10 Films and Franchises That You Could Gender Swap

Can you imagine if Indiana Jones had a ponytail to go with his whip? Or hey, what if Iron Man was Iron Maiden? The truth is, it wouldn’t be the same, but in some cases, these famous characters might be even more interesting. Here are ten films that would fascinate us if they were gender-swapped.

“The Avengers” 

There’s already plenty of gender-swapping in the MCU fandom, and Tony Stark has been shown as Natasha Stark in at least one comic strip, and it’s trickled down to the fans. Can you imagine Lena Headey in the red and gold suit? I can. And what if the rest of the team got the gender-swap treatment too? Charlize Theron could easily bring her “Atomic Blonde” moves to Captain America, Tatiana Maslany already had plenty of practice playing a genius scientist in “Orphan Black” and could definitely take on Bruce Banner’s role. Thor, on the other hand, could be handled by Margot Robbie, who’s also tall, blonde, and ethereal. Though Jennifer Lawrence can handle a bow and arrow, I’d love to see Gugu Mbatha-Raw have a shot at the superhero big leagues, and can definitely see her as Hawkeye. Black Widow, on the other hand, could be played by Taron Eagerton—we already know he can move from “The Kingsman.”


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Written by Jami Ganz

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