Oscar Rematch: ‘Chinatown’ vs. ‘Day for Night’

In this week’s Oscar rematch we’re talking about one of the best film noir’s of all-time going once again with one of the best films about filmmaking of all-time. Roman Polanski’s ‘Chinatown’ and Francois Truffaut’s ‘Day for Night’ were both nominated for Best Original Screenplay back in 1975 with Robert Towne’s script for ‘Chinatown’ named […]


Circuit Madness Final Two Voting Open! – Daniel Day-Lewis vs. Jack Nicholson

We’re finally here!  The Circuit Madness final vote of the season.  Two breathtaking Lead Actor winners pitted against each other. Jack Nicholson won his first of three Academy Awards for his stunning work in Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” which five Oscars overall.  He’ll take on Daniel Day-Lewis’ second Academy Award winning […]


Circuit Madness Final Four Games Begin! Nicholson vs. Hopkins and Day-Lewis vs. DeNiro

We’re near the end of Circuit Madness and we’re down to the final four Lead Actor winners.  These are two of the most competitive matches we’ve ever had in the tournament.  Make sure to choose your winners and listen to the Awards Circuit Power Hour for the results. Whoopi Region Winner vs. Crystal Region Winner […]


Good Reads: “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” & “Dog Day Afternoon”

The second instalment of ‘Good Reads’ takes us back to 1975 with two classics winning the top screenplay prizes. Adapted: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Bo Goldman and Lawrence Hauben (based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Ken Kesey) and original: Dog Day Afternoon, written by Frank Pierson. (links […]


Ten Greatest Performances of All Time (Mark Johnson)

When considering the greatest screen performances of all time, you have to acknowledge the fact that not all eras in film were created equal. Before Constantin Stanislavski’s Method Acting  – later adapted by the great Lee Strasberg – revolutionized the way thespians portrayed their characters on screen – with emotion being at the forefront of the performance […]


Top Ten Greatest Performances of All-Time (Michael Balderston)

I hate the word ‘greatest’ when it comes to making a list like this. The word is so definitive for something so imprecise and personal. I have loved reading all the lists from my fellow Awards Circuit staffers because they picked some great performances that didn’t spring to mind for me initially, but definitely deserve […]

Oscar Question

Six Spot #7: Best Actor 1997

Welcome back to The Six Spot! In case you missed last week’s 2007 Best Director Six Spot, you can catch it here. This week, in honor of ACCA 1997, we dive into the 1997 Best Actor race (thanks to Terence for his persistent suggestion of this Six Spot idea). The last time we saw the […]


Jack Nicholson Retires from Acting Due to Memory Loss?

UPDATE (9:46pm) – Maria Shriver as confirmed that Jack Nicholson is not retiring from acting and is actively reading scripts.  Times are good again. UPDATE: Several sources are reporting that the report is not true.  Waiting on final confirmation from Nicholson’s representative.  It’ll be happy news to say the least.   At 76, this day was […]


Historical Circuit: Terms of Endearment (**½)

Familial tear jerks have always been a popular staple in cinema, but boy were they popular in the 1980s.  Past Oscar winners like Kramer vs. Kramer and Ordinary People both dealt with families going through crisis; the latter, especially, looked at the death of a family member.  In the interest of full disclosure, Terms of […]

Circuit 3: Jack Nicholson

John Joseph “Jack” Nicholson was born on April 22, 1937 in New Jersey. Upon moving to Hollywood, Nicholson worked running errands for William Hanna and Jack Barbera, the famous animation giants, at their MGM studios. Wanting to pursue a career in acting, he declined an offer to work for them as an animation artist. His first film, […]

Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman Named as Oscar Presenters

Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman – two acting legends with five Oscars between them – are the latest names to be added to the Oscar ceremony as presenters. One of the last times we saw Jack present at the Oscars was when he famously announced Crash as the Best Picture winner for 2005. Maybe he can […]

Casting News for Jack Nicholson, Kit Harington, and Brandon T. Jackson

Warner Brothers is courting Jack Nicholson for their upcoming courtroom dramedy, The Judge, in which they hope the 3-time Academy Award winner will play the alienated and Alzheimer’s-stricken father of a lawyer played by Robert Downey Jr. In the film, Nicholson’s character is a judge who is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, while […]

The Blu Circuit

Since film aficionados are always looking for something to watch, we decided to round up some Blu-ray and DVD releases for you to seek out. Some of these titles are already out, some will be out soon – the one thing that can be said for sure is that this is quite the eclectic bunch.