EXCLUSIVE: Director Bruce McDonald Talks Influences, Pop Culture, the Canadian Film Scene, Music and His New Film, ‘Weirdos’

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: Director Bruce McDonald has been one of the most prominent indie voices in Canadian cinema for the past three decades. He is known for his love for pop culture and aptitude for cheekiness in his films. His filmography spans far and wide, covering a plethora of diverse genres and themes. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Ott and Cory Zacharia Discuss ‘California Dreams’ – See it at SXSW!

2017 Berlin Critics’ Week: The ambitious docufiction, “California Dreams,” which is already garnering critical praise, debuted in Berlin. I had a chance to interview director Mike Ott and the film’s star, Cory Zacharia, who, essentially, played himself in the film. We discussed where the documentary ended and the fiction began, Ott’s influence for this idea, […]

Berlinale Review: Steve Coogan’s Career-Best Performance Saves ‘The Dinner’ From Falling Apart

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: Writer and director Oren Moverman is no stranger to intense subject matters. The Tel Aviv, Israel native was the mastermind behind “The Messenger,” a film which catapulted Ben Foster into superstardom, about the men in the United States military who are assigned to give the unfortunate news of soldiers’ deaths to their families. […]

Quartet (***)

AFI Festival: Shifting from acting shoes to directing shoes, Dustin Hoffman makes his directing debut with Quartet (2012), starring Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, and Michael Gambon. Quartet is a touching comedy about the lives of retired opera singers, musicians, and the like, living in a retirement home and reuniting with old […]

Pieta (***)

Latin for compassion, Pieta (2012) is a dark dramatic thriller, filled with volatile emotions, and people of monstrous intentions. The protagonist is a debt collector who prefers to cripple and torment those who are in debt. With a long list of people who want revenge on him, a woman appears, out if the blue, claiming […]

The Central Park Five (****)

AFI Festival: The Central Park Five (2012) is a documentary about when law enforcement blamed one of New York’s most well-known crimes on five boys. The filmmakers, angered by the injustice, called into question whether or not the authorities that the public thinks are there to enforce the law really does that. Based on the true accounts of the […]