Hana Kimi Manga

A Remake-able Idea?

I’m very much against Americans remaking foreign films because of the horrible results that come about; major tanks that deserve mentioning include ‘The Departed’ which was inspired by ‘Infernal Affairs’ (2002) and ‘Godzilla’ (1998). That is to say, I’m not against foreign films inspiring American films. When the term ‘remake’ is used, most people think […]

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston Reportedly Cast as Lex Luthor in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel?

I don’t think Bryan Cranston will drum up the same reaction that Ben Affleck did last week about his casting.  Cosmic Book News is reporting the Emmy-winning star of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” has been cast as Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel that will feature Superman and Batman sharing a […]

Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Preview

Tomorrow morning, the Critics Choice Awards will bestow their nominees for the world to see.  While it might sound biased, I very much respect the organization’s choices more times than not.  While their known for predicting the outcome of the Academy Awards, they do reward powerful and eclectic cinema when everyone else seems to be ignoring. Last […]

Lore (***½)

Unlike the one-sided views of the tormented Holocaust victims and their suffering during Hitler’s terrifying reign, ‘Lore’ brings the audiences into the lives of a German family after the removal of Hitler from power. Winner of countless film festivals and an official selection for the 2013 Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Language Film, […]

Oscar Question of the Day – Comedy is No Laughing Matter

On the Awards Circuit Power Hour this week, one of our esteemed readers asked why David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook was not being considered the one to beat in the Oscar race?  Was it the comedy genre factor or the likes of Argo, Lincoln, and Les Miserables trumping its parade?  It seemed unanimous that comedy […]

Oscar Question of the Day – The Movie Musical

With Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables about to seen by the first set of eyes this coming Friday, many pundits predict this could be the first musical nominated for Best Picture since Rob Marshall’s Chicago (2002). The question I pose to our readership today is which movie musical would you have nominated for Best Picture but […]

Box Office (11.18.12)

What an extravagant change in the charts! For most of the week, Skyfall (Sony) placed #1 daily and over all in American box offices, grossing over $117 million. Wreck-It Ralph (BV) managed to hold onto #2, followed by Flight (Par.) and then Argo (WB). Staying at #5, Taken 2 (Fox) is followed by Cloud Atlas […]

This is 40 (***)

Something has happened to Judd Apatow since he busted onto the scene with The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005).  Apatow has never had a real problem with entertaining and his writing has always been at the very least average to say the least if at times juvenile or unfocused.  In his newest film This is […]

Two Lead Contenders on Lionsgate Awards Plate

When the Lionsgate Awards site went LIVE today and listed their slate of contenders involving Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fisher Stevens’ Stand Up Guys, Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, Nicholas Jarecki’s Arbitrage, and J.A. Bayona’s The Impossible, I started to analyze how this year could pan out for smaller films that […]

Samsara (***½)

A cinematographically brilliant documentary film meant to be a guided meditation filled with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful performances over the span of 58 countries, Samsara (2012) defines the world by its very meaning, impermanence. Referring to the life cycles in the ever-changing world we live in, Samsara contains a series of comparisons between desolate images […]

New Look and Looking Forward To ‘Iron Man 3’

A great poster for a story that needs no introduction. Well designed, giving nothing away, this poster is clear and to the point, without anything frivolous to distract the eyes, which are all on Tony Stark, as he looks on at his creations looking back at him. Like his suits of armor, that which keeps […]

Andy Serkis to Make Directorial Debut in Animal Farm Adaptation

Having mastered the ground-breaking art of motion capture acting in iconic character roles, Andy Serkis now turns his focus to directing.  The actor, whose memorable performances as the gargantuan King Kong, the intelligent Caesar from The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and of course, the legendary Gollum, plans to use his familiarity with […]

The Four (****)

Action packed, thrilling, and very beautifully shot, “The Four” takes the audience into the corrupt world of those who seek power attempting to overthrow those in power. Like an old story unfolding on the screen, the audience gets the lay of the land during the opening credits. Much like the beginning sequence of credits for […]

Women in Horror: Janet Leigh

Psycho is by far one of the best horror films ever made. Scream queen of the week, Janet Leigh, is one of the most memorable scream queens in the horror genre. Earning herself an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Leigh was given the difficult task of aiding Alfred Hitchcock in changing film. Up […]