Circuit 3: Marion Cotillard

The first time I remember seeing Marion Cotillard was in Big Fish (2003), and she had been making films for almost a decade by that time. How an actress so naturally talented and beautiful as she could have slipped past our radar for so long, I have no idea. But she took that small side role […]

Circuit 3: Christian Bale

Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Wales on January 30th, 1974. As a child, Bale starred in television commercials before making a few made-for-television films, including Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986). His first big screen performance came in Empire of the Sun, for which he won the “Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor” […]

Trailergate: The Great Trailer Debate

There’s the infamous Watergate scandal; sports followers still get a kick out of Crygate; and Antennagate  briefly plagued Apple’s release of the iPhone 4.  Well, here’s a new one for you: Trailergate.  It’s completely made-up and involves no impeachable offenses or villainous superstar athletes, so bear with me while I set this up. DISCLAIMER: This […]

American Film Institute (AFI) names Top Ten Films and Television Shows for 2012!

The prestigious American Film Institute has released their top 10 films and television programs for 2012. The American Film Institute’s annual awards are selected by scholars, film and television artists, critics and AFI Trustees. This year’s juries were chaired by producers and AFI Board of Trustees Vice Chairs Tom Pollock for movies and Rich Frank for […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/9)

The week is almost over at The Awards Circuit, but what a week it was! On top of Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis’ updated Oscar Predictions, the New York Film Critics Circle, National Board of Review and Boston Online Film Critics Association had quite a lot to say in regards to this highly competitive awards season. Considering […]

Box Office Report (9.3.2012)

After being left on the Lionsgate shelves for a fair amount of time, The Possession finally got its opportunity to play at the multiplex and won the final weekend at the box office, earning an estimated $17.2 million, wrapping up an interesting 2012 summer box office season. Outpacing the Prohibition-era crime drama Lawless, The Possession was the […]

Box Office Report (8.27.12)

A lot of hyperbole has been tossed around with this weekend’s box office figures, since a documentary, 2016: Obama’s America has shocked the movie industry with its success.  On Friday, it was erroneously reported that the film would be the #1 film of the weekend; a report later revised to indicate the Rocky Mountain Pictures […]