New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (03/14/17) – Sturdy ‘Fences’ And Underrated ‘Passengers’

This week, a trio of Oscar nominated titles his Blu-Ray and DVD. They happen to be a varied bunch in “Elle,” “Fences,” and “Passengers“. That makes today one of those days with something for everyone. Don’t believe me? Just see below for proof! PICK OF THE WEEK “Passengers” Unfairly maligned upon release, this space set […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (02/21/17) – Oscar Nominees Galore

This week, a treasure trove of Oscar-nominated films come to Blu-ray and DVD. Quality trumps quantity on a day like this, but you’ll never hear complaints about that. As such, let us dive right in and see what’s hitting shelves! PICK OF THE WEEK “Manchester by the Sea” One of 2016’s most emotional endeavors, Kenneth […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (01/31/17) – Jack Reacher Returns

This week, there’s another installment of Tom Cruise‘s “Jack Reacher” franchise leading the slate of Blu-ray and DVD titles. Aside from that? It’s another rough group, overall. Today is once again a good day to check out the Vintage pick! PICK OF THE WEEK “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” Jack Reacher isn’t an especially modern cinematic […]

emily blunt

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (01/17/17) – Emily Blunt in Best Actress?

This week, there’s another sorry slate of Blu-ray and DVD titles. The saving grace is really only the opportunity to revisit an Emily Blunt performance gaining late Oscar attention. Other than that, it’s rough. Today’s a day to really value the Vintage pick! PICK OF THE WEEK “The Girl on the Train” Emily Blunt could […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (12/27/16) – American Whistleblowers and Youths

This week, two very different sorts of American films hit Blu-ray and DVD, making for an unusual pairing. One looks at notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden, while the other looks at modern alternative youth. They come together today, along with some other titles to form an eclectic slate. There’s some solid quality in addition to quantity, […]


New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (12/20/16) – Miracle on the Hudson

This week, the dramatic version of the Miracle on the Hudson hits Blu-ray/DVD, along with a few other things of note. The Tom Hanks-starring biopic is obviously today’s big ticket item, to say the least. There are other things hitting shelves, but there’s no comparison. Furthermore, it’s worth stating that “Sully” is just a high […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (11/29/16) – Big Friendly Dragons and Giants

This week, some large friendly Disney characters hit Blu-ray/DVD, along with a rather dastardly blind man. It all makes for an eclectic crop of titles hitting shelves today. Last week offered some great gift ideas in advance of Black Friday, like “Hell or High Water,” for example. This time around, there’s some potential as well. […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (11/01/16) – Go ‘Beyond’

This week, we have a solid science fiction sequel hitting Blu-Ray/DVD, along with a few other interesting titles. Beyond the main selection of mine, pun intended, there’s a raunchy comedy, an Oscar hopeful documentary and more. Overall, it’s a solid grouping today for your purchasing/viewing pleasure. My top pick was one of the summer’s big […]

New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (10/25/16) – A ‘Fantastic’ Viewing Option

This week, the puns are unavoidable, as there’s a “Fantastic” option coming to Blu-ray/DVD. Yes, I’m talking about “Captain Fantastic.” It’s one of a handful of titles hitting shelves today, and it’s one that really stands tall above the rest. The slate isn’t going to blow anyone away, but one strong top pick could. For […]