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  • Historical Circuit
    Circuit Rewind: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    It's been ten years since our last 'Star Wars' outing, so in celebration of May the fourth,...

  • Television
    The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.19: The Skywalker Incursion

    A trip to Skywalker Ranch and a battle for Doctor Who's Tardis fill this week's episode of...

  • Festivals
    2015 Tribeca Film Festival to have talks with Christopher Nolan, George Lucas, and more

    Check out the exciting press release below… 2015 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL® ANNOUNCES LINEUP OF TRIBECA TALKS® SERIES...

  • Award Profile
    Awards Profile: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    Welcome to the 2015 Awards Profiles series.  For the next two months, every day (except for Saturday), we will...

  • Interview
    INTERVIEW: Ben Snow, NOAH’s VFX Supervisor and Oscar Contender

    Ben Snow is a four-time Oscar nominee and best known for his work on Pearl Harbor, Star...

  • News
    From ‘Trek’ to ‘Wars’ – JJ Abrams signs on for new Star Wars film

    Well folks, we finally have a director for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film due out in 2015.  JJ Abrams, director of Super 8 (2011) and the reboot of Star Trek (2009), has been confirmed by The Wrap to be helming the next film in the epic saga.

  • Article
    Who should direct ‘Star Wars Episode VII’?

    Something that many never thought would ever happen is going on in Hollywood right now. Yes, ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ is in pre-production, and it’s not even being fully brought to us by George Lucas. We’re all aware by now that Oscar winner Michael Arndt has been hired to pen the script,...

  • News
    Oscar-Winning Scribe Michael Arndt to Pen New Star Wars Film

    Moving quickly after the news of the seemingly earth-shattering acquisition, Disney and LucasFilm have confirmed that Michael Arndt will write Star Wars: Episode VII.  LucasFilm posted a brief blog posting on Star on Friday confirming the news:

  • Article
    “Did You Know?” Episode 4: They Always Forget About Me

    When was the last time you saw a movie director younger than thirty strike gold in Hollywood, with film earnings of over $100 million? Let’s face the facts: Hollywood is an old man’s playground, and only through experience, a buildup of contacts, and a gradual respect by the major studios are you...

  • Article
    Best of the Decades: 1980s

    The great and the good films of the eighties were often box office failures, re-discovered within a few years by audiences and critics on video, as home entertainment brought a whole new world to audiences and the movies. Suddenly audiences could watch the films at home, on their TV by renting a...

  • Film Reviews
    Side by Side (***½)

    If you love the movies, you owe it to yourself to see ‘Side by Side’. This documentary on the past, present, and future of cinema filtered aptly through the lens of the celluloid vs. digital debate is engrossing, entertaining, and vital. Somehow, filmmaker Christopher Kenneally and producer/interviewer/narrator Keanu Reeves manage to not...

  • Film Reviews
    Red Tails (**½)

    ‘Red Tails’ is one half of a decently good film. When the historical action flick is in the air chronicling dogfights, things are A-ok. However, when it is on the ground and dealing with its actual characters, things take a distinct turn for the worse. The good half isn’t quite good enough...

  • Weekend Openings
    Weekend Openings (January 20-22)

    Welcome to another January weekend at the movies. This week, we have three new major releases, and two Oscar buzzed films expanding wide. Underworld: Awakening, Red Tails, and Haywire are the new releases which are hitting nearly 3,000 theaters across the nation. Oscar frontrunner, The Artist, is expanding to 637 theaters while...

  • Article
    Directors of the 70’s: Still Showing ‘Em How It’s Done

    One can easily imagine Paul Thomas Anderson, the Brothers Coen, Kathryn Bigelow, David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky or Alexander Payne sitting in theatres in the seventies and eighties and watching the work of the masters of their generation, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, William Friedkin, Terence Malick, or Francis Ford Coppola. The...