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Film Review: Best of Enemies (★★★★)

Witness the birth of the modern news media in one of the year's best docs


Historical Circuit: The Times of Harvey Milk (★★★)

Winner of the Best Documentary Feature at the 1985 Academy Awards, Rob Epstein’s The Times of Harvey Milk was recently made available through Fandor as part of...


Film Review: The Look of Silence (★★★)

Though it might not be of particularly strong interest to anyone who hasn’t seen director Joshua Oppenheimer‘s award winning and Academy Award nominated prior...


Film Review: I Am Chris Farley (★★★)

Between the death of Robin Williams and the release of this year’s documentary regarding the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy, Misery Loves Comedy, this year,...


Film Review: Stray Dog (★★★)

After the fairly substantial and at least partially unexpected success of Winter’s Bone a few years ago (including a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards), I...

Hot Girls Wanted

Film Review: Hot Girls Wanted (★★)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a pretty young girl, fresh out of high school, emerges from a bus stop in a big, glamourous city with dreams of stardom and easy...


INTERVIEW: Kevin Pollak talks Directing and ‘Misery Loves Comedy’

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Earlier in the week at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Awards Circuit was invited to take part in an intimate roundtable with actor, comedian, and...


Film Review: Live from New York! (★★★½)

2015 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” has become an institution of American television.  One line that rings profoundly true in Bao Nguyen’s...


Film Review: Seymour: An Introduction (★★★)

More often than not, documentaries tend to be heavy material, so whenever a lighter doc comes along that manages to also be high quality, you want to really celebrate...


Film Review: The Hunting Ground (★★★½)

Much like he did with the Academy Award nominated The Invisible War, documentarian Kirby Dick shines a light on an outraging subject in The Hunting Ground. Here,...


Film Review: We Are the Giant (★★½)

Greg Barker's doc offers inspiring tales from the Arab Spring, but the bigger picture is cloudy


2015 Oscar Circuit: Best Documentary Feature

Our annual look at the individual Oscar categories.  If you miss a piece, click on the tag titled Oscar Circuit 2015.  You can also see the official Oscar...

dinosaur 13

Film Review: Dinosaur 13 (★★★½)

In 1990 palaeontologist Pete Larson and his team excavated the 13th T-Rex skeleton discovered so far. It was the largest and most complete specimen yet. Todd Douglas...


Film Review: Ivory Tower (★1/2)

Is college worth the cost? Seriously, I’m asking for a friend. “Is college worth the cost?” is the semi-subtitle of Andrew Rossi’s padded and uneven documentary,...


Film Review: We Are the Giant (★★★)

Practically every nation has been forged in the fires of revolution. It’s been said that “the revolution will be televised,” and with the rise of...

Citizenfour snowden

Film Review: Citizenfour (★★★½)

Pretty much every single year without fail, a documentary comes along that just seems to really galvanize the pundits and more or less take over the Best Documentary...


Film Review: Harmontown (★★★½)

You may have to already be invested in Dan Harmon before approaching his documentary Harmontown. I discovered his NBC show Community during the season 3 hiatus and fell...

free to play pic

Free To Play (★★★½)

  Video game producer Valve Corporation’s Free To Play is an essential film for documentary lovers and video game enthusiasts. At a light 75 minute running time,...

Art and Craft_huge

Art and Craft (★★½)

"Art and Craft" and its subject, Mark Landis, nail the speak softly part, but the big stick fails to materialize in this pleasant but inconsequential doc

The Internet's Own Boy

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (★★★★)

  On January 11th 2013 Aaron Swartz, an Internet activist who was facing a maximum of 50 years jail time and $1 million fine for the crime of illegally downloading...


To Be Takei (★★★)

Depending on who you are and likely how old you are, George Takei is representative of something very different in your life. To some, he’s merely a former Star...


Deepsea Challenge 3D (★★½)

One of the more undeniably immersive documentaries of this sort to hit theaters in some time (partially due to the use of 3D, I’ll admit to that), Deepsea...


A Talk about the Power of Music in ‘Alive Inside’

A documentary that manages to be a crowd pleaser while also educating, Alive Inside is a unique little thing. It’s also pretty important and perhaps even a vital...


Life Itself (★★★★)

Roger Ebert meant so much to the entire film community and when it was announced that there would be a documentary about his life and struggle after cancer, nearly every...

Meet the Patels

Meet the Patels (★★★½)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL 2014: There will be no funnier or more endearing documentary this year than Meet the Patels.  Ravi and Geeta Patel are brother and sister...