ACCA TV 2016 Final Voting is Open! Pick the Winners!

Welcome to the Awards Circuit Community Awards final ballot for TV in 2016! We’re very happy with the enthusiasm you showed in the initial ballot. We received hundreds of votes, and it was fun to see how diverse everyone’s choices were. We feel that the readers did an amazing job picking our diverse nominees, while […]


2015 ACCA Winners – ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Walks Off with Eight, DiCaprio Wins His Fourth Best Actor Prize

The Community has spoken.  The ever growing, and even more popular Awards Circuit Community Awards were voted upon by the near 500,000 readership of resulting in George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” being named Best Picture of the Year.  The film netted eight awards in total including Best Director for George Miller.  The […]


Final Ballots for 2015 Awards Circuit Community Awards are Open!

Awards Circuit believes in giving its readers a chance to weigh in on things that were going on before the internet, at least in its current state, existed.  ACCA gives you the opportunity.  It’s time to weigh in on this past year that just ended. With the recent nominations announcement, it’s time for YOU, the […]

Rooney Mara Carol Fraud

2015 Awards Circuit Community Awards Nominations – ‘Mad Max’ Leads While Mara Is A Lead

The readers of have voted in the annual Awards Circuit Community Awards for 2015.  In 22 categories, George Miller’s epic masterpiece “Mad Max: Fury Road” led the nominations with 12 including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actress (Charlize Theron), as well as Production Design, Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Sound, […]


Year-In-Review Kicks Off Monday with ACCA 2015 Voting Deadlines Announced

With ballots in the hands of voters, many of which have already turned in their selections already, Monday will start the “2015 Year-In-Review.”  Announcing the Top 10 of 2015, along with my own personal ballot with the traditional categories, along with the specialties, we hope to shine a bright enough light that may sway a […]


Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ Wins Top Prize for 1995 Awards Circuit Community Awards

This past weekend, we announced the winners of the 1995 Awards Circuit Community Awards.  With films like “Apollo 13,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Seven,” “Toy Story,” and “The Usual Suspects” in contention for your votes, it was virtually anyone’s game.  In the end, it was Pixar’s first Animated Feature that took the top prize.  “Toy Story” […]


Historical Circuit: Toy Story (1995)

As we’re getting ready for the ACCA revote on 1995, let’s take a closer look at one of the most influential films from that year, Pixar’s first feature film “Toy Story.” Today, Pixar is practically synonymous with quality animated films that are great for both kids and parents. But 20 years ago, when “Toy Story” […]

Pocahontas Featured

Historical Circuit: Pocahontas (★★½)

In honor of ACCA 1995, I’ve decided to pick a few titles that were special to my seven-year-old self that year. Don’t assume it’ll be all kids movies….my parents were pretty lenient. I decided to start off with a safe, kid-friendly movie to kick things off. The minute Walt Disney Studios decided to adapt the Pocahontas […]

Leaving Las Vegas

ACCA 1995: 20 Years in the Making and What to Consider

With ACCA 1996 officially in the books, with Joel Coen’s “Fargo” making history with a record ten wins from the esteemed community, we trek on to the year 1995.  Twenty years ago.  On first glance, the year looked extremely vacant of standout films.  Truth is, if you only look at the Oscar lineup in all […]


1996 Awards Circuit Community Awards Winners – ‘Fargo’ Nearly Sweeps the Table

Last week on the Awards Circuit Power Hour podcast, we announced the winners of the 1996 Awards Circuit Community Awards (or ACCA) and a little history was made.  In a somewhat surprising outcome, Joel Coen’s (and Ethan Coen’s) “Fargo” became the most awarded film in ACCA history taking home 10 of its 11 nominations, only […]