUSSIA* – Andrei Konchalovsky
  • It’s Only the End of the World” – CANADA* – Xavier Dolan
  • The King’s Choice” – NORWAY* – Erik Poppe


  • Neruda” – CHILE*
  • Fire at Sea” – ITALY*
  • Elle” – FRANCE*
  • Ma’Rosa” – PHILIPPINES*
  • Julieta” – SPAIN*
  • The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki” – FINLAND*
  • The Age of Shadows” – SOUTH KOREA*
  • Sand Storm” – ISRAEL*
  • The Ardennes” – BELGIUM*
  • Barakah Meets Barakah” – SAUDI ARABIA*
  • Sparrows” – ICELAND*
  • The Companion” – CUBA*
  • House of Others” – GEORGIA*
  • El Clásico” – IRAQ*


  • Death in Sarajevo” – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA*
  • On the Other Side” – CROATIA*
  • Sieranevada” – ROMANIA*
  • The Flower of Aleppo” – TUNISIA*
  • Under the Shadow” – UNITED KINGDOM*
  • I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced” – YEMEN*
  • Salsipuedes” – PANAMA*
  • The Liberation of Skopje” – MACEDONIA*
  • Nagasaki: Memories of My Son” – JAPAN*


  • Apprentice” – SINGAPORE*
  • The Black Hen” – NEPAL*
  • Chevalier – GREECE*
  • Clash” – EGYPT*
  • Desierto” – MEXICO*
  • The Destinguished Citizen” – ARGENTINA*
  • Earthquake” – ARMENIA*
  • A Flickering Truth” – NEW ZEALAND*
  • “Flor de Azúcar” – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC*
  • From Afar” – VENEZUELA*
  • Home Sweet Home” – KOSOVO*
  • Little Secret” – BRAZIL*
  • Losers” – BULGARIA*
  • Kills on Wheels” – HUNGARY*
  • Migas de Pan (Bread Crumbs)” – URUGUAY*
  • A Mile in my Shoes” – MOROCCO*
  • Mother” – ESTONIA*
  • My Life as a Courgette” – SWITZERLAND*
  • Parting” – AFGHANISTAN*
  • Seneca’s Day” – LITHUANIA*
  • Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe” – AUSTRIA*
  • Tonio” – NETHERLANDS*
  • Train Driver’s Diary” – SERBIA*
  • Ukrainian Sheriffs” – UKRAINE*
  • A Very Big Shot” – LEBANON*
  • Visaaranai” – INDIA*
  • Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)” – PERU*
  • Voices from Chernobyl” – LUXUMBOURG*
  • The Well” – ALGERIA*
  • Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” – VIETNAM*




  • Loli

    Update please!!!

  • Loli

    Blue is the Warmest Color (France), White God (Hungary), Ida (Poland), Winter Sleep (Turkey), Wild Tales (Argentina), Run (Ivory Coast), Mommy (Canada), The Raid 2 (Indonesia), The Wonders (Italy), The Salt of the Earth (Brazil), Two Days, One Night (Belgium), Leviathan (Russia), Still the Water (Japan), Timbuktu (Mauritania), Goodbye to Language (Switzerland), Mad Love (Germany), A Girl at my Door (South Korea), Fantasia (China), Force Majeure (Sweden), That Lovely Girl (Israel), Beautiful Youth (Spain), Titli (India), Jauja (Denmark), Xenia (Greece), Bridges of Sarajevo (Bosnia), Maidan (Ukraine), Silvered Water (Syria), The Owners (Kazakhstan), Invisible Spaces (Georgia), Leidi (Colombia), The Last One (Azerbaijan), Yes We Love (Norway)

  • Laut Fuentes

    I think Wild Tales and Winter Sleep are a good competition.

  • Danny

    “From Afar” from Venezuela won the Golden Lion in Venice last year and is being released now, so I think it will be eligible this year. It is very good.

  • Roger

    Clayton, Loreak was Spain’s last year submission

  • Rober Cuenca

    Loreak was selected as the Spanish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.

  • Giorgi Baskhajauri

    Pedro Almodovar “Julieta”

  • Rodrigo

    Argentina – Neruda ?

  • Roger7

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople – New Zealand

    • dadelcz .

      not foreign, OMG LOL

    • TASbgh

      That would have been a great choice! I saw it twice and loved it both times.

