Film Review: ‘Weiner’ is a riveting and timely political documentary

I try to avoid hyperbole whenever possible, but I sincerely believe that Anthony Weiner is one of the most enthralling subjects of a political documentary that I’ve ever seen. He’s a classical tragic character, only thrust into shame due to modern technology. Weiner is a doc that leans into this, almost by accident, making for […]


Film Review: ‘The Nice Guys’ is an absolute riot

At this point, I think Shane Black is probably the current master of the buddy cop formula. Especially after he transitioned from writing solid entries into the genre like Lethal Weapon to writing and directing an excellent one with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it’s fair to anoint Black as such. Now, having seen The Nice […]

18_ma ma

Film Review: Penelope Cruz breathes life into grim cancer drama ‘Ma ma’

As Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett – the character played by Taryn Manning in Orange is the New Black – can attest, there’s a difference between pain and suffering. “Pain is always there, but suffering is a choice.” These wise words (taken from that series’ recent trailer) are definitely relevant to the plot of Julio Medem’s latest […]

Thalente Biyela in I AM THALENTE - Courtesy of Seed & Spark

Film Review: ‘I Am Thalente’ Documents a Skateboarding Prodigy Tenderly

As is proven every year during awards season, the next star can come from the most unexpected places. That’s certainly true of the subject of Natalie Johns‘ new documentary I Am Thalente. This inspiring film takes us from the streets of South Africa and across the Atlantic as we watch the talented young skateboarder Thalente […]


Cannes Film Review: ‘Café Society’ Proves Another Hit for Woody Allen and Kristen Stewart

Legendary filmmaker Woody Allen is often cited, both positively and negatively, for cribbing liberally from his own back catalogue. With his latest outing Café Society, which just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, he’s instead opted to utilize the feel of his prior works, with fantastic results. Not only is this just a supremely entertaining […]

Apocalypse doesn't quite live up to his fearsome reputation (Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

Film Review: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ proves franchise is losing steam

Ladies and gentlemen of comic book fandom, I regret to inform you that despite a consistent level of watchable superhero mayhem, this once-beloved franchise is finally showing some wear and tear. After the narrative cleansing in X-Men: Days of Future Past, you’d assume Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse would be skipping along with a re-energized sense of […]

Best friendship at its finest (Image courtesy of Wolfe Video)

Film Review: ‘Those People’ is a Queer Cinema modern classic

Joey Kuhn’s affectingly realistic Those People is queer cinema’s best film since 2013’s intoxicating Blue is the Warmest Color. Here is a movie that refuses to sink like quicksand into tropes that have long held back the gay community from being taken seriously onscreen. Caricatures, over-exaggerated emotions befitting a soap opera and raunchy hormonal expression […]

captain american 1

Film Review: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Raises the Bar for the MCU

Should one feel guilty for enjoying a bloated blockbuster which packs in so many superheroes that you’re practically watching life-size action figures engage in every man-child’s battle royale fantasy? When it’s written and directed by individuals with a clear understanding of how to effortlessly blend humor, adrenaline-pumped action and multiple character arcs with depth befitting […]


Film Review: Men & Chicken (★★★)

You can always count on the Scandinavians to shake up the arthouse with their warped sense of humor. Arriving stateside by way of Denmark is Men & Chicken, the new black comedy from writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen. Starring an unrecognizable Mads Mikkelsen, this bizarre film will make you laugh, gasp and turn up your nose […]


Film Review: L’ATTESA (The Wait) (★★★)

Italian director Piero Messina has graduated from his mentor’s tutelage – Paolo Sorrentino of The Great Beauty fame — with his stunning debut feature, the piercingly tragic L’attesa (The Wait). Like many new filmmakers looking to impress, Messina is guilty of overtly stylizing to an unnecessary degree, especially given how fundamentally simple his premise is. […]


Film Review: Viva (★★★)

Known for its vintage cars, prized cigars and salsa-infused nightlife, Havana has been the setting of choice for many a film. For Paddy Breathnach’s Viva however, Havana nights are all about the glitz, glamour and power ballads of the drag club. In this surprise gem of the 2015 Telluride Film Festival, a young man finds […]


Tribeca Film Review: The Meddler (★★★)

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: An enjoyable dramedy that also puts forward the rare romantic subplot featuring actors not in their 20’s or 30’s, The Meddler has something a bit unique to offer the marketplace. One of the more crowd pleasing efforts I’ve seen at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, it works best as a vehicle for […]


Film Review: Above and Below (★★★)

Early on in our introduction to Cindy – one of the five main characters in Nicolas Steiner’s documentary Above and Below – we see her hauling a discarded couch to restore her living room after the latest rain showers have decimated the makeshift home she shares with her partner Rick. She lives in a tunnel […]