WATCH: First Trailer for ‘The Accountant’ Is a Dark Mystery with Ben Affleck

As Ben Affleck took on the Caped Crusader this year with “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” his next venture will teaming up with Gavin O’Connor on his latest effort “The Accountant.”  Also starring Academy Award nominees Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow, Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons, and Emmy winner Jeffrey Tambor, “The Accountant” tells the story of […]

Film Review #2: Sicario (★★★½)

There’s an almost indescribable tension coursing through the veins of Sicario from start to finish. Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve continues to prove that he’s one of the better up and coming directors out there with this action drama/thriller, which is gripping from start to finish. Villeneuve manages to craft something just as bleak and dark as Prisoners, […]

Film Review: We Are Your Friends (★½)

While I loved Magic Mike and actually enjoyed Entourage a decent amount, if you took the very worst elements from both of those films, mixed in as many movie cliches as possible, and set it to a ton of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), that’s basically what you get with We Are Your Friends. If you’re […]

First Poster and Images for Denis Villenueve’s ‘Sicario’ Starring Emily Blunt

Experience an intense, exclusive look at the highly-anticipated new action-thriller, SICARIO, by downloading the TEASER POSTER and first look IMAGES below. Set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival THIS MONTH, SICARIO follows FBI agent Kate [Emily Blunt] and her conflicting journey that descends into the intrigue, corruption and moral mayhem of the borderland drug wars. This powerful film […]

Film Review: Fury (★★★½)

You want some intensity, heart palpitations, and just sheer pulse-pounding action?  You don’t need to look much further than David Ayer‘s monumental war film “Fury” with an all-star cast that includes Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal.  In the vein of any edge-of-your-seat thrill ride experienced over the past few […]

Watch the Second Trailer for David Ayer’s ‘Fury’

Few potential Oscar players have vacillated more between awards season contender/pretender than David Ayer‘s World War II film Fury. Starring Brad Pitt as a tank commander, what initially was considered a borderline Academy contender got a big boost when a top notch first Trailer hit, and now we have a new one for you to […]

David Ayer’s ‘Fury’ Moves to October

As the Oscar race enters the early stages of “smart” prognosticating along with the festival circuit, one of the big contenders makes a big move.  David Ayer‘s upcoming and highly anticipated Fury starring Academy Award winner Brad Pitt has been pushed up a month from its original November 14th release to a now very confident […]