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Film Review: Straight Outta Compton (★★★★)

“It’s the film of my generation.”  I uttered that exact phrase to my wife following what was one of the most vibrant experiences in a theater in some...


Film Review: Cop Car (★★½)

When director Jon Watts was tapped for the upcoming Spider Man film you probably had same reaction as me (and most people), “Who’s that?” It seems the...


Film Review: Prince (★★★)

The most notable recent Dutch contributions to cinema is a bleak slate – not for their quality, but for their content, including many of Lars Von Trier’s...


Film Review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (★★★½)

Despite my devotion to pre-1970s films, I lack the same interest in classic television. So though I’ve heard of the 1964 television series The Man From...


Film Review: Fort Tilden (★★★)

It took a while for Fort Tilden to finally hit theaters, but the 2014 SXSW Grand Jury Award winner is finally here, and its upcoming August release couldn’t have...


Film Review: Best of Enemies (★★★★)

Witness the birth of the modern news media in one of the year's best docs


Film Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (★★½)

If you watched the latest installment of ScreenJunkies “Honest Trailers” series, then you know the ground the Mission: Impossible films tread is well worn to...

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Film Review: Ardor (★★★)

John Maclean already claimed the title Slow West for his Michael Fassbender-starrer this summer, but there’s another Western in theaters that fits the bill even...


Film Review: Fan Girl (★★½)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: Here’s the thing about Fan Girl – it’s great if you like the band All Time Low rather than if you like its appealing cast....


Film Review: French Dirty (★★★½)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: The joy of film festivals are their personal ventures you won’t see in the multiplex. Here, filmmakers weave home video footage into their...


Film Review: Trainwreck (★★★½)

The comedic brilliance of female actresses is no secret to the industry.  People like Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, even veterans like Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep...


Film Review: The Look of Silence (★★★)

Though it might not be of particularly strong interest to anyone who hasn’t seen director Joshua Oppenheimer‘s award winning and Academy Award nominated prior...


Film Review: Irrational Man (★★★)

Every so often, Woody Allen chooses to repeat himself in one way or another. With his latest outing Irrational Man, he is sort of crossing his own streams between...


Film Review: Court (★★★)

The late Roger Ebert is famously quoted as saying “the movies are like a machine that generates empathy.” He believed that cinema possessed an unmatched...


Film Review: In The Treetops (★★★)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: Teenage ennui is frequently a risky move for compelling cinema. Written, directed and starring Matthew Brown, not far from his teenage years...


Film Review: Stealing Cars (★★½)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: Winner of the new Zeitgeist Award at the L.A. Film Festival, Stealing Cars feels like if Starred Up wanted to be Cool Hand Luke featuring...


Film Review: Frank & Cindy (★★★)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: I’m never one to mind a self-indulgent film. A personal touch usually resonates with me more than something written as an assignment....


Film Review: The Confines (★★½)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: It takes a lot for a horror film to win me over unless it’s infused with a satirical streak of comedy. Great stories are hard to find, and...


Film Review: People Places Things (★★★)

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL: People Places Things isn’t really about people, places or things. That’s a grand statement. It’s much more specific. It’s about the...

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Film Review: Magic Mike XXL (★★★½)

Just like Magic Mike turned out to be a surprisingly deep and satisfying film about the quest for the American Dream through the art of male stripping, Magic Mike XXL...


Film Review #3: Inside Out (★★★½)

Pixar’s look inside the human mind is one of the studios most original and complex ideas, filled with bright colors and candy for the kids

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AFI Docs Film Review: Listen to Me Marlon (★★½)

Marlon Brando is best remembered in the roles he made iconic, which Stevan Riley's documentary, using never before heard recordings, struggles to live up to


Film Review #2: Inside Out (★★½)

Remember when you hated being the first to finish your test during class? You thought you easily had all the answers wrong – why else would YOU be the first done?...


Film Review: Felt (★★)

Film Review: For better or worse, the psychological thriller/über-feminist film “Felt” is undeniably unforgettable. The collaborative effort between...

Inside Out

Film Review: Inside Out (★★★½)

The buzz has been huge for Pixar’s latest venture about the mind of a little girl and the emotions that live within her.  Writer/directors Pete Docter and Ronaldo...