American Idol Recap: Finale Review

Wow, can you believe American Idol is wrapping up its twelfth season already? I feel like the auditions were just yesterday, and speaking of…from the moment the season began, we had our frontrunner. That never changed, not even after tonight. With a killer conclusion to a very strong season (though not perfect by any means) […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 3

Last night’s American Idol Top 3 showdown was as epic and competitive as we could’ve hoped for. Of course I miss my girl Amber Holcomb, but Kree, Candice and Angie all made such a strong impact yesterday that it would be tough for anyone (including me) to reject their participation this deep in the competition. […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 4

Despite sharing the judges’ enthusiasm for prodigal talent Amber Holcomb, their slander and dismissal of Candice Glover on last night’s American Idol really boiled my blood. No contestant walked away unscathed as far as performances go — and don’t even get me started on those yucky duets — but to suggest Candice was in some […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 5

After watching American Idol last night, it’s beyond evident who should be in the final two. In fact, I’ve felt this way since the Top 10. There are two girls that simply outshine the rest with their voice, stage presence, and exemplary taste in music. No way in heck is America going to follow through […]

American Idol Recap: Reviewing the Top 6

I have to admit, sometimes I have my doubts about American Idol. When I see the show continue to roll out ancient themes that have no relevance to today’s music scene, I begin to understand why ratings are dropping like frogs in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. The Voice, meanwhile, allows freedom of expression and […]

American Idol Season 12 – Top 8 (Detroit Theme) Recap

The Top 8 American Idol hopefuls took the stage tonight taking on the music of Detroit with Motown legend Smokey Robinson in tow to guide them through the process.  This theme and genre has been done countless times on American Idol and hopefully Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe is getting wind of that and will bring […]

American Idol Results – Who’s in the Top 10?

The results show tonight was a little weird.  Host Ryan Seacrest announced to the contestants backstage if they had made the Top 10 in a closed out green room where the audience and the judges could not hear.  After they were announced as a part of the Top 10, they would sing their “victory” song. […]

American Idol Top 20 Result Predictions

The boys and girls took the stage this week for the first set of LIVE shows.  Joseph B. has done a fantastic job doing a recap of the performances and ranking them accordingly.  The producers are setting this up for a girl to take the crown this year but they’ve tried these tactics once before […]

American Idol Season 12 Power Rankings and Preview

American Idol LIVE shows officially kick off next Tuesday!  The Top 20 have been chosen by the judges, with some head-scratching omissions, but does it look like a girl can finally win American Idol since Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.  Staff Writer Joseph Braverman has done an outstanding job thus far recapping each episode and […]

‘American Idol’ Recap: Hollywood Week Pt. 1 (Guys)

Tears, sweat, blood, and shattered pride: This is…Hollywood Week. In what was a first for the long-standing television behemoth, American Idol decided to switch things up by having all the men compete against one another in this grueling yet pivotal round, then whittled down to twenty men standing by the end of the week (the […]

‘American Idol’ Week 2 Wrap-Up: Top 5 to Watch From Charlotte and Baton Rouge

Another week, another feud, another outstanding display of talent in what’s shaping up to be an incredible season of American Idol. Somehow, each new episode either has me laughing, in awe, or incredibly jealous I’m not there in person to get my hair finger-groomed by Nicki Minaj! Okay, that’s a bit overkill but I can’t […]

It’s Official: Steven Tyler Quits Idol Gig…But Who Should Replace Him?

Alas, another one has bitten the dust on American Idol. After signing on for only two seasons of the hit show, Steven Tyler — rock god extraordinaire of “Aerosmith” — calls it quits on his “mistress American Idol before she boils [his] rabbit.” Oh trust me Steven, your rabbit has long been boiled before Idol […]