’12 Years a Slave’ Actress Storm Reid Nabs Lead in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

Storm Reid, A Wrinkle in Time

In another move towards an incredibly diverse cast, up-and-coming star Storm Reid will the play the lead in Ava DuVernay‘s “A Wrinkle in Time.” The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news.

Reid’s first role came by way of Best Picture winner “12 Years a Slave.” Since then, she nabbed the leading role in “American Girl: Lea to the Rescue.” She also appeared in “Sleight,” which had a good showing at Sundance earlier this year.

Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are also in talks for the film. According to THR, Witherspoon will play Mrs. Whatsit and Kaling will play Mrs. Who. Oprah Winfrey is already cast in the film as Mrs. Which.

The Disney sci-fi film is an adaptation of the classic fantasy novel by Madeleine L’Engle. The script will be adapted by “Frozen” scribe and co-director Jennifer Lee.

“A Wrinkle In Time” involves a young girl, Meg Murry (Reid), whose father is missing. Before his disappearance, he was working on a secret project called a tesseract. The mysterious object involves the fifth dimension of time travel. After a stranger appears, Meg, her friend Calvin and Charles Wallace set off to find her father. They encounter Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which along the way.

According to reports, the film is scheduled for a November start in Los Angeles.

DuVernay, a former publicist, made her mark on the film world with the Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights drama “Selma,” which drew much acclaim and an Oscar for Best Original Song. Many people believe she was snubbed when she did not receive a nod for Best Director for the film.

A release date for “A Wrinkle in Time” has not been set.

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