Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 2/17)

We’re just one week away from the 85th Annual Academy Awards, and the love for Argo continues to pile up even in these last few crucial days. In the latest Power Hour, The Awards Circuit staff discussed how the USC Scripter Awards and BAFTAs — both, of course, went for Ben Affleck’s awards sweeper — […]

Oscar 2013 Will Win/Should Win Selections (Braverman)

(The annual “Will Win/Should Win” of the Awards Circuit has been our most popular yet most challenging series where each writer let’s their final thoughts be known on the Oscar categories.  Each writer will reveal their choices everyday leading up to the Oscar ceremony.  Think you can do better?  Let your final thoughts be known […]

Oscar Circuit: Live Action Short

And the Nominees are: Asad (South Africa/USA) Buzkashi Boys (Afghanistan/USA) Henry (Canada) Death of a Shadow (France/Belgium) Curfew (USA) There’s no better platform for up-and-coming filmmakers to show what they’re capable of than the Live Action Short Film Oscar® category. Just ask current Director’s Guild of America president, Taylor Hackford, who in 1979 won the […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 1/6)

The penultimate week before Oscars are announced has come to an end, ballots have been turned in, and now only five days separate us between not knowing the Academy Award™ nominations and finding out how just how in-touch (or out-of-touch) The Awards Circuit is with 2013’s Oscar® lineup. I, for one, can’t control my nerves […]

Are We Underestimating the British Voting Bloc? (‘Skyfall’ Edition)

Exactly two hours before I began writing up this article, the Producers Guild of America had just announced its complete list of nominees. In the “Theatrical Motion Picture” category, one film appeared that virtually no pundit had thought to anticipate: Sam Mendes’ British-produced Skyfall. But after recently crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide, not to […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/30)

Happy New Year (almost), readers of The Awards Circuit. In less than twenty-four hours, we’ll all be citizens of the year 2013, so get excited! I don’t need a crystal ball to know how many of you spent the last few days of the year. Based on the popularity of our “reaction” thread for Django […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/23)

Happy holidays, fans of The Awards Circuit! I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the time with friends and family this holiday season. This past week was another busy — although slightly less chaotic than last week — one for us at the site, but we carried on with grace and gusto as always! […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/16)

Aside from the 84th Annual Academy Awards™, there was no bigger week this year at The Awards Circuit than this one. Sunday began with three critics groups — Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Boston Film Critics and New York Film Critics Online — announcing their winners and runners-up for the best in Film 2012. Zero […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/9)

The week is almost over at The Awards Circuit, but what a week it was! On top of Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis’ updated Oscar Predictions, the New York Film Critics Circle, National Board of Review and Boston Online Film Critics Association had quite a lot to say in regards to this highly competitive awards season. Considering […]

Oscar Circuit – Music vs. History

With two (really one) contender left to be unveiled, this is the most exciting awards race I’ve covered in all my years of Oscar prognosticating.  Every category is competitive and with races like this, anything can happen.  Along with updating the official Oscar Predictions, I’ve updated the major precursors such as the Golden Globe Awards and […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/2)

Hello again, all ye faithful readers of The Awards Circuit. As I’m sure you noticed, we were experiencing some technical difficulties earlier in the week due to increased online traffic and had to perform a full update so you all could have the most comfortable experience possible browsing through our beloved site. We thank you […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 11/19)

Cue Richard Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” in honor of the announcement of The Awards Circuit’s infamous online movie competition…Academy Idol!! Yes, thanks to the help of our “Academy Idol” liaison and former staff member, Myles Hughes, we unleashed what could possibly be the best viral video of the year: The Introduction of Academy Idol Six’s […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 11/11)

Hello again, readers of The Awards Circuit! Before I begin the week’s recap, I want to first start off by saying a big “THANK YOU” to Daniel Ashtiany for taking over the reins for me while I was covering the AFI Film Fest. Great job, mate! Speaking of Los Angeles’ second major film festival of […]

Two Lead Contenders on Lionsgate Awards Plate

When the Lionsgate Awards site went LIVE today and listed their slate of contenders involving Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fisher Stevens’ Stand Up Guys, Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, Nicholas Jarecki’s Arbitrage, and J.A. Bayona’s The Impossible, I started to analyze how this year could pan out for smaller films that […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/28)

Never a dull moment at The Awards Circuit, we began with two fantastic articles from our newest contributing writers, Nicole Melkonian and Tiff Chai. Nicole goes with her heart — which we are so thankful of — and lists the 10 Greatest Films by a Female Director. Tiff Chai, who is spearheading the site’s focus […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/21)

With the 2012 Presidential Election right around the corner, and Lincoln a serious contender for “Best Picture,” this week at The Awards Circuit felt more than ever like an arduous yet exciting journey on the campaign trail. Starting us off with this political theme was Joey Magidson, who released his 10 Best Movie Presidents article […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/14)

Before you refresh yourselves on the week’s events here at The Awards Circuit, I have but one favor to ask of you all: Go. See. Argo. Now. Don’t worry, I can wait for two hours. Done? Great — please share your thoughts here! Now on to the weekly recap…We began the week by, of course, […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/7)

The awards season may be keeping us awake all hours of the day, but The Awards Circuit hasn’t forgotten that October is the one month where screaming is but an exertion of bliss. To celebrate not just Halloween but the legacy horror has bestowed upon the film industry, we present 31 Days of Horror for […]

Taking Questions for Power Hour!

It’s that time again, we’re taking your questions for Power Hour! We’re going to be talking New York Film Fest, horror movies, and of course the Oscars.  There are two ways to send them in; you can record a message to us via Speakpipe on our sidebar or directly on our Facebook page or you can also […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/23)

The awards race is really starting to shape up right now, and The Awards Circuit was on site this week at the New York Film Festival to report on potential Oscar bidders as well as a slew of yet-to-be-released titles coming our way! Hyde Park on Hudson might not be a serious awards contender next […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/16)

What a difference one week makes. Two presumed Oscar contenders in both the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” fields may be in some jeopardy, a famed auteur may have pushed too far the limits of the moviegoer, and one film seemed to come from behind and emerge as a potential spoiler for “Best Picture,” firmly […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 19: Deciphering Oscar Lead & Supporting Actress w/ Nathaniel Rogers

We’re talking Oscar Predictions!  We are joined by Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience for this Oscar-centric Power Hour!  We’re talking the Best Actress, Supporting Actress, and a bit of Best Picture as the festivals unveil some answers to some of the big questions circling the race.  Some of your questions are also being answered […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/9)

This week at The Awards Circuit was much ado about EVERYTHING. Before I begin recapping the monumental event that is the Toronto Film Festival — where our very own John H. Foote is currently at, sharing with us daily reviews and diary segments about the most promising films that are coming out of TIFF, right […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/2)

As summer comes to an end, The Awards Circuit knows that the year’s “hottest” days are ahead of us thanks to some fall releases that will really start to heat up the awards season. One such film, Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder, is surmised to be a major last-minute player for the 2013 Oscars® on […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 8/26)

Another week and more head-scratching at The Awards Circuit. As the awards race begins to really heat up, The AC team tries to come together and figure out this mess, albeit fun mess, that is Oscar season. During our latest episode of Power Hour, we discussed the current state of the race as well as […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 8/12)

Another week, another entertaining time at your favorite awards prognostication site, The Awards Circuit! We began by presenting another installment of our popular “Power Hour” podcast series, this week’s being one of the most listened to yet. Please be sure to check it out, as Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis, Joey Magidson, Terence Johnson, and yours truly […]