Box Office (10.28.12)

The ever-changing box office never ceases to amaze as movies are released around the holidays. The first noticeable difference earlier this week was Taken 2 (Fox Studios) falling off its number 1 spot on the international charts and, mostly, being replaced by Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount Studios), but that only lasted a couple days before Taken 2 […]

Holy Motors (***½)

It’s not especially easy to make sense of ‘Holy Motors’, a dreamscape of a movie that thumbs its nose at traditional structure and storytelling while still captivating you at all turns, but I’ll certainly try. Leos Carax’s film is all at once a love letter to acting, movies, the city of Paris, and even the […]

Holy Motors (*½)

Since its début at Cannes, Leos Carax’s Holy Motors has earned an impressive array of recommendations from some of the industry’s most respected critics. Its beguiling mix of intrigue, A-list cameos and French eccentricity has had some viewers tripping over themselves with abundant praise, and the rave reviews have poured in. Sadly it appears Holy […]