  • Alfred

    I forgot to mention, in my previous comment, another front runner: Dardenne brothers’ “The unknown girl” for Belgium.

  • Alfred

    Aloys is not Swedish, it’s Swiss. Moreover, Sweden has already sent A Man Called Ove. As for “Junction 48” , it’s not even in the Israeli shortlist from which they will choose.

  • Alfred

    I don’t know how else to write it. “Junction 48” is not even in the Israeli shortlist from which they will choose and thus it doesn’t have a chance. The Israeli shortlist has been announced one month ago and I keep on writing this here.

  • south korea send the handmaiden….was it translated differently?or is it for 2018

    • Alfred

      Unfortunately it didn’t send Park Chan Wook but Kim Ji Woon.

  • Srini

    I don’t see any films from India in nomination list, why so..?

    • Ansaf Karikonari

      India is visranai(tamil)

    • Adventurer

      Visaaranai was sent as the Indian submission. This list is for movies which are good contenders to get nominated.

  • mateusvagner

    Talking about Brazil, we had a amazing movie in our hand, Aquarius. Such a great story, with a impact who was very good received in Cannes and the critics. But in the moment, we pass for a bad time in our country about liberty and expression against our goverment. Following this events, the movie was left out as our representative movie. Such a shame

  • Grant

    When it comes to Best Foreign Film, it’s often a shot in the dark because it’s impossible to have any clue what the nominating committee will like. It’s such a treasured category that often overlooks achievement for personal tastes. I think you have to defend these top five choice you have listed though. I saw ‘Julieta’ over the weekend and as much as I like the film, it is not Oscar worthy. Making the shortlist would be huge for this film. Seems like you just dropped in Cannes titles and time and time again you will see in history that the Academy never acknowledges Cannes accolades. I really don’t think ‘Neruda’ or ‘Julieta’ will make it. You should really move up ‘Land of Mine’, as evidenced by how many noteworthy festivals programmed it, plus it’s a very strong film. There’s also ‘Desde Alla’, which won the Golden Lion. How are you ruling that out or Greece’s ‘Chevalier’. Those seem much more Academy friendly. I also don’t think ‘Desierto’ has a chance of making the shortlist, so not sure how you have it in contention.

  • Being Human

    I hope Ma’Rosa will make the cut, if not, will win. The story is timely and the direction and acting are superb.

  • Alfred

    Indeed Germany, Iran and Chile are the frontrunners but I think Spain and France won’t make it. Almodovar, although he is one of my favourites, made one of his weakest film wheareas Verhoeven put so many topics together in an anequal result (but Hupert will be fairly nominated). UK, Philippines, Canada, the debuting Yemen, Iraq, Croatia and South Korea are definitely strong contenders but I think you put Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Japan and Panama too high. Also Tunisia has been disqualified an not with the flower of Aleppo but with another film, none of the two were accepted. At last but not least, I can’t believe you overlooked India and Egypt and also Jordan, Nepal, Portugal are very strong (even Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Indonesia are great dark horses).

  • Bach ito

    And where is the argentinian submission ‘The Distinguished Citizen’?

  • Adventurer

    100% behind Toni Erdmann win as well.

  • Jason Stone

    I love TONI ERDMANN and ELLE but it’s going to be an even Oscar race this year. Then there are always dark horses. Went with a friend of mine yesterday to the AMPAS screening of SPARROWS from Iceland. It blew me away. I really hope it gets nominated

  • Iniyavan

    Interrogation from India most deserving film.

  • Rita

    What about “Divines” from France?? Y’all rly missed the mark with that one.

    • dadelcz .

      not submitted

    • Alex

      For best actress would have been fine, as a nomination only, as for a movie, not even in the short list, in my view.

  • Christian

    Wow, what a shortlist. Neruda out, Elle out, Fire At Sea Out, Julieta Out.
    Makes me hoping for Toni Erdmann!

    • Sed Mori Niki Rad

      Absolutely the salesman will be a great chance

      • Christian

        I think both, TONI ERDMANN and THE SALESMAN, are the two big frontrunners.
        Have you seen TONI ERDMANN?
        It’s f***ing awesome! 🙂

        • Sed Mori Niki Rad

          Certainly TONI ERDMANN is amazing, but I believe that other factors such as proper display movies in January are impressive to win oscar

          • Christian

            On the one hand the explicite sex scene in TONI ERDMANN could disturb the mostly old white men of the AMPAS. On the other hand it would be time that a woman would be the winner in this category again (it only happens three times: 1996, 2003, 2011).

