Awards Profile: Inherent Vice

Directed and Written By: Paul Thomas Anderson Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio del Toro, Martin Short, Jena Malone, Maya Rudolph, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Eric Roberts and Sasha Pieterse. Synopsis: In 1970s Los Angeles, protagonist Larry “Doc” Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend. The prolific writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson has […]

Jonny Greenwood Will Score Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’

One of the many pleasures of seeing a Paul Thomas Anderson film these days is the accompanying score by Jonny Greenwood. The incredibly unique work that Greenwood did for Anderson on There Will Be Blood and most recently on The Master is beyond reproach, so the news today that he’ll be composing music for PTA’s […]

Ten Best Studio Films – The Weinstein Company

Continuing the Best Films by the Studios Series. The Weinstein Company, the name that’s synonymous with Oscar-bait projects that gathers excitement from awards lovers everywhere and manages to get shortlisted in dozens of categories, even when the odds are not in their favor.  Harvey Weinstein, love him or hate him, is one of the most […]

Circuit 3: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman celebrated his 46th birthday on July 23. The talented actor got his start in television, appearing in an episode of  Law & Order in 1991. The following year Hoffman broke through into film, starring in four films including Scent of a Woman opposite Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell. Hoffman’s career started with supporting roles, […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 3/3)

Hello, Awards Circuit devotees! I hope you’ve all recovered from last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, because the fun is far from over. Following the pivotal show, you’ll see we’ve released some correlating articles, including Anna Belickis’ “Best Dressed List” and Joey Magidson’s post-ceremony reflection piece on whether Argo was always the big winner. As much as […]

Oscar Circuit: Best Actor

Years from now when I think back on 2012 and what it had to offer, I’m sure the cinematic landscape that was presented will surely stick out as many directors and filmmakers pushed the thematic narrative with breathtaking visuals, stupendous performances, and uniquely driven story structures.  One thing that will be near the top was […]

Oscar Circuit: Best Supporting Actor

And the Nominees are… Alan Arkin – Argo Oscar Scene: “Argo fuck yourself” Robert De Niro – Silver Linings Playbook Oscar Scene: “When life reaches out with a woman like this it’s a sin if you don’t reach back, I’m telling you its a sin if you don’t reach back!” Philip Seymour Hoffman – The […]

Writer’s Block: Paul Thomas Anderson

“I am a star. I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star. I am a big, bright, shining star. That’s right.” With this ending pep talk, Dirk Diggler reclaims his rightful place in the limelight as Paul Thomas Anderson burgeons onto the scene as a formidable filmmaking talent.  Since Boogie Nights took critics and […]

Oscar Circuit: Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress has proven to be one of the best categories recently for the Academy Awards. For every year there was a clear front runner (Spencer, Monique, Hudson), there was another year when we had no idea who was winning (Leo, Swinton, Weisz, Cruz). Although after a few award shows, it’s clear that this year’s […]

Online Film Critics Society Gives Praise to ‘The Master’

The Online Film Critics Society has announced the nominations for their 16th annual year end acknowledgements. The OFCS is comprised of a large group of critics whose work appears primarily online (nearly 200 members). Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master was the most nominated film by the group with eight nods. You can visit their site here, and check […]

The Kansas City Film Critics Circle Bows to ‘The Master’

After what looked like the beginning of a Zero Dark Thirty sweep with the critics, we see another critics group opting for something else. The Kansas City Film Critics Circle has named Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master the best film of 2012. However, they selected a director other than PTA as best in show, and instead went […]