INTERVIEW: Ethan Hawke talks ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Predestination’

There’s really no other way to put it…Ethan Hawke is on one hell of a ride right now. He’s been pretty consistent his whole career, rarely appearing in anything that really made you wonder about his choices, but now he’s just on another planet. Basically, beginning in 2013 when Before Midnight blew most of us […]

omar imag

Omar (★★★)

Back when I saw the foreign drama Omar at the most recent New York Film Festival, it was nothing more than Palestine’s submission for Best Foreign Language Feature, and a long shot at that. A few months later and it wound up with an Oscar nomination in the category. Why? Well, because it was good […]


Labor Day (★★★)

Ever since it began screening at film festivals during the fall of 2013, Jason Reitman‘s latest movie Labor Day has gotten a pretty bad wrap. To be fair, it’s the worst film of Reitman’s impressive career so far, but to me at least, it’s still a decently good flick. Yes, it’s melodramatic and you can’t […]


Tim’s Vermeer (★★★½)

I’m hardly an art connoisseur (at least in terms of paintings…if we’re talking film, that’s obviously a different story), but man did this movie ever capture my attention. Yes, Tim’s Vermeer completely won me over back when I initially saw it back at the New York Film Festival, far more than I was expecting it […]


Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan talk ‘Fruitvale Station’

Back at the beginning of December (which technically is last year…crazy), I was invited to participate in a roundtable interview with Fruitvale Station writer/director Ryan Coogler as well as star Michael B. Jordan in advance of its release on home video. The film hits Blu-Ray and DVD this week, right before the Oscar nominations, and […]


‘August: Osage County’ wins Four Awards at Italy’s Capri, Hollywood Fest

John Wells‘ Oscar hopeful August: Osage County hasn’t quite done as well as hoped on the precursor circuit so far (with the same being said for all of the films under The Weinstein Company shingle, to be honest), but a smaller film festival has come through to honor the contender. Yes, the Capri, Hollywood Film […]


The Wolf of Wall Street (★★★★)

I remember the very first time I saw the initial trailer for Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street. To be honest, I didn’t really care for it. It seemed like something perhaps even beneath the legend (entertaining as it might have been), but I was actually pretty curious to see how Leonardo DiCaprio embraced […]


Long List for the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards – See what made the Worst List

While most of the awards given out during this season surrounds the best that cinema has to offer, there’s also the Golden Raspberry awards, which goes in the exact opposite direction. They of course cite the worst films and performances of the year, and make their announcements right before the Academy Awards (both for nominations […]


Lone Survivor (★★★½)

For most of the  two-hour plus running time of Peter Berg‘s true life war tale Lone Survivor, the film is content to simply be a very good action flick with a slightly deeper emotional underpinning than you’re expecting. It’s easily Berg’s best work to date, but you never quite understand why folks have raved. Then, […]


47 Ronin (★★)

Anyone hoping for a “so bad it’s good” experience with 47 Ronin is bound to be disappointed. Actually, pretty much anyone seeing 47 Ronin is bound to be disappointed by this bland and muddled would be epic. Unlike World War Z, which managed to overcome a bloated budget, reshoots, and delays, this film is crushed […]


Talking ‘Some Velvet Morning’ with Neil LaBute

Last month I was given the chance to sit down and talk with filmmaker/playwright Neil LaBute. As you might imagine given his work, that sounded pretty intense to me. Luckily though, it turned out that he couldn’t have been nicer, so we wound up having a pretty free flowing chat about a lot of things, […]


American Hustle (★★★½)

Amplified expectations rarely ever end up being a good thing in the film world, especially in terms of Oscars. Except in terms of the attention paid to your movie, flying under the radar is the way to capture the hearts and often the votes of the Academy. That being said, for me at least American […]