Film Review: Tumbledown (★★★)

There’s a very specific vibe that runs throughout Tumbledown, a melancholic romantic dramedy of sorts that sports a memorably unobtrusive soundtrack and a winning performance from Jason Sudeikis. This is a very mellow picture, one that seeks to capture the mood of what the love of a musician can do to you, both in terms […]

Film Review: The 5th Wave (★★)

Checking off just about every single one of the boxes needed for a run of the mill YA adaptation, The 5th Wave is about as standard as it gets, from the end of the world setting to the inevitable love triangle of sorts that develops. With only one exception (which you’ll hear about shortly), nothing […]

Film Review: Anesthesia (★★★)

I’m not spilling any industry secrets when I say that it’s not easy to nail interconnected ensemble dramas. More often than not, they stumble and fall into clichéd territory, undeserving the large cast in the process. In the case of Tim Blake Nelson‘s Anesthesia, however, the good more than outweighs the bad. Nelson is a […]

Film Review: Krampus (★★)

After how much I enjoyed filmmaker Michael Dougherty‘s horror title Trick ‘r Treat, I was really looking forward to Krampus, his take on the urban legend/fairly tale character that’s gotten popular recently. Sadly, while I really appreciate his attempt to make a Joe Dante style B movie horror comedy, this film just doesn’t really work. […]

Film Review: Youth (★★★½)

What an often breathtaking film this is. Youth embraces you in a warm, mysterious hug, and never lets go. With tremendous acting, gorgeous visuals, and a hypnotic melancholy, this is something very unique. I fell under the spell that writer/director Paolo Sorrentino was casting early on and it lasted throughout its entire running time. This […]

Film Review: Chi-Raq (★★½)

Filmmaker Spike Lee is always at his most interesting when he’s dealing with anger in some way. That doesn’t necessarily always mean that it’s going to amount to a good movie, as for every Do the Right Thing there’s a Red Hook Summer, but Chi-Raq sort of walks the line between those two. It’s one […]