Omar (★★★)

Back when I saw the foreign drama Omar at the most recent New York Film Festival, it was nothing more than Palestine’s submission for Best Foreign Language Feature, and a long shot at that. A few months later and it wound up with an Oscar nomination in the category. Why? Well, because it was good […]

Tim’s Vermeer (★★★½)

I’m hardly an art connoisseur (at least in terms of paintings…if we’re talking film, that’s obviously a different story), but man did this movie ever capture my attention. Yes, Tim’s Vermeer completely won me over back when I initially saw it back at the New York Film Festival, far more than I was expecting it […]

Lone Survivor (★★★½)

For most of the  two-hour plus running time of Peter Berg‘s true life war tale Lone Survivor, the film is content to simply be a very good action flick with a slightly deeper emotional underpinning than you’re expecting. It’s easily Berg’s best work to date, but you never quite understand why folks have raved. Then, […]

47 Ronin (★★)

Anyone hoping for a “so bad it’s good” experience with 47 Ronin is bound to be disappointed. Actually, pretty much anyone seeing 47 Ronin is bound to be disappointed by this bland and muddled would be epic. Unlike World War Z, which managed to overcome a bloated budget, reshoots, and delays, this film is crushed […]