Paramount Pictures Announces New Comedy: ‘Heavy Duty’ – Josh Gad to Star, Disruption Entertainment to Produce

Paramount Pictures today announced the comedy “HEAVY DUTY,” based on an original idea by Josh Gad (“FROZEN,” “THE WEDDING RINGER”). Gad will star in the film based on the script written by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit (“1600 Penn,” “Super Fun Night”). Disruption Entertainment’s Mary Parent and Cale Boyter will produce with Gad. Drew Pearce (“MISSION: […]


Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to star in Darren Aronofsky’s next project

It’s been a rather interesting couple of days for Jennifer Lawrence. First, the buzz for her role in David O. Russell‘s upcoming Joy got a boost from reports of a positive test screening. Then of course came her on point/powerful remarks about gender inequality and pay discrepancies in Hollywood (which you can and should read […]

Steve Carell Replaces Bruce Willis in Woody Allen’s Next Film

A bit of controversy seemed to be brewing on Woody Allen‘s currently filming next project over the past few days. Shortly after production had begin, it was announced that Bruce Willis was dropping out of the movie, purportedly because of a conflict with his upcoming Broadway work on Misery. That seemed odd, considering he was […]

Full Cast announced for Woody Allen’s next film

Back when I attended the Press Day for Woody Allen‘s latest film Irrational Man (my review of which can be found right here, along with an interview with Parker Posey here), he was asked at a press conference about his next project. Interestingly enough, for a man who normally strings us along for a while […]


Tom Holland is the next Spider-Man, with Jon Watts as his Director

Finally. Our long national nightmare (that very few people seemed especially passionate about) is over folks. Marvel and Sony have not only finally settled on a Peter Parker/Spider-Man, they’ve also hired the director for the stand alone reboot. Yes, reports have Tom Holland emerging from that never ending audition scrum to play your friendly neighborhood […]


Tom Hanks is Clint Eastwood’s choice to play Captain Sully for His Next Film

Could the man who played Captain Richard Phillips be our Captain Sully Sullenberger? Well, if reports are to be believed, Tom Hanks is in fact who director Clint Eastwood wants to play Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in a biopic about the heroic airline pilot. They’re in negotiations right now, but this appears like it will […]


Marvel and Sony at Odds about the Next Spider-Man?

As much as most of us seemed to rejoice when Spider-Man returned to the Marvel fold, it loomed in the back of our mind that this wasn’t a straight integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a joint venture with Sony. As such, it’s probably not surprising that the role of Peter Parker/Spidey is becoming […]


Asa Butterfield is the Newest Spider-Man!

Move over Andrew Garfield. Tobey Maguire who? That’s what the powers that be over at Marvel and Sony are thinking as they’ve settled on the latest actor to portray Peter Parker and his web slinging alter ego. Yes, reports/mostly confirmed rumors have Asa Butterfield as the new high school aged Spider-Man after an extensive search […]

Look at the Shortlist for the Next Possible Spider-Man

Now that we know that the newest incarnation of Spider-Man will again be Peter Parker and not Miles Morales, it seems like we’re closing in on finding out who the wall crawler will be played by. Various sources like this one are reporting that the part could wind up being fought over between Asa Butterfield, […]