TV Review: ‘Horace and Pete’ Revolutionizes the Idea of New and Innovative Television

When “Louie” made its debut in 2010, it was clear that comedian Louis C.K. was interested in a different kind of show. From the pilot, “Louie” explored a somewhat heightened version of the world we inhabit, while simultaneously exploring aspects of its creator. It was this honesty with the audience that ultimately gained the series […]


Oscars: 10 Men the Academy STILL Hasn’t Recognized

With a little more than 24 hours until the Academy Awards, surely many people cried foul on many actors, filmmakers, and films that were omitted from the nominations.  The reason we admire the Academy Awards so much is that they are an elite force within Hollywood, focused on citing the very best.  We believe that (at […]


Watch the First Trailer for Thomas McCarthy’s ‘The Cobbler’ with Adam Sandler

Back at the Toronto International Film Festival a few months ago, filmmaker Thomas McCarthy experienced his first critical thrashing with the Adam Sandler starring fantasy The Cobbler. Reviews were absolutely savage, but at the same time, they hinted at something so weird it almost became a must see for me. I’ve never been huge on […]


EMMY PREDICTIONS: Creative Arts Emmys

The Emmy Awards give out a TON of trophies.  Some people consider this much too much, however, I dare you to look down this list of their technical categories and claim even one is superfluous.  Either way, due to the TV Academy’s large amount of categories, they separate the Emmy ceremony into two shows: the […]


Oscars 2014: New Faces, Few Spaces

OSCAR CIRCUIT: A few changes have occurred in the 2014 Oscar Predictions.  Rumors of Saul Dibb‘s Suite Francaise, Todd Haynes’ Carol, and Justin Kurzel‘s MacBeth moving to 2015 have floated around so I jumped the gun and removed them from the predictions.  Sadly on the surface, with those three big films moving, I’m beginning to […]


Emmys Circuit: Drama Lead Actor

As I mentioned last week, aside from Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series*, Lead Actor in a Drama Series might be my favorite acting race at the Emmys—at least currently. This category presents an interesting, and almost guaranteed massive shake-up from the 2013 lineup. ****CLAYTON’S PREDICTIONS*** *For this and future Emmy Circuit articles, I’ll be […]


Boardwalk Empire Recap – 4.12 Farewell Daddy Blue

If there is one thing that Boardwalk could always claim it was that it knew how to end a season. After last week’s set-up episode, it seemed that we could get another big finale, but instead “Farewell Daddy Blues” ended the weakest season in far less than spectacular fashion. After being attacked at the end […]


Boardwalk Empire Recap: 4.11 Havre de Grace

AFI forced me to take on bye on “Boardwalk” last week, so here’s a crash course in case you missed it too. Chalky and Narcisse are in full-fledged war, and Nucky’s caught in the middle. When he learns that Narcisse has struck a deal with Masseria and the mayor, Nucky realizes he can no longer […]


Boardwalk Empire Recap: 4.07 “William Wilson”

The plot thickens in Atlantic City this week and “Boardwalk” is quickly starting to regain its footing after a less than stellar first half. Like last week, “William Wilson” passes over the violence for a closer examination into character, and we finally get more information on a number of this season’s new additions and just […]