TV Recap: Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ is the Must Watch Show of the Fall

One of the reasons that FX continues to stand out from the crowd is its ability to give money and opportunity to talented and creative individuals. Donald Glover has proven over the last five years to embody both those characteristics across multiple forms of entertainment. Glover first broke onto the scene as a member of […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.09: The Platonic Permutation

We’re one week from Thanksgiving, so let the onslaught of holiday themed episodes begin. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ used this year’s Thanksgiving episode to continue the tough road back for Sheldon and Amy, make Howard help the needy, and see Leonard in orange lingerie, and that is something we just can’t un-see. The episode begins […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.08: The Mystery Date Observation

‘The Big Bang Theory’ jumped back into the dating world that was a large part of its first few seasons this week’s ‘The Mystery Date Observation,’ but with it’s most unlikely of suspects, Amy and Sheldon. The couple formerly known as Shamy have been trying to go their separate ways, and as tonight showed, us […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: The Spock Resonance

After the last few weeks of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ including last week’s episode I missed on first run 😥 , it is clear that the nine-year comedy is hitting a grove it hasn’t had in a while. This week’s episode, ‘The Spock Resonance’ managed to accomplish a lot in plot, honoring a sci-fi icon, […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap – 9.03: The Bachelor Party Corrosion

It might have been a rocky start to Penny and Leonard’s marriage, but the first couple of episodes to the ninth season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ could at least be credited with keeping things interesting, if not as funny as earlier seasons. However, the third episode of the season, ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’ is […]