Good Reads: “Django Unchained” & “Argo”

Hello, welcome to Good Reads where I look into what makes the screenplay winners Oscar worthy. We’ve already discussed the winners of 2014 and 2013, now it’s Tarantino and Terrio’s turn. Next week we’ll look into Midnight In Paris and The Descendants, a rare year which doesn’t include the Best Picture winner (unfortunately). “Django Unchained” […]

No Country for Latin Women at the Oscars

WOMEN IN CINEMA: When it comes to handing out Oscars for acting, the Academy has always maintained gender equality. Female actors are recognized just as their male counterparts are. However, when it comes to Latina/Latina Americans, they are prodigiously under-represented at the Academy Awards. Throughout the Academy Awards’ history – we’re talking back to 1927, […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 2/24)

Well it happened, ladies and gents! Ben Affleck’s mega-popular Argo “Crash“-ed its way to “Best Picture” victory. Just like Paul Haggis’ come-from-behind champion in 2006, Argo took home the very same wins in the very same categories (Picture, Screenplay, and Editing), in addition to being announced the winner by Jack Nicholson yet again. The Crash […]

Oscar 2013: Will Win/Should Win (Mike)

(The annual “Will Win/Should Win” of the Awards Circuit has been our most popular yet most challenging series where each writer let’s their final thoughts be known on the Oscar categories.  Each writer will reveal their choices everyday leading up to the Oscar ceremony.  Think you can do better?  Let your final thoughts be known […]