Weekend Openings: A ‘Magnificent’ Assortment

For this week, we get a high profile remake of “The Magnificent Seven,” along with a number of other interesting titles. Among them, there’s a fascinating character study, an inspirational tale and plenty more. While nothing overtly sticks out as something truly special, it’s a strong mix. The overall slate offers all sorts of things, though […]

Snowden JGL Shailene

Weekend Openings: Whistleblowers and Witches

This weekend, an Oscar hopeful biopic and a surprise horror sequel highlight the new releases. Both are hitting theaters along with a small collection of other titles, making for an interesting grouping. Considering how it’s the middle of September, the change in the air is palpable – not just weather wise, either. The movies are […]


Weekend Openings: Hero Hanks

Now that we’re in the heart of September, the movies are really starting to get better. In fact, despite quantity being a bit of an issue today, quality certainly isn’t. The main attraction is of course Tom Hanks doing his heroic thing in Clint Eastwood‘s new film “Sully.” Besides that real life heroism, there are […]


Weekend Openings: #’Squad’ Goals

This week, one of the year’s most highly anticipated titles finally hits screens, but is the pseudo follow up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice worth seeing? That’s one thing I’ll be answering below, but if you’ve seen my review on the site already, you might know the answer. Also, there’s a notoriously mocked […]


Weekend Openings: Return of ‘Bourne’ and Misbehaving ‘Moms’

This week, there’s a huge franchise returning to screens with a new installment, a prestige independent title looking to capitalize off of strong Sundance buzz, a raunchy comedy looking to attract the ladies, and much more hitting, so there’s some choice to be had. As we’re noticing more often than not this summer, the smaller […]


Weekend Openings: A bold sci-fi sequel and more

This week, we have one of the bigger sequels of the summer coming to theaters, along with a surprising good horror movie, an under the radar dramedy, and plenty more. It’s another weekend with a solid crop of films to discuss, which is somewhat of a treat in these leaner summer months. Nothing will likely […]


Weekend Openings: Double Kristen Stewart and a new quartet busting ghosts

Welcome back to Weekend Openings everybody! This week, we have a pair of Kristen Stewart movies for you to choose from, along with one very high-profile and surprisingly entertaining remake. I’ve previously reviewed all three titles that I’m mainly interested in running down today, so you’ll know how I feel about those, though they’re hardly […]


Weekend Openings: It’s a ‘Big Friendly’ return!

Welcome to the glorious relaunch of Weekend Openings! I’ll be bringing this column back to life and presenting it to you every Friday. In case you don’t know, Weekend Openings is a series that looks at, quite simply, what is opening on any given week. It’s a handy cheat sheet that not only lets you […]


Weekend Openings — (April 25 – April 27)

What do movie theaters have to offer this weekend? The Other Woman A movie starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton about three women who find out they’re involved with the same man and plot revenge. YAWN. Verdict? Skip it. Brick Mansions Paul Walker’s penultimate movie is an action flick that hasn’t been successful […]


Weekend Openings — (April 18 – April 20)

What do movie theaters have to offer this Easter weekend? Transcendence Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister makes his directorial debut with this Sci-Fi Thriller starring Johnny Depp. While critics and audiences say that the visuals are on point, the rest of the film’s elements are pretty much crap. Verdict? Skip it. Heaven Is For […]