            • Sed Mori Niki Rad

              Your opinion is very true, especially the first part of your words, As far as I remember the last time that films containing sex scenes won،The two films, THE LIVE OF OTHERS & THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES were, of course, sex scenes related to thi this films was negligible, in the past has proved the number and intensity of sex scenes will be extremely important for members of the Academy, so I guess they are not welcome in this case.

              • Christian

                And finally, finally you’ll will never now.
                Since “It’s hard out there for a pimp” won over “Travellin’ thru” I lost my faith into the AMPAS members o_O

                At least neither The Salesman nor Toni Erdmann won’t be nominated at all.

  • Isabele Gomes

    Julieta and Neruda,Elle out?AMPAS forgot?

  • Mehrdad

    Plz make an update on the main page as well

  • Mehrdad

    or ”Toni Erdman”…!? This is the question…!

    To be honest as an Iranian regular movie watcher who had the chance to watch
    the ”Salesman” on the screen (in Tehran) with many other Iranians and
    considering all the reactions and reviews to this and controversial rape-centred
    subject feature which is happening in a closed, conservative and religious society, I
    would easily say it be more interesting for the academy voters than a three-hour
    comedy-drama about a German father and daughter. It is definitely has been critic’s
    one of the most favourite movies of this year, though.

    Well I would predict at Oscars, the same Cannes story will happen to these two well-made rivals. Although before the list of 9 best foreign movies was released, I didn’t consider so much chance to win for Farhadi (a nomination was almost for sure Anyway) but now maybe he even would be lucky enough to hold his second golden statue very soon on the Oscars

    • TASbgh

      The Oscar should definitely go to The Salesman. The trailers/previews for Toni Erdmann make it look like a comedy, but it is an overly long (almost 3 hours!), mostly boring drama about two somewhat mean-spirited people. When I saw it, some of the audience members walked out about half-way through, and at the end, only about 1/3 of the audience applauded. I overheard a lot of negative comments about it. When I saw The Salesman at our local film festival, almost everyone loved it. Mr. Farhadi was there to introduce the film. Such a nice man!

  • 22cinema11

    I also think it’ll be “The Salesman” vs. “Toni Erdmann” (now that “Elle” and the critical darling “The Handmaiden” are out of the running) – personally, I had some problems with “Toni Erdmann”. (I had similar feelings when watching “Un grande belezza” which earned Italy nearly every foreign language film prize in 2014.) “Toni Erdmann” is well-acted, a deep character study of its two protagonists and hilariously funny at times, but it’s extremely long and there are some really, really strange scenes in it as well. I understand why many people love it and maybe it takes the Oscar, but I suppose I wouldn’t place it at the top of my ballot if I had to vote.

    • Just saw Toni Erdmann today. I don’t understand what’s BEST about it at all. An 80 min version might’ve worked but I didn’t find it the least bit funny. Ridiculous, yes…funny, no.

  • Rahul

    #Visaaranai is the best film I ever seen.
    Please everyone saw the film before you decides.
    If you didn’t nominate #visaaranai ,then you don’t have the knowledge of selecting the Oscar film.
    Thank you

    • I think you have no knowledge of how Oscars work at all.

      The foreign-language film branch of the Academy has already selected 9 semi-finalists for this category, and your new favorite film isn’t among them, therefore it can’t and won’t be nominated. Not only that, your new favorite film hasn’t been released in the US, which would make it ineligible anyway.

      • Alfred

        I don’t think Rahul is referring to the choices of this site but the choices of the of the shortlist of the Oscars itself. Indeed, the Indian film should be there, along with the British (which is Iranian) or the Jordanese (which is Palestine) or the Philippino or the Egyptian or the South Korean or the Portuguese. But mainly nothing can be compared to the exclusion of Chile! It’s so unfair, they played safe Euro-centric (as always) and WW2 themed films (as always) against masterpieces talking about universal subjects such as police brutality, anti-communism, the thesis of woman, horror genre etc.

