Director Terrence Malick Being Sued for Not Finishing ‘Voyage of Time’

You can file this under some random news.  Two outlets, and The Guardian are both claiming that Academy Award nominated director Terrence Malick is being sued for not finishing one of his films, Voyage of Time, a documentary described as an examination of birth and death in the universe. According to sources, Malick is […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 4/14)

With an assortment of news and updates coming down the pipeline, there was plenty to discuss last week at The Awards Circuit. Our first order of business was paying tribute to the late and great Roger Ebert, who for many of us has shaped the way we interpret cinema. The staff went around the room […]

Weekend Openings: 4/12/2013

Touching on American sport’s and race history, writer/director Brian Helgeland delivers a biopic about Jackie Robinson’s legendary and groundbreaking impact on the world of major-league sports in 42.  For those keeping track of the usually reclusive director, the first of Terrence Malick’s many upcoming projects this year takes us To the Wonder with Ben Affleck, […]

To the Wonder (*½)

It’s no secret that Terrence Malick is a filmmaker who isn’t for everyone, but up until now it’s always seemed like his movies have at least been for someone. With To the Wonder however, this seems like the type of film he made for him and him alone, resulting in absolutely no enjoyment for the […]

‘Stoker’, ‘Gatsby’, and ‘Wonder’ Get New Posters!

As we get ready to enter the brand new year, it’s never too late to get on the ball for potential Oscar contenders coming down the pike.  Chan-wook Park’s Stoker starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode has a new poster and early word is already positive for Wasikowska who’s been an up and […]

Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’ Trailer Arrives

Terence Malick’s latest film, To the Wonder, played at the Venice and Toronto film festivals this year, and now we are finally getting a look at this first beautiful trailer. The film, as it seems to be with all Malick’s movies, looks stunning, thanks in large part to the great Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography. The early […]

‘To The Wonder’ has been acquired by Magnolia Pictures!

Well, it’s looking like we can officially take ‘To The Wonder’ off of our 2012 Oscar predictions, not that the Early Reviews didn’t already suggest that. Terrence Malick’s film has gone without a buyer for a surprisingly long time, but that’s changed today as Magnolia Pictures has stepped in to pick up the movie for […]

TIFF: Byzantium, The Iceman, and To the Wonder

BYZANTIUM (***)…A rock solid Gothic horror film, looking for distribution Byzantium is a vampire thriller unlike any I have seen. Two women with a secret, the vicious and sexual Clara (Gemma Atherton) and Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan), a thoughtful young woman, move from town to town hunting prey realizing with a genuine terror that they too […]

Around the Circuit: (September 1st – 7th)

It’s time to visit the week that was via our Around the Circuit piece, where we look back at articles that we feel are worth your time covering the Oscar race, new releases, or really just anything film related. Link(s) of the week: With the arrival of September comes the fall film festivals that we […]

Early word paints ‘To the Wonder’ as being just as divisive as ‘The Tree of Life’!

It’s no secret around these parts that Terrence Malick frustrated me more than he pleased me with ‘The Tree of Life’ last year, which basically has been the way his whole career has gone in my eyes (short of ‘Badlands’, which I love). However, I’ve been looking forward to seeing ‘To the Wonder’ more than […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/2)

As summer comes to an end, The Awards Circuit knows that the year’s “hottest” days are ahead of us thanks to some fall releases that will really start to heat up the awards season. One such film, Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder, is surmised to be a major last-minute player for the 2013 Oscars® on […]