INTERVIEW: James Gray talks ‘The Immigrant’ and his Next Film

One thing becomes very apparent when you talk to filmmaker James Gray…the man is willing to talk about pretty much anything. Even when it comes to the distribution of his films (which have sadly resulted in most of them underperforming at the box office), Gray is open and honest. That makes for a great interview, […]

Film Review: Black or White (★★★)

I’ve always admired the work of filmmaker Mike Binder a bit more than most (particularly the underrated gem Reign Over Me, though also many of his smaller comedies as well), particularly in terms of the material he gives his actors. As such, I’ve had my eye on this bit of would be awards bait (or more […]

Gravitas Ventures picks up VOD rights to John Wildman’s ‘The Ladies of the House’

Here’s the exciting press release: Gravitas Ventures announced today that the company is acquiring North American rights to John Stuart Wildman’s THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE to be released in April/May on VOD. Featuring a screenplay by Justina Walford and Wildman, the film stars Farah White, Melodie Sisk, Brina Palencia, Samrat Chakrabarti, and Michelle “Belladonna” […]

Oscar-Nominee Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, and More talk ‘Still Alice’

Last week (the day of the DGA nominations announcement, actually), I was invited to participate in the Press Day for the now Academy Award nominated film Still Alice. In attendance were stars Kate Bosworth, Julianne Moore (who obviously received the Oscar nomination and is the frontrunner to win in Best Actress), Kristen Stewart, and co-writer/director […]

INTERVIEW: Ethan Hawke talks ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Predestination’

There’s really no other way to put it…Ethan Hawke is on one hell of a ride right now. He’s been pretty consistent his whole career, rarely appearing in anything that really made you wonder about his choices, but now he’s just on another planet. Basically, beginning in 2013 when Before Midnight blew most of us […]

‘Whiplash’ Listed as Adapted on AMPAS ballots

Some very interesting and potentially nomination shaking news to share with you all. Late last night, I came across a few tweets from Mark Harris about Damien Chazelle‘s Whiplash. Apparently, despite Sony Pictures Classics campaigning the script for a Best Original Screenplay nomination, it’s officially listed in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. This is obviously […]

Film Review: The Interview (★★★)

The film North Korea doesn’t want you to see as well as the one that Sony Pictures and theater chains across the country literally wouldn’t let you see (until recently), The Interview is honestly a fairly harmless comedy. Yes, it’s really funny and about as un PC as it gets, but it’s still just a movie. […]

Film Review: The Gambler (★★½)

If there’s one thing I love in a movie, it’s a supporting performance that helps elevate the final product from mediocrity. In the case of The Gambler, the lead performance of Mark Wahlberg, while good, pales in comparison to the supporting turn from John Goodman. Had the roles been reversed and this been a film […]

JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE Available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on January 13, 2015

LOS ANGELES – XLrator Media announces the DVD, Blu-ray and VOD release of the Jimi Hendrix biopic, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE. Directed by Academy Award Winner John Ridley (12 Years a Slave), the film stars André Benjamin (Musician, Outkast), Hayley Atwell (Captain America), Imogen Poots (Need for Speed, That Awkward Moment) and Ruth […]

Film Review #2: Inherent Vice (★★★)

There are very few times when a film seems to consider its own plot pretty much besides the point while also making said plot as dense as possible, but then again Inherent Vice isn’t your average film. Highly regarded filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson has perhaps made his most unusual movie to date, and that’s saying […]

Film Review: Top Five (★★★)

The third time was certainly the charm for Chris Rock as a filmmaker. After making somewhat entertaining yet more than slightly unfulfilling movies like the political comedy Head of State and the romantic dramedy I Think I Love My Wife (which actually was a loose remake of Eric Rohmer‘s Chloe in the Afternoon), Rock takes his […]

Film Review: Red Knot (★★★)

Sometimes, a simple story can be elevated by beautiful images. First time writer/director Scott Cohen‘s film Red Knot is a perfect example of just that. The movie is light on plot and goes more or less exactly where you expect it to go, but the imagery that accompanies it is stimulating enough to overcome that. […]

Film Review: Take Care (★★½)

When it comes to romantic comedies, chemistry is paramount. With the rom com Take Care, one of its saving graces is the terrific chemistry from leads Leslie Bibb and Thomas Sadoski, who have some of the best on screen chemistry of anyone this year. High praise for a work I’m not actually recommending, I know, […]

Film Review: Wild (★★★)

Slowly but surely, it seems like director Jean-Marc Vallee is becoming a bit of an Oscar whisperer. Dallas Buyers Club was a bigger Academy player than initially expected, which now has him in the position of whatever he makes having an awards buzz about it. As such, Wild was tipped as a potential player from […]

Film Review: V/H/S: Viral (★★★)

I might be damning with faint praise, but V/H/S: Viral firmly places the V/H/S franchise as the cream of the anthology horror crop. This third film in the found footage franchise is far from a modern classic, and in fact it almost completely does away with the intent to scare, but it’s undeniably effective at […]

Sizing Up 2014: Best Director

Welcome back to the Sizing Up Series. It’s time to continue this 2014 incarnation with an in-depth look at the Director candidates competing for a spot in this year’s Oscar lineup. As was the case last year (and the years before it, for that matter), there are a few things to keep an eye for […]

Film Review: The Homesman (★½)

E tu, Tommy Lee Jones? The well respected veteran actor/filmmaker is very talented on both sides of the camera, as we all know, though in this particular instance I heavily call into question his directing and writing choices. The Homesman is a stunning misfire on almost every single level, nearly inept in fact at times. […]

Jon Stewart talks ‘Rosewater’

Last week, I was invited to take part in a small press conference with comedian/political satirist/fake newsman turned filmmaker Jon Stewart in order to talk about his moviemaking debut Rosewater. Stewart was in attendance along with the subject of the story Maziar Bahari, who also co-wrote the nonfiction book upon which Stewart based his screenplay. […]

Film Review: Rosewater (★★★½)

With Rosewater, we can officially look at Jon Stewart not just as a satirical newsman/humorist, but as a legitimate filmmaker as well. This is a very strongly made and often moving look at the sacrifices that journalists make in order to bear witness to changing times/revolution. Stewart sets out to chronicle the real life tale […]

Film Review #2: The Theory of Everything (★★★)

What a difference the right casting choices can make for certain projects. Without the absolutely extraordinary performance by Eddie Redmayne and the nearly as good star making turn from Felicity Jones, this would be just another generic and potentially sleepy biopic. With that dynamic duo in place though, The Theory of Everything has two rather […]

Film Review #2: Interstellar (★★★★)

Even with extraordinarily high expectations, I was blown away by Interstellar. What Christopher Nolan has given us is nothing short of a work of cinematic art. This is the sort of thing that the movies were made for. For just shy of three hours, Nolan weaves a story that captivated me from start to finish. […]