Awards Speculation: Female-Centric Films to Look Forward To in 2017

Every year, news outlets point to a film or media study to underscore the case that the entertainment industry is overcoming systemic practices of sexism. Last year, the female-led “Ghostbusters” reboot got people excited about the progressive steps studios were taking to end patriarchy in Hollywood. Around the same time, journalists were quick to point […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 196: Memorial Day Special Talking “In or Out” with Sequels and Future Films

Welcome to another edition of the Awards Circuit Power Hour, our weekly podcast diving deep into all things film, television, and entertainment. On the agenda: Talking the best and worst of the Memorial Day films. Are we “IN” or “OUT” on certain future films coming to a theater near you? Games and questions LIKE Us […]

A Remake-able Idea?

I’m very much against Americans remaking foreign films because of the horrible results that come about; major tanks that deserve mentioning include ‘The Departed’ which was inspired by ‘Infernal Affairs’ (2002) and ‘Godzilla’ (1998). That is to say, I’m not against foreign films inspiring American films. When the term ‘remake’ is used, most people think […]

Lore (***½)

Unlike the one-sided views of the tormented Holocaust victims and their suffering during Hitler’s terrifying reign, ‘Lore’ brings the audiences into the lives of a German family after the removal of Hitler from power. Winner of countless film festivals and an official selection for the 2013 Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Language Film, […]

Samsara (***½)

A cinematographically brilliant documentary film meant to be a guided meditation filled with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful performances over the span of 58 countries, Samsara (2012) defines the world by its very meaning, impermanence. Referring to the life cycles in the ever-changing world we live in, Samsara contains a series of comparisons between desolate images […]

The Four (****)

Action packed, thrilling, and very beautifully shot, “The Four” takes the audience into the corrupt world of those who seek power attempting to overthrow those in power. Like an old story unfolding on the screen, the audience gets the lay of the land during the opening credits. Much like the beginning sequence of credits for […]