Tribeca Film Festival Review: ‘Blame’ Announces Quinn Shephard’s Arrival

2017 Tribeca Film Festival: It goes without saying that Quinn Shephard is an impatient actress. That’s a compliment, too. Unwilling to wait years before making her filmmaking debut, the 22-year-old actress has written, directed, edited and starred in “Blame,” an ambitious high school-set drama. A quadruple threat, any work that Shephard managed here would be […]

Live by Night

CONFIRMED: ‘Live by Night’ to Receive Limited Awards Season Release

Talk about a very busy holiday period. Ben Affleck‘s “Live by Night” has officially been given the go-ahead for a limited release on Christmas, Warner Bros. announced Tuesday. The film will also release wide on Jan. 13 as previously announced. Awards pundits were quick to note that Jan. 13 is similar to the wide release date […]

‘Live by Night’ to Be Released in December, According to Star Elle Fanning

This year’s awards season is already chock-full of exciting potentials, and back in June it seemed Warner Bros. was potentially planning on having a horse in the race with its upcoming Ben Affleck vehicle “Live by Night.” It was announced at the time that the project, which was originally scheduled to be released Oct. 20, 2017, would […]

Ben Affleck’s ‘Live by Night’ Moved Up, Sparks Awards Season Talks

This year’s awards season is already chock-full of exciting potentials such as: Denis Villeneuve‘s “Arrival,” Ang Lee‘s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” Kenneth Lonergan‘s “Manchester By The Sea,” Garth Davis‘ “Lion,” Damien Chazelle‘s “La La Land,” Morten Tyldum‘s “Passengers,” David Frankel‘s “Collateral Beauty,” Jeff Nichols’ “Loving,” and Nate Parker’s “Birth of a Nation,” just to name a few. Now […]

Film Review: Digging for Fire (★★★)

There’s something really pleasurable about watching a new act in a filmmaker’s career. With his new movie Digging for Fire, multi-hyphante Joe Swanberg has fully emerged from his mumblecore beginnings and become an incredibly nimble writer and director. His early works like Hannah Takes the Stairs or Nights and Weekends established his simple aesthetic, but it’s […]

Film Review: Manglehorn (★★★)

Even more so than with last year’s Joe, filmmaker David Gordon Green is going back to his roots in Manglehorn, what might be his most tender movie to date. A character study and meditation on loneliness, Green gets one of the best performances from Al Pacino in some time here, showcasing him in a way […]

Film Review: Alex of Venice (★★★)

After really impressing me in a big way a few years back in Smashed (which I contend should have gotten her an Academy Award nomination), Mary Elizabeth Winstead again turns in a great performance that might fly under the radar. This time, it’s for actor turned director Chris Messina in his filmmaking debut Alex of […]

Film Review: Cake (★★★)

Every once in a while, and admittedly not often enough, an actor or actress opens your eyes to talents you weren’t aware they inhabited.  Over the past few decades, I think of performers like Charlize Theron in “Monster” or Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball” as prime examples.  Joining the elite list is the beautiful and […]

TIFF 2014 Review: Manglehorn (★★★½)

“Never have I felt more alive than when you looked at me,” murmurs the lonely locksmith (Al Pacino) to the night’s abyss, ruminating on a love from decades before. The words are spoken in voiceover and there’s a beer bottle on the horizon that he aims to shoot. Poignancy echoes off of Pacino’s gravelly voice, […]

Critics Choice Television Awards Predictions – Show Airs 6/19 at 8:00pm ET on the CW

Four years ago, the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (the twin Critics’ Choice organization to the Broadcast Film Critics Association) formed their own awards show, the Critics’ Choice Television Awards.  In what might have been designed as a response to the literal dearth of pre-Emmy awards shows, the CCTA have refreshingly evolved into much less of […]

Alex of Venice (★★★)

After really impressing me a few years back in Smashed (which should have gotten her an Academy Award nomination), Mary Elizabeth Winstead again turns in a great performance, this time for actor turned director Chris Messina in the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival entry Alex of Venice. The movie itself is almost mellow to a fault, […]

Palo Alto (★★½)

Tribeca Film Festival: Another in the seemingly endless supply of projects from the unique (to say the least) mind of multi hyphenate James Franco, Palo Alto is an adaptation of Franco’s short stories, written and directed by Gio Coppola, and it’s a very mixed bag. To be fair, in the environment of the 2014 Tribeca […]

Fairhaven (**½)

More often than not, clichés are something to be avoided in cinema. Every so often however, a film can overcome them by either presenting them in a new light or just making strong enough use of them that you simply wind up not minding. Fairhaven is a movie that nearly is able to achieve that […]

Weekend Openings: 1/11/2013

With the New Year’s hangover slowly wearing off and few new stimulants entering circulation, there’s now ample time to catch up on the overload of awards-contending films, with the nationwide release of Zero Dark Thirty finally completing the best picture category.  Expect the box-office to reflect some of the film’s early critical acclaim, especially since […]

Argo (****)

There are few things more pleasurable than to see a filmmaker just get better and better behind the camera, literally evolving before your very eyes. With Ben Affleck and ‘Argo’, you have the added benefit of seeing the actor/writer/director doing the best work of his career in a movie that may just be my favorite […]

TV Review: The Mindy Project (**½)

The Mindy Project pilot that aired last night at first glance might seem like little more than a likable piece of fluff that should entertain the 15-25 yr old, rom com loving audience. But after watching the pilot again today, I was struck by the deft touch of the writing, the great cast and topical issues, […]

The Giant Mechanical Man (**)

Faithful readers of The Awards Circuit know that I can often have a soft spot for quirky indie films, especially romantic comedies. By and large, I like that they give you a slightly different take on old material. My only requirement is that the quirk actually add to the film, and ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’ […]