LAFF Film Review: Missing People (★★★)

At what point during filming a documentary does it become unhealthy to dig up the past? Are shocking revelations really as therapeutic a discovery as promised, or are such findings just more nails in one’s coffin? For David Shapiro’s devastating Missing People, the answer lies somewhere in-between. If anything, this harrowing unraveling of curator Martina Batan’s gruesome […]

LAFF Review: Ayanda and the Mechanic (★★½)

Both deeply romantic and deeply frustrating, Sara Blecher’s Ayanda and the Mechanic is an invaluable portrait of the little-televised South African working class. Right from the beginning, the film stresses its desire to accurately depict a community that isn’t solely defined by politics, war, violence, or racial strife. Despite existing under the banner of fiction, […]