SXSW Announces First Wave of Programming: Dunham, Blum keynotes, SXSW Sports conference

South by Southwest, one of the preeminent festivals being held in the country has announced their first wave of programming for the festival next March. The fest has tapped Girls creator Lena Dunham and indie horror director Jason Blum as two of the keynote speakers for the film conference. Each keynote session will be held at […]

SXSW: The East (**½)

How can a movie with such fantastic performances and interesting subject matter feel so drawn out and boring? It’s a quagmire of a situation. On one hand you have an in-depth exploration of eco-terrorism and cultist behavior that’s given time to grow and enrapture you. On the other hand, it takes it’s sweet time to get there […]

SXSW: A Teacher (**½)

A Teacher, much like other films deal that with taboo subject matter, has the unenviable task of balancing the melodramatic aspects of the story as well as a need to justify every character’s motivations. And try though it may, it never seems to elevate itself from the basics of the story and the script moves […]

SXSW: Interview with ‘Snap’ composer Reza Safinia

One of the best things about attending SXSW is getting to meet awesome people like Reza Safinia. A former record producer, Safinia used his experience to craft the score for Snap, combining industrial and atmospheric sounds with dubstep, a genre that has become massively popular in the last few years. In our brief chat, we […]

SXSW: Much Ado About Nothing (***½)

Much Ado About Nothing is like much like the libations consumed in the film, a plentiful, seemingly endless pool of delight. Joss Whedon’s bold exercise in filmmaking revels in its fun loving, free flowing nature of misplaced affections, lover’s spats, hilarious villainy and quick wit. In assembling a cavalcade of his favorite actors (or meat puppets […]

SXSW: Evil Dead (***½)

In the immortal words of my Twitter account post-screening: “Evil Dead HOLY SHIT…I mean HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT that was a fantastic movie.” Apologies to those who are offended by such language, but you are probably not the target audience this sadistically gory horror flick is going for anyway. Instead this blood soaked film is catering […]

Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of SXSW

SXSW is right around the corner so I’ve decided to give you all a Tuesday Top 10 treat from Terence (oh the alliteration!). Unlike Sundance, this film festival contains way more known properties and “bigger” indie films, but more than makes up for it with interesting programming choices. You can see my full schedule at this link […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 3/3)

Hello, Awards Circuit devotees! I hope you’ve all recovered from last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, because the fun is far from over. Following the pivotal show, you’ll see we’ve released some correlating articles, including Anna Belickis’ “Best Dressed List” and Joey Magidson’s post-ceremony reflection piece on whether Argo was always the big winner. As much as […]