American Idol XIV Recap: Top 4 Perform

The Idol XIV Top 4 really made it difficult for America by delivering some outstanding performances for us to absorb. I’m going to do things a bit differently this week. For Top 4 night, instead of ranking from worst to best like I normally do, I will go through each round of the semifinals, discuss […]

American Idol XIV Recap: Top 7 Perform

Welcome to another week of Idol XIV! The remaining seven contestants put their suits and gowns on as they bravely took on the “American Classics” that helped shape the legacy of music. By the end of the night, a frontrunner was sent packing and a bad taste was left in our mouths after watching a […]

American Idol XIV Recap: Top 8 Girls

Last night the Top 8 Girls took the stage to prove Idol isn’t just a boy’s world. Aside from one heinous Motown cover, seven of the eight girls did better than almost all the guys from the previous evening. The competition has finally begun and a few frontrunners are quickly breaking off from the already […]

American Idol XIV Recap: Top 8 Boys

Nay for the return of Motown Week, but hooray that Idol is dispatching this recycled theme so early in the season. It’s not as though I’ve heard these classics slaughtered before, right? Sarcasm aside, I am pleased to return for another season recapping the most trusted talent show on television. Yes, it took me many […]

American Idol XIII Recap: Rush Week (The Guys)

Welcome to another recap of American Idol XIII. I thought the girls were mildly disappointing in Part 1 of Rush Week, but at least they were an eclectic mix unlike these Top 10 men who ranged from generic to just plain comical. It’s clear that one contestant is so far ahead of the competition in […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 4

Despite sharing the judges’ enthusiasm for prodigal talent Amber Holcomb, their slander and dismissal of Candice Glover on last night’s American Idol really boiled my blood. No contestant walked away unscathed as far as performances go — and don’t even get me started on those yucky duets — but to suggest Candice was in some […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 5

After watching American Idol last night, it’s beyond evident who should be in the final two. In fact, I’ve felt this way since the Top 10. There are two girls that simply outshine the rest with their voice, stage presence, and exemplary taste in music. No way in heck is America going to follow through […]

American Idol Recap: Sudden Death Round, Week One (The Boys)

Last night, American Idol sprung some more talent on us in the form of ten boys from Season 12’s Top 40. The men were nowhere near as stellar as Wednesday’s girl group, but the top five who sailed on through to the next round were all deserving. In an unprecedented, unexpected moment, Thursday’s show introduced us […]

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Part 2 (The Girls)

Welcome back, Idol imbibers! For the second part of Hollywood Week, the girls took center stage and unleashed their powers of musical persuasion in the hopes America would be more impressed than last week’s stellar showing from the guys. Collectively, I believe the men are a stronger group this season, but individually there are some […]

‘American Idol’ Week 2 Wrap-Up: Top 5 to Watch From Charlotte and Baton Rouge

Another week, another feud, another outstanding display of talent in what’s shaping up to be an incredible season of American Idol. Somehow, each new episode either has me laughing, in awe, or incredibly jealous I’m not there in person to get my hair finger-groomed by Nicki Minaj! Okay, that’s a bit overkill but I can’t […]

‘American Idol’ Recap: Reviewing the Top 5

Welcome to the American Idol Top Five Week! With the contestants tackling songs from the best in British music, I’m not sure the producers needed to add another theme of “songs from the 1960s.” Let’s face it: the best music from the 60s WAS from the Brits. Aside from that nonsensical maneuver, four out of […]

‘American Idol’ Recap: Reviewing the Top 6

It was another fantastic week on American Idol except for two individuals who have been pimped enough times by the judges to cause a severe case of indefinite nausea. We’ll get to those two contestants in a minute, but I’m pleased to say that Queen week was a success, and — shockingly, I might add […]

‘American Idol’ Recap: Reviewing the Top 8

The Top 8 on American Idol did their best to cover a wacky and wild decade for music, AKA The 80s. While some had hits, there wasn’t a single performance I would rewind for very long. Oh sure, two in particular definitely threw down the gauntlet but in sum, the songs overshadowed the talent many […]