Ridley Scott

Top 10: Best Ridley Scott Films

You can’t argue with the dedication to the craft that director Ridley Scott exhibits. He is a filmmaker who never seems to rest. In honor of this week’s release of “Alien: Covenant” (review found here) and as a tribute to Scott in general, we’re looking at his best work to date. A solid handful of […]

Community: What Are Your Favorite Films Set in Space?

One of the surprising aspects of the original “Guardians of the Galaxy” was how well it fit into the space opera genre. You can easily place the film alongside others like “Flash Gordon” or even the “Star Wars” films. With the release of the second film this week, it looks like we’re in for more of […]

Community: What are your favorite MONSTER films?

Monster films have been part of the film world since the dawn of cinema. From Godzilla to Mighty Joe Young, and even giant robots, they have fascinated audiences for decades. However, the true king is returning to cinemas this week, with “Kong: Skull Island” roaring onto the screen. The first sighting of Kong was back […]

Community: What are your favorite Horror movie franchises?

With “The Conjuring 2” behind us and “The Purge: Election Year” releasing this week, this summer has already been host to a pair of horror franchises. While the summer is an unusual place to drop scary movies, each franchise has earned its box office cred. With franchise fever on the brain, we want to know […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies with Killer A.I.

We live in an age where there’s a new device, invention or thing created to make life on this planet easier, better and more comfortable. Artificial intelligence is something we’ve come to expect from our machines and it does indeed have a net positive on our lives. However, like all good things too much can […]

Women in Cinema: “The world is round, people.”

Women in Cinema: While everyone has been raving, and deservedly so, about Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar speech, there was another that had me shouting an enthusiastic “Yes!” at my television screen. It was when Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for her flawless work in Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s latest female-centric film about a woman in crisis, […]

Circuit 3: Science Fiction Films

As the odds grow stronger and stronger that Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity might become our first Science Fiction film to win Best Picture (though some, including myself, would argue it is not a genuine sci-fi flick), it seems an appropriate time to discuss the greatest sci-fi films of all time. Sci-fi is right up there with Film Noir as […]

Women in Cinema: The Future for Men Only

How long can information stay relevant before we move on to the next thing?  I ask because seeing as how it’s Friday, my topic may no longer be relevant.  Sci-fi fans waited with bated breath to hear the announcement of the new Doctor, the title character of BBC’s long-running series Doctor Who.  We all know […]

Circuit 3: Sir Ridley Scott

On Friday, November 30th, Sir Ridley Scott turns 75 years old. While he might be best known for his achievements in science fiction cinema, Scott’s films range extensively in backdrop and eras. Born in the town of South Shields, England, Scott would eventually study at the Royal College of Art and go on to work […]