Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Gets an Official Release Date

For many, a new Christopher Nolan film is a real cinematic event. Well, for those people who wait with baited breath for any news on a new Nolan project, there’s some breaking news. Reports have Nolan’s next movie getting an official 2017 release date, specifically July 21st, 2017. Absolutely nothing is known about about the […]

Steve Carell Replaces Bruce Willis in Woody Allen’s Next Film

A bit of controversy seemed to be brewing on Woody Allen‘s currently filming next project over the past few days. Shortly after production had begin, it was announced that Bruce Willis was dropping out of the movie, purportedly because of a conflict with his upcoming Broadway work on Misery. That seemed odd, considering he was […]

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are co-writing a screenplay

If you’re one of the folks out there who wish Jennifer Lawrence would branch out a bit more from David O. Russell directed Oscar bait (personally, I think she’s killing it there, but that’s just me), you’re in luck. Reports have her giving screenwriting a shot, with none other than actress/comedian/writer Amy Schumer herself. Yes, […]

George Miller might direct ‘Man of Steel 2’

If ever there was a juice rumor to marinate on for the weekend, it’s this one. Apparently, not only is George Miller potentially staying with Warner Brothers for his follow up to Mad Max: Fury Road, he might even be getting a chance to finally play with Superman. Yes, reports have floated the possibility that […]

Greta Gerwig is planning to make her directorial debut

Already an accomplished actress and screenwriter (including with the upcoming Mistress America, which I love and will be reviewing in a few days time), it was only a matter of the right moment before Greta Gerwig took the next leap and tackled directing. Well, according to reports, she is moving into that realm shortly, as […]

Paul Thomas Anderson is writing ‘Pinocchio’ for Robert Downey Jr.

Now here’s some pretty weird news. It’s odd enough that Robert Downey Jr. is of the mind that we need a new Pinocchio movie, but now he’s recruited someone pretty unexpected to join him in that endeavor. Reports have Paul Thomas Anderson coming aboard to write the film, with an eye towards potentially directing as […]

Marvel and Sony at Odds about the Next Spider-Man?

As much as most of us seemed to rejoice when Spider-Man returned to the Marvel fold, it loomed in the back of our mind that this wasn’t a straight integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a joint venture with Sony. As such, it’s probably not surprising that the role of Peter Parker/Spidey is becoming […]

Louis C.K. to Direct, Write, and Star in ‘I’m a Cop’

Here’s some exciting news to start off the first part of the week with, especially if you’re a fan of multi-hyphenate Louis C.K. like I am. Reports have him finally making a second feature film, an independent movie called I’m a Cop, one that he will pull triple duty on. Unlike his debut flick Pooty […]

Next ‘Star Wars’ spinoff will be a Boba Fett Origin Story

After the news a few days ago that filmmaker Josh Trank was leaving this project, I had a hunch that some kind of a reveal was in the cards to prevent any negative buzz from forming. The whole Trank situation is a discussion for some other time, especially since reports have this second Star Wars […]

Michelle MacLaren drops out of directing ‘Wonder Woman’

Back in October, I first wrote about Warner Brothers hoping to land a female filmmaker to helm their Wonder Woman film, complete with a handful of suggestions as well as who they had their eyes on. Among the names I initially put forward was Michelle MacLaren, who wound up getting the directing gig. Well, reports […]