50th Power Hour Podcast Coming Soon – We’re taking your questions!

It’s been really fun delivering (mostly) weekly podcasts to you all and we’ve hoped you enjoyed them. We’re almost at the half century mark and are planning a fun look into the lives of the writers for the big 5-0! As you know last year we did a Digging Into series with the writers interviewing […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 40: Semi-Final Oscar Predictions, ACCA Winners, Academy Idol Finalists

It’s our final (pre-recorded) podcast before the Academy Awards.  We’re talking heavy in every single category as much as we can. Before we jump into the categories, I reveal the Academy Idol finalists.  Which two do you think made it?  Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild?  Zero Dark Thirty and Amour?  Beasts of the […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour LIVE – Starts at 6:00 pm ET

Awards Circuit Power Hour #38 – PGA, SAG, Circuit Awards – LIVE! CLICK HERE OR GO TO THIS LINK ADDRESS TO LISTEN: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/awardscircuit/2013/01/27/awards-circuit-power-hour-38–pga-sag-circuit-awards  Call in to speak with the Us! (347) 237-5231 We gearing up for the final leg of awards season with an in-depth talk about tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Producers Guild awarding […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour – LIVE Podcast and Blog for the SAG Awards!

It’s that time again we’re taking questions for Power Hour! We’ll be broadcasting LIVE on Blog Talk radio talking about the PGA Awards, how the Oscar race stands now, and announce the winners of the first annual Circuit Awards! There will be an opportunity for you to send your questions LIVE during the recording of Power […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour – LIVE Oscar Nods Announcement

From this morning, the staff and got up early to talk about our last minute predictions and watch the nominations LIVE and give our reactions.  Tons of fun as we took phone calls during the episode. Listen to internet radio with The Awards Circuit Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 35: Final Oscar Jitters, Academy Idol Results, and WTF Films!

We are a few days from the big announcement of the Oscar nominations and the staff and I dig deep into the major categories while discussing some things from the past week. The first thing on the agenda is to reveal the results of the Top 9 Academy Idol films.  Since last week’s theme was […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 34: New Year’s Spectacular

We start the podcast off with the Academy Idol Results.  Are you surprised by the results?  You may be. All the writers make New Year’s Resolutions for Filmmakers and for Ourselves. We talk about Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables and the pros and cons about each. Happy New Year to All […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 33: Critics Choice, Golden Globes, SAG, and Django Unchained

It’s all about the critics’ awards this week as we dive into the choices by the Critics Choice Movie Awards, Golden Globe Nominations, Screen Actors Guild Nominations and a slew of other groups that announced last week. We are also finally given an opportunity to talk about Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.  Don’t worry, no spoilers, […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 32: FYC Telethon and Interview with Ann Dowd

We had our first LIVE show this past Sunday at 6:00 pm on the Power Hour.  For the most part, it was a success and with small kinks to work out, it may be something we adopt and do much more often. This week we were joined by Ann Dowd, winner of the National Board […]

For Your Consideration Power Hour with special guest Ann Dowd!!!

It’s time again we’re taking questions for Power Hour, but with a twist! As you all know awards season is upon us and we need your help to parse it all. Clayton has to turn in his ballot for BFCA this weekend and we want to know what films, performances or technical merits he should […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 31: Full Oscar Rundown, Early Django Screenings, Academy Idol Results and Wild Cards

It’s a lengthy podcast today but it’s Oscar-filled and we run through nearly every single category.  Even talk about the Globes a bit. We work through the Shorts first.  Has anyone seen them? Original Song – Who’s is it to lose? Original Score – Editor drops Desplat, so who can win?  John Williams posed for […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 30: Les Mis, 0 Dark Thirty, and the Leading Categories

*UPDATE* – We know there are some difficulties with the podcast.  It will be resolved later today! Sorry for the lateness but certain events had to occur in order to record this latest episode of The Awards Circuit Power Hour effectively.  We’re talking four big movies: Ang Lee’s Life of Pi – Thoughts on the […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 29: Film Criticism, Lincoln’s Chances, Questions from Readers

During the Awards Circuit Power Hour this week, the staff and I focus heavily on taking your questions that range from Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln to films that don’t age with grace in the cinematic world.

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 11/19)

Cue Richard Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” in honor of the announcement of The Awards Circuit’s infamous online movie competition…Academy Idol!! Yes, thanks to the help of our “Academy Idol” liaison and former staff member, Myles Hughes, we unleashed what could possibly be the best viral video of the year: The Introduction of Academy Idol Six’s […]

Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 28: Les Miserables Trailer, Studio Slates, and Oscar Prospects

We have tons of fun this week on the Awards Circuit Power Hour.  A jam-packed agenda full of laughs, analysis, and looking in-depth at the Oscar race and its films. We talk the movie trailers of “Warm Blood,” “World War Z,” and of course, “Les Miserables. “Lincoln” had a strong opening weekend on a per […]

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