most hated woman in america

Film Review: ‘The Most Hated Woman in America’ Doesn’t Inspire Much Feeling

Melissa Leo is a force of nature. She’s powerful, commanding and hard to control. In her Oscar-winning role as hard-edged boxing matriarch Alice in “The Fighter,” Leo chewed up enough scenery to upstage A-list actors at the top of their game, such as Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. That director, David O. Russell, […]

Historical Review: Bel Powley Carries ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’ on Her Shoulders

The autobiographical graphic novel, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl,” written by Phoebe Gloeckner, was adapted by Marielle Heller, who wrote the screenplay and directed the film of the same name. Refreshingly, “Diary” has sweeping, elegant shots of some of San Francisco’s lesser known views, perspectives and sceneries. Heller did a fine job of taking the viewer […]

EXCLUSIVE: R-Rating and Violence in ‘Logan’ Defended by Mangold, Jackman, Stewart and Kinberg

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: During the first press conference of “Logan” after its world premiere at The Berlinale, Mangold, stars Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman and producer Simon Kinberg justified the film’s violent nature. Mangold made an important distinction between making a film and watching a film, highlighted the paradox of some of […]

Beauty and the Beast duet

Film Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Shines In Diversity But Missteps in Originality

Walt Disney Pictures continues its stride to have diversity and inclusion in their films that reflect our growing and changing world. There are elements where their latest adaptation of the animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” gets upgraded by stunning visuals, but mirrored with some carbon copy replicas of the Oscar-nominated original, it tends to […]

Film Review: In ‘Table 19,’ Russell, Kendrick and an Adept Ensemble Add to the Duplass Brothers’ Nonpareil Filmographies

“Table 19“ is further proof that the Duplass brothers can do no wrong. Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass have consistently consummated what very few filmmakers have been able to do in their careers: they have complete creative control over all of their projects. They have joined independent royalty along the likes of Richard Linklater, Quentin Tarantino and […]

Film Review: ‘Contemporary Color’ Is an Eye-Catching Introduction to Color Guard

What is Color Guard? That is the question frequently asked throughout “Contemporary Color,” the new documentary from directors Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross. In defining this unique cross between modern dance and cheerleading, the duo lets its inherent beauty speak for itself. Turning the cameras towards a one-of-a-kind event, they crafted a concert film […]

Frank & Lola

Film Review: Occasionally Lazy Storytelling in ‘Frank & Lola’ Is Overcome by Shannon and Poots’s Chemistry

Michael Shannon is one of the best actors working today. He is not somebody that chooses his roles recklessly just to earn a paycheck. He is a thespian devoted to his craft. At first glance, one might think “Frank & Lola” is somewhat of a peculiar choice for Shannon, especially since he is putting his trust in first […]

Berlinale Review: ‘Logan’ Redefines a Tired Genre by Diminishing Excesses and Finding Its Humanity

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: A visceral, violent, sensitive and heartbreaking film, “Logan” overwhelmingly exceeds the hype. James Mangold‘s second entry into the standalone “Wolverine” franchise marks Hugh Jackman‘s last time dawning the now-iconic adamantium claws. The tone of “Logan” is set immediately, with the film’s setting portrayed as a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the year […]

EXCLUSIVE: Stanley Tucci and Armie Hammer Discuss Art, Food, Stardom, Politics and ‘Final Portrait’

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: After the premiere of “Final Portrait,” which was extremely well-received at audience and press screenings alike last weekend, I had the opportunity to discuss all things art, food, inspiration, stardom, politics and activism, as well as the film industry narrative shift toward streaming services and the making of “Final Portrait” with Stanley […]

Berlin Critics’ Week Review: ‘California Dreams’ Is an Ambitious Blend of Documentary and Fiction

2017 Berlin Critics’ Week: From director Mike Ott (“Actor Martinez,” “Lake Los Angeles”), “California Dreams,” a docu-comedy, is one of the first of its kind. It is wonderfully funny, bleak and depressing, blending fiction with reality; the film uses real people not trained actors. It stars Cory Zacharia and follows the lives of five people – Cory, Patrick, Neil, Kevin (A Dog […]

Berlinale Review: ‘Weirdos’ Is a Beautiful Coming-of-Age Ode to the 1970s and American Counter-Culture

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: “We are all weirdos. That’s what makes us beautiful.” This quote from the film, “Weirdos” by Bruce McDonald (“Pontypool,”Roadkill”) consummately encapsulates the main theme of this eclectic period piece. Set in 1976 Nova Scotia, Canada, on the cusp of America’s bicentennial, the film follows two days in the life of two teenagers who embark […]

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ‘Vaya’ Director Akin Omotoso

2017 Berlin International Film Festival: After outstanding critical reception following its Toronto International Film Festival and its premiere last week at the Berlin International Film Festival (or “The Berlinale”) on Feb. 11, “Vaya” is on pace to be a festival circuit hit, and might even garner major awards attention as the year progresses. Awards Circuit had the chance […]