        • Adventurer

          PREACH! AMPAS voters IRKS me so much often (not just for this category but also Best Picture). They always play favourite towards European movies (for this category) and war dramas (in general).

  • 22cinema11

    Just a small correction: “My Life as a Courgette” (Switzerland) should be removed from the “Submitted and out of the running” category because it’s the same movie as the shortlisted “My Life as a Zucchini”.

  • Alfred

    We have seen a lot in this category so anyone from this 9 could be in. There is no lock at all.

  • Alfred

    My final prediction nominees: “Toni Erdmann”, “A salesman”, “Tanna” (last year they chose another native film, from Colombia, they will do it again with the first Vanuatu film that represented the co-producing country instead), “My life as a Zuchini” (animation is rarely placed here and when it does it isn’t nominated for animation -Missing Picture, Waltz with Bashir-. An animation/documentary has never placed in both foreign language film and documentary/animation category. This will happen this year. The Swiss film won’t be nominated in animation but here) and “It’s only the end of the world” (the twice overlooked enfant terrible of Canada will shockingly be nominated because I think this year the Academy will not be Eurocentric and WW2 themed -it had done it so many times in the past-). WW2 themed films (Denmark -although a frontrunner it’s an Academic conventional film and shockingly it will be left out-, Norway, Russia) and typical cynical guy becoming good-hearted like “As good as it gets” (Sweden) will not advance because the other choices are better and give other perspectives to this category.

    • Christian

      And which film will finally win?

      • Alfred

        Christian. check out my other predictions as well here (I mean in main categories: film, directing, screenplays and performances) they will shock you, cause I’ve noticed you admire Jim Jarmusch. Independent and world cinema as well. In this category anything can happen, nothing is locked (as always). Even my top 5 is not locked (even Toni Erdmann, we’ve seen anything here). But I think if Toni is nominated it will get it.

        • Christian

          Actually I do not admire Jim Jarmusch ^^
          But hopefully Toni Erdmann will get it.
          For me, it’s the absolute frontrunner.

  • Alfred

    My final predictions in the most unpredictable category (in order):
    1. “Toni Erdmann” Germany
    2.”A salesman” Iran
    3. “Tanna” Australia (surprise underdog. Although the first Vanuatu film it represented the co-producing country instead -this had happened many times in the past-)
    4. “My life as a Zuchini” Switzerland (surprise underdog. It won’t be nominated in animation and thus it will be nominated here, like “Missing Picture” Cambodia 2013 and “Waltz with Bashir” Israel 2008. A documentary or animation has never been nominated both in documentary or animation and foreign language film)
    5. “It’s only the end of the world” Canada (surprise underdog)
    The rest (in order):
    6. “Land of mine” Denmark (shockingly it will be left out because WW2 themed Academic films have dominated this category so many times before and they’ll look for other topics)
    7. “A man called Ove” Sweden (it will be left out because Academic films with the cynical guy becoming good-hearted like “As good as it gets” have dominated Oscars before and they’ll look for other topics)
    8. “Paradise” Russia (the same I wrote for WW2 themed films)
    9. “King’s choice” Norway (the same I wrote for WW2 themed films)
    *This year the award won’t be so Euro-centric.

  • goreti

    “Afterimage” POLAND (???) Missed on the lists above, however, it was submitted.

  • Mangesh Gaikwad

    # Foreign Film
    Toni Erdmann

    The Salesman
    A Man Called Ove
    Land of Mine /Tanna

  • Adventurer

    A Man Called Ove and Land of Mine over the Handmaiden, Neruda etc. bothers me so much.

    • Nicolai Leopold

      Probably because you haven’t seen Land of Mine. It’s kind of the best movie of the pack.

      • Adventurer

        I have seen all of the movies which were in the shortlist. I still say Handmaiden and Neruda are better than Land of Mine.

        • Alfred

          But Handmaiden wasn’t sent to represent South Korea. South Korea did a big fault. Neruda was the biggest snub. Indeed, Denmark and Sweden are safe typical Academic choices.

          • Adventurer

            I know, that bothers me as well. The Age of Shadows does not have the immersive idiosyncrasy that the Handmaiden had (plus Gong Yoo should stick to his cookie cutter KDramas and not do movies which requires nuanced performances). The Handmaiden was disturbingly compelling. I’m sure, the sent Age of Shadows just because it was the “safer” choice of the two.