2014 Emmy Award Predictions

2014 Emmy Award Predictions


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Clayton Davis

Editor-in-Chief & Owner at The Awards Circuit
Clayton Davis started to write professionally in his sophomore year of college when Johnny Alba, the editor and owner of the old Oscar prediction site, The Oscar Igloo, had an opening for staff writers. Clayton wrote for The Igloo for nearly four years before being appointed editor and revamping and renaming The Oscar Igloo into the now popular mega-site, The Awards Circuit. Since then, Clayton has become a proud member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association where he votes and attends the kick off to awards season show, The Critics Choice Awards. Most recently, Clayton is a now an active member of the International Press Academy, which hosts the popular Satellite Awards as well as the newly integrated Broadcast Television Journalists Association, which hosts the Critics Choice Television Awards. In June 2014 he became the year's first accepted member to New York Film Critics Online. He has been quoted in various outlets (CNN.com, Bloomberg.com, TheWrap.com, AceShowbiz.com, SlashFilm.com, ScottFeinberg.com) and continues to raise the bar for film-talking enthusiasts around the globe.
  • Pat

    Why is “The Middle” ignored by so many? It’s just as well written as many of the other comedies that are nominated.


  • andres romero


  • Ruby

    Glee? Darren Criss? Chris Colfer? Lea Michele?

  • Calvin Philips

    Are you at all bullish on Rupaul for Host or The Middle somewhere?

  • Jolie

    What about the Ray Donovan series; that guy Johnathon
    Schaech played a hell of a good role as Sean Walker! Outstanding and his chemistry with John Voight’s character was always moving. Schaech should get a nomination for his

  • Bill Bertazon

    Ray Donovan best show this year. Amazing acting ability. Johnathon
    Schaech very convincing in his role. You can see Johnathon does his homework. My vote for an Emmy.

  • Kerriekj

    LOVE “Ray Donovan”….Jon Voight and Johnathan Schaech (Mickey and Sean) were awesome!! Dreamy Schaech was perfect for the movie star role and had the best chemistry with everyone on the show. Also, loved hating Mickey…Voight was great, too.

  • Felipe Dumas Varon

    I really don’t like Mom but I must admit Allison Janney and Octavia Spencer are the best part of the show, mostly Janney that makes me laugh so hard. Brilliant actress.
    Wonder why “The Middle” gets ignored by the Emmys? Such a nice show.