Film Review: ‘Weiner’ is a riveting and timely political documentary

I try to avoid hyperbole whenever possible, but I sincerely believe that Anthony Weiner is one of the most enthralling subjects of a political documentary that I’ve ever seen. He’s a classical tragic character, only thrust into shame due to modern technology. Weiner is a doc that leans into this, almost by accident, making for […]


Film Review: Above and Below (★★★)

Early on in our introduction to Cindy – one of the five main characters in Nicolas Steiner’s documentary Above and Below – we see her hauling a discarded couch to restore her living room after the latest rain showers have decimated the makeshift home she shares with her partner Rick. She lives in a tunnel […]


Film Review: Song of Lahore (★★★½)

Song of Lahore couldn’t be timelier after the tragic events in Paris this week. Then again, you could say Song of Lahore has been timely for nearly a decade, or however long fears about the Middle East have existed. A musical documentary in the vein of the Oscar-winning 20 Feet From Stardom, Song of Lahore […]


Film Review: The Russian Woodpecker (★★★★)

Conspiracy theories are in right now. Okay, maybe they never went away but it seems as if there’s a conspiracy theory associated with almost everything in today’s day and age. Just go the down rabbit hole of The Pixar Theory or watch Fox News as proof that nearly anything can have hidden plotting going on. On first […]

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Film Review: Janis: Little Girl Blue (★★½)

Janis Joplin’s songs were described by critics as “desperate mating calls” dripping with a need for sex and a desire for love, all of which is depicted in Amy Berg’s latest documentary on the singer, Janis: Little Girl Blue. Joplin remains one of the most enigmatic singers of the time, and though Berg doesn’t give […]


Film Review: Tab Hunter Confidential (★★★½)

To many, Tab Hunter’s name doesn’t inspire any recognition. But for those who enjoy obscure and studio era cinema, Hunter’s both an intriguing outcast who made quite the career comeback through the work of John Waters, as well as the perfect representation of the 1950s leading man. Hot on the heels of the Orry-Kelly documentary, Women He’s […]


Film Review: He Named Me Malala (★★★½)

At only 18 years old, she has already become a New York Times best-selling author, an international spokesperson for human rights and education activist for women and children, is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever – receiving the prestigious award at the remarkable age of 17 – and has been featured in Time magazine’s […]


Film Review: Finders Keepers (★★★½)

Finders Keepers is the best comedy of tragic idiots that the Coen brothers never had the chance to make. It’s certainly not the most important documentary of the year, and it might not end up being the best, but it’ll most likely be the most entertaining. Though even while it makes you laugh from the farcical nature […]


Film Review: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (★★★½)

The best documentaries inspire change while bemoaning our inability to comprehend and learn from past precedence. This is no more clearly presented than in Stanley Nelson’s examination of the formation, and implosion of the Black Panther Party in the documentary, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. Revealing the suppressed history of the movement to […]


Film Review: Becoming Bulletproof (★★★½)

Kids grow up dreaming of becoming the impossible. A ballerina, an astronaut, a movie star. For myself, there wasn’t an epiphany where I realized I would never achieve those dreams, but a slow realization that, in spite of my disability, I wouldn’t become the things I dreamed because of my physical limitations. I mean, there’s […]