Oscars: Looking at the Ballots of Six Voters for the Academy Awards


It’s the piece our readership and awards lovers have waited for…our peek into the ballots of voting members for the upcoming Academy Awards.  This year, likely more than ever, there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on what is their favorite films and performances of the year.  In speaking with this crop of voters, who are littered within several different branches of the Academy, the message was clear.  They wanted to take this voting process as serious as they’ve ever done.  When asked about the recent changes instituted by the Board of Governors regarding lifetime membership and working in the industry, all seem to be on board with the process.  “Film is an ever changing machine” one voter stated.  “We have to evolve with it.  If we don’t, our choices and lives become stale.”  A voting member of the Producer’s branch states “we have to constantly be on the lookout for the next great filmmaker.  I love that we still have Spielberg and Eastwood, and that they work so frequently, but they’re not going to be around forever.  We have to learn to embrace the Alex Garland’s and Ryan Coogler’s.”

With that said, let’s see where some of these voters placed their pen for this year’s crop of nominees:

Mad-Max-fury-road1VOTER #1 [MALE]

Best Picture

“There were a lot of things to love about this year.  I completely fell in love with the energy of ‘Mad Max’ and on the flip side of that, was heartbroken by the stories like ‘Room’ and ‘Spotlight.’  In the end, I went with what film do I want my kids and grandkids to watch as a representation of this year.  That’s ‘Mad Max.'”

  1. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  2. “Room”
  3. “Spotlight”
  4. “The Revenant”
  5. “Bridge of Spies”

Best Director

“Again, you don’t see films like ‘Mad Max’ too often.  George Miller steered the hell out of that car.  I also think it’s his time.”

VOTE: George Miller

Best Actor

“This was a close one.  I know the community has told us that Leo’s supposed to win this year and I think he’s terrific in ‘The Revenant,’ but I thought Fassbender in ‘Steve Jobs’ was slightly more compelling.  Had to go with my gut.”

VOTE: Michael Fassbender in “Steve Jobs”

Best Actress

“Listen, I thought ‘Room’ was extraordinary and what both Brie and the young boy (Jacob Tremblay) did together was superb.  This is a way to reward them both.”

VOTE: Brie Larson for “Room”

Best Supporting Actor

“I went back and forth here between Sly and Ruffalo.  At one point, I was sure I was voting for Tom [Hardy] but when really assessing what the other two did, they made a better case.  I haven’t liked a ‘Rocky’ movie in a long time and I was really surprised how moving it was.  Sly was a big part of that.”

VOTE: Sylvester Stallone for “Creed”

Best Supporting Actress

“No contest.  Jennifer Jason Leigh owned Quentin’s movie.  I’ll be honest, if it was up for Picture, I’d probably would have voted for it.

VOTE: Jennifer Jason Leigh for “The Hateful Eight”

Best Original Screenplay

“I found ‘Inside Out’ incredibly original, at least in the sense of the ideas but ‘Spotlight’ moves so fast, and so well, it’s hard to not appreciate it’s structure.”

VOTE: “Spotlight” (Tom McCarthy, Josh Singer)

Best Adapted Screenplay

“‘Room’ was my pick.  So sensitive and tender.  I thought it was fantastic.”