Emmys 2016: Are ‘House of Cards’ and Netflix Ready for the Drama Series spotlight?

Political scandal, a contentious race for presidency, a First Lady fighting for candidacy, domestic terrorism – these sound more like news headlines from just this last year, but “House of Cards” bridges the gap between fiction and reality, showcasing there’s often truth to fantasy and hyperbole to facts. The latest season of the acclaimed Netflix […]


2016 Oscar Circuit: Best Production Design

Welcome to our annual Oscar Circuit series, our deep down look into each and every category that will be presented at the upcoming Academy Awards.  Each writer of AwardsCircuit.com will tackle a different category, offering up their own perspectives on those specific races.  If you miss a piece, click on the tag titled Oscar Circuit 2016. You can […]


68th Annual Cannes Film Festival Award Predictions

The thing I always enjoy about predicting the Cannes Film Festival awards every year is how it forces me to predict from an emotional distance that I can’t with the Oscars. Barring some fairy godmother miracle, I will never be there to screen the competition entries at Cannes, most of which are making their premiere there. So […]


2015 Tony Awards Nomination Predictions

The Tony Awards are Broadway’s biggest awards and the stage is set for a really interesting Tony Award race. The nominations will be announced tomorrow and Sam and Terence have decided to take a look into the crystal ball to see what shows might pop up. Take a look at our take on the above […]


EMMY PREDICTIONS: Creative Arts Emmys

The Emmy Awards give out a TON of trophies.  Some people consider this much too much, however, I dare you to look down this list of their technical categories and claim even one is superfluous.  Either way, due to the TV Academy’s large amount of categories, they separate the Emmy ceremony into two shows: the […]


Emmys Circuit: Best Comedy Actor

There are some categories at this year’s Emmys that are overflowing with quality performances. Indeed, some races are sporting six or seven plausible winners. Some races, however, are quite lacking not only in possible winners, but in worthy nominees. For roughly four seasons now, Best Actor in a Comedy Series has been such a category… […]

Cannes Featured

67th Annual Cannes Film Festival Award Predictions

The final in-competition entry at this year’s Cannes Film Festival has screened, and with the time gap between speculation and results much smaller than the Oscar race, it’s time once again for my spitballing, mostly-in-the-dark, probably inaccurate predictions on who will emerge victorious from the Croisette tomorrow. Strict Academy Award hounds shouldn’t write off these upcoming results […]


2014 Independent Spirit Awards Predictions

The day before the Academy Awards each year, the Independent Spirit Awards are held, obstensibly to give a moment in the sun to the more indie films out there. This year however, both groups has by and large focused on similar groups of movies. No, the Spirit Awards didn’t nominate Gravity (the budget missed the […]


Golden Globes Predictions – A Final Look Before the Ceremony

Sunday night the Hollywood Foreign Press will unveil their winners for 71st annual Golden Globe Awards with host Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  With a more than solid slate of nominees in virtually every category, this looks to be a very interesting race to watch.  Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and David O. Russell’s […]


New York Film Critics Circle Preview – What Will Show Up Tomorrow?

The New York Film Critics Circle will be cooking up their favorite films and performances of 2013 tomorrow beginning at 10:00 am Eastern time.  The East Coast group will be the first ones to drop the gauntlet on the season and possibly put a film or performer in prime position for recognition since SAG and […]

2013 Tony Award Nominations Predictions

Broadway is boomtown! Or at least it will be when the nominations for the 2013 Tony Awards are announced on Tuesday. The Tonys, for the uninformed, is theater’s version of the Oscar, honoring the best of the Broadway season, as well as highlighting regional theater and honorary members in the community. We here at the […]

Of the Upcoming Mortals and Cities

I have read all the books in ‘The Mortal Instruments‘ series, doodled production design ideas, and even drafted different scripts with the hopes of the movies turning out as epically beautiful as the written words of Cassandra Clare, but after watching the trailer, I find my heart has dropped a bit. Being a fan who […]

Happy Oscar Day! – A Day Full of Excitement

The day is finally here.  All the predictions, prognosticating, bitching, and moaning has led to this.  The Academy Awards begins at 8:00 pm Eastern time tonight with the Red Carpet beginning at 7:00 pm.  However, here we have a day full of great festivities for you to enjoy. First, if you haven’t done so yet, […]