Circuit Breaker Episode 43: Memorial Day, Disney Games, and Oscar Swap

Welcome to the Awards Circuit podcast titled “CIRCUIT BREAKER!,” a weekly podcast from featuring host Clayton Davis along with panelists Sam Coffey, Mark Johnson and Joey Magidson. We discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday. Find us on Twitter at @Circuit_Pod, email us at, and […]

Emmy Episode Analysis: Three “Game of Thrones” Women Compete for Supporting Actress

One of the strengths of the TV medium is how it uses the expanded length to spotlight many supporting characters. With full arcs and consistent subplots, supporting players do more than merely support. They get to carry plots, episodes and more. They are able to craft a fully fleshed out life for their characters. Eighteen […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 138: Supporting Players 2015, Male Ghostbusters Too, 32 Circuit Madness Results

Welcome to another edition of the Awards Circuit Power Hour, our weekly podcast diving deep into all things film, television, and entertainment. Agenda is as follows: Circuit Madness results with 32 Lead Actor winners left. A Male Ghostbusters movie is coming too.  Is it a slap in the face to the female movie coming? Supporting Actor […]

Oscars 2014: New Faces, Few Spaces

OSCAR CIRCUIT: A few changes have occurred in the 2014 Oscar Predictions.  Rumors of Saul Dibb‘s Suite Francaise, Todd Haynes’ Carol, and Justin Kurzel‘s MacBeth moving to 2015 have floated around so I jumped the gun and removed them from the predictions.  Sadly on the surface, with those three big films moving, I’m beginning to […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 65: New York Film Festival Preview and Oscar Check

Welcome to another edition of the Awards Circuit Power Hour, our weekly podcast diving deep into all things film, television, and entertainment. We are back this week with an in-depth look at the New York Film Festival and all its offerings over the next few weeks.   Everything from “Inside Llewyn Davis” to “12 Years a […]

Oscar Circuit – Supporting Players Riding the Wave

It’s happened nearly every year since I’ve followed the Academy Awards race this closely.  A performance is touted as THE performance of the year with no way they could lose when the envelope is opened.  Often times, the kick off happens at the Cannes Film Festivals, other times during Toronto.  Regardless, the Lead performer often […]

Oscar Circuit: Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress has proven to be one of the best categories recently for the Academy Awards. For every year there was a clear front runner (Spencer, Monique, Hudson), there was another year when we had no idea who was winning (Leo, Swinton, Weisz, Cruz). Although after a few award shows, it’s clear that this year’s […]

McConaughey and Weisz Surprise with NYFCC, Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln take 3 awards

The New York Film Critics have announced their winners for the best in cinema for 2012.  The East Coast group that awarded Best Picture to Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist last year chose the brilliant Zero Dark Thirty directed by Kathryn Bigelow.  The film won a total of three awards from the coveted group including Cinematography […]

New York Film Critics Winners Announced!!

Will be announced shortly!  Check back for the winners as they are announced!  My predictions are here. WINNERS Best Picture – Zero Dark Thirty!!!!! Best Director – Kathryn Bigelow for Zero Dark Thirty Best Screenplay – Tony Kushner for Lincoln Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln Best Actress – Rachel Weisz for The Deep […]

Circuit Consideration – Tom Wilkinson

Film: “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” For Your Consideration: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Director: John Madden Screenplay: Ol Parker Realistic Nominations: Supporting Actress Oscar Scene: “I’m gay. Although nowadays more in theory than in practice.” After Tom Wilkinson received his first Oscar nomination for In the Bedroom (2001), there was […]

‘The Hobbit’ submits an Original Song for Oscar Consideration

The Warner Brothers Awards Site has had their roster listed for a few weeks now.  Big contenders like Ben Affleck’s Argo, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and The Wachowski Siblings and Tom Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas have their respective categories listed.  Even Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike is pushing a campaign for Matthew McConaughey and the […]

Final Editor Emmy Predictions!

The Emmy Awards are tonight!  Many of the staff members will be LIVE blogging here on the site.  If you’re watching, come join us for the party.  Listed below are my last minute Emmy Predictions: Best Television Series – Drama Predicted: Mad Men Alternate: Downton Abbey Best Actor – Drama Predicted: Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad Alternate: […]

TIFF and the Aftermath

So what now? With screenings finished, TIFF closed, and New York’s Film Festival looming, how will TIFF impact the Oscar race? Believe it or not it has already begun; in fact it was happening as TIFF was playing out. You could hear the chatter in the theaters, press rooms, and hallways as critics talked with […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 19: Deciphering Oscar Lead & Supporting Actress w/ Nathaniel Rogers

We’re talking Oscar Predictions!  We are joined by Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience for this Oscar-centric Power Hour!  We’re talking the Best Actress, Supporting Actress, and a bit of Best Picture as the festivals unveil some answers to some of the big questions circling the race.  Some of your questions are also being answered […]

Oscar Circuit: “Right Category, Right Time”

Cannes is over.  We have a possible Best Picture contender in Michael Haneke’s Amour, which you can see added to the Oscar Tracker.  In the past month, trailers for big Oscar contenders have dropped like Roger Michell’s Hyde Park on Hudson, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, and even as late as yesterday with Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables.  Any talk circling […]