Celebrating International Women’s Day: Around the World with 50 Great Actresses

Despite what Hollywood may have you believe, actresses have been an integral part of the film industry since the earliest days of the medium. Indeed, many film lovers can trace their cinephilia back to the first time they saw actresses like Mary Pickford, Sophia Loren and Meryl Streep grace the screen. And today, that tradition […]

Film Review: A Perfect Day (★★½)

Well-intentioned yet largely forgettable, Fernando León de Aranoa’s Goya Award nomination sweeper A Perfect Day blends humanitarian manifesto filmmaking with diluted dramedy that barely qualifies as entertainment. Set in 1995 “somewhere in the Balkans,” a man named Mambrú (Benicio Del Toro) leads a ragtag team of relief workers charged with assisting in the cleanup of […]

Oblivion (**½)

Standing all by itself on the movie release calendar, Oblivion has a lot riding on it. For starters, the film predates After Earth, another science fiction film coming out in May 2013, dealing with two people stranded on a post-apocalyptic Earth long after mankind has escaped an uninhabitable home planet. After another steady stream of […]

Weekend Openings: 4/19/2013

Shrouding Earth’s future in mystery, supplying Tom Cruise as the hero, and branding the adventure with a great title are all sure-fire ways to generate box-office buzz for Oblivion.  Tom Cruise’s latest thriller, this of the stylistic sci-fi variety, from TRON: Legacy (2010) director, Joseph Kosinski, pretty much has this weekend at the movies in […]

To the Wonder (*½)

It’s no secret that Terrence Malick is a filmmaker who isn’t for everyone, but up until now it’s always seemed like his movies have at least been for someone. With To the Wonder however, this seems like the type of film he made for him and him alone, resulting in absolutely no enjoyment for the […]

Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’ Trailer Arrives

Terence Malick’s latest film, To the Wonder, played at the Venice and Toronto film festivals this year, and now we are finally getting a look at this first beautiful trailer. The film, as it seems to be with all Malick’s movies, looks stunning, thanks in large part to the great Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography. The early […]

BFI London Film Festival – DAY 6

After a couple of days away from the festival (unfortunately the day job can’t be completely ignored!) and a disastrous experience courtesy of the London transport system (missing yesterday’s Argo screening due to a cancelled train has to be the low point of my year so far), I was finally back to Leicester Square for […]

Seven Psychopaths (***½)

Seven Psychopaths is a movie about…well I’m still processing the film and its many interpretations.  On the surface it’s just a black comedy about crazy people acting crazy telling crazy stories. But more than that, Martin McDonagh’s film is an exploration of screenwriting and a bristling take down (send up?) of male dominated action comedies. It’s […]

Early word paints ‘To the Wonder’ as being just as divisive as ‘The Tree of Life’!

It’s no secret around these parts that Terrence Malick frustrated me more than he pleased me with ‘The Tree of Life’ last year, which basically has been the way his whole career has gone in my eyes (short of ‘Badlands’, which I love). However, I’ve been looking forward to seeing ‘To the Wonder’ more than […]

Official Plot Synopsis Released for Terence Malick’s “To the Wonder”

With the big announcement yesterday of the titles that will be debuting/playing at the Toronto Film Festival, the first Plot Synopsis for Terrence Malick’s new film “To the Wonder” was revealed. The film stars Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, and Javier Bardem, and seems to be Malick’s most overt relationship drama in some time, […]

Awards Profile: Seven Psychopaths

Directed By: Martin McDonagh Written By: Martin McDonagh Cast: Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Abbie Cornish, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Olga Kurylenko, Gabourey Sidibe, Kevin Corrigan, Tom Waits, Zeljko Ivanek Synopsis (Courtesy of IMDB): A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.