Film Review: ‘Weiner’ is a riveting and timely political documentary

I try to avoid hyperbole whenever possible, but I sincerely believe that Anthony Weiner is one of the most enthralling subjects of a political documentary that I’ve ever seen. He’s a classical tragic character, only thrust into shame due to modern technology. Weiner is a doc that leans into this, almost by accident, making for […]


Cannes Film Review: ‘Café Society’ Proves Another Hit for Woody Allen and Kristen Stewart

Legendary filmmaker Woody Allen is often cited, both positively and negatively, for cribbing liberally from his own back catalogue. With his latest outing Café Society, which just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, he’s instead opted to utilize the feel of his prior works, with fantastic results. Not only is this just a supremely entertaining […]


Tribeca Film Review: Dean (★★★½)

Comedian Demetri Martin has tried his hand at acting before, but not only does his debut filmmaking feature Dean show a whole new side of him in that regard, it also puts him forward as a writer and director well worth watching. This is an accomplished, funny, and surprisingly emotional dramedy that sneaks up on […]

sing street

Film Review: Sing Street (★★★½)

At this point, whenever filmmaker John Carney puts out a new musically themed movie, you should just assume that an absolute delight is coming your way. He first came on to our radar with the Academy Award winning Once, before fading away for a bit until 2013’s delightful Oscar nominee Begin Again. Now, he’s once […]


INTERVIEW: Chris Cooper, Judah Lewis, Bryan Sipe, and Jean-Marc Vallee talk ‘Demolition’

Conversation, or the lack thereof in many cases, hangs over almost all of Demolition, the new film from director Jean-Marc Vallee opening this weekend. Whether it’s star Jake Gyllenhaal or supporting players like Chris Cooper, Judah Lewis, and Naomi Watts, the characters in this Bryan Sipe penned movie struggle to explain themselves and what’s going […]


Film Review: Everybody Wants Some (★★★★)

I want to hang out with Richard Linklater. If the filmmaker’s life is anything like the semi-autobiographical hang out movies Dazed and Confused and now the spiritual sequel Everybody Wants Some, he leads a charmed existence. More importantly though, Linklater has found a way to extract the essence of his experiences and give us some […]