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Community: What are your favorite Steven Spielberg movies?

With “The BFG” opening this weekend, excitement for the latest Spielberg film is building. I personally gave the film a positive review, but the famed director has so many great accomplishments, I don’t believe it is a top 5 Spielberg film. Spielberg remains one of the greatest directors of his generation, so we want to […]


Circuit 3: Shark Week!

Summertime is quickly dwindling down. The days at the beach are limited. For some of us, we see this as a negative: back to school, perhaps back to work, perhaps having your boyfriend/husband talk about nothing but fantasy football for the next four months. Others see this as a positive: the weather changes, the awards […]

Circuit 3: Steven Spielberg

Steven Allan Spielberg was born December 18, 1946, in the great state of Ohio. Before becoming one of our most beloved directors, Spielberg attended Long Beach State University, and made his first short film, Amblin‘, while working as an intern at Universal Studios (the title of which used when naming his production company, Amblin Entertainment). His first […]

Circuit 3: Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Stephen Dreyfuss turned 65 this past Monday, October . He got his start in smaller roles on several TV shows, including Peyton Place, Gidget, That Girl, Bewitched, and The Big Valley. In 1967, he had a small, uncredited role in The Graduate (1967), and also appeared briefly in Valley of the Dolls. In 1973, […]

Circuit 3: Horror Themes

We wrap up our Circuit 3 portion of 31 Days of Horror by looking at one of the most essential elements to a good horror flick: the film score. Can you imagine Jaws without that terrifying dun-dun! dun-dun! theme by John Williams? Or even Psycho without Bernard Herrmann’s screeching, strings-only composition playing over the shower […]

Top 100 Horror Films: #20-11

You guys, this might have been the most difficult part of the list of me to rank. I think I have reordered this set of 10 about 25 times before settling in on the order. To recount, I used a three prong ranking system (historical significance, scare factor and enjoyability) to try to corral the films […]

Circuit 3: Movie Monsters

As you’ve seen in other posts, The Awards Circuit is getting in the spirit of Halloween by dedicating many of our series to horror movies, and so for the month of October, Circuit 3 will take part by ranking certain aspects from the genre. We are going to start with listing our three favorite/best movie Monsters in […]

Spielberg – Present in the Fall

In addition to the release of Lincoln, his long awaited study of the last few weeks in the life of the sixteenth President of the United States, director Steven Spielberg will be quite present on DVD. In addition to having the stunning Blu Ray of Jaws (1975) available since July, this past week saw the […]

“JAWS” Kicks off Cinemark’s Fall Classic Film Series

How awesome does this sound? Read the Press Release: Plano, TX, August 20, 2012 Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), the world’s highest attended motion picture exhibitor, is pleased to announce that the Steven Spielberg iconic blockbuster, JAWS, will kick off their “Fall Classics Series” in over 150 Cinemark theatres across the country.  Ranked among the […]

Jaws: Steven Spielberg’s Summer Classic Comes to Blu-Ray!

As part of Universal Studios 100th Anniversary Collection, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws hits stores today in Blu-Ray format for the first time ever. Jaws gets the royal treatment, being both digitally remastered and fully restored, and the combo pack includes over 4 hours of bonus features, including The Shark is Still Working, a new documentary diving […]