TV Review: Up All Night (**)

This show about parenthood has few laughs but many concerns.

Up All Night stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as Reagan & Chris, a married couple trying to adjust to the life of parenthood. After finding out Reagan is pregnant, the couple is unsure how to feel about the new addition to their family. Soon after Amy is born they admit there baby is the best thing to happen to them, yet missing there old life of partying, sex and drinking.

Their experiences with parenthood are somewhat humorous but the show tries too hard to get laughs, especially from Saturday Night Live alum, Maya Rudolph playing Ava, Reagan’s talk show host boss. On this show, not one of these starring actors should have to try to be funny because in real life they are all parents. It shouldn’t be very hard for them to translate the struggles of being a new parent onto the screen. The comedy is overdone and focuses more on Ava’s character then the family the show is supposed to be about. My only chuckle was a scene when stay at home dad Chris goes grocery shopping and is unaware of how to shop.

The idea of the new life of parenthood is a cute and sometimes humorous concept; I’m just worried of where the show will go and how this will turn into a successful series. Christina Applegate has no problem make a series enjoyable, but with Arnett’s luck in television there is no telling where the show will go.

The pilot was nothing spectacular but a few more episodes will decide this shows fate. If it picks up on the realism of being a parent and shows more baby and less Ava, the series should last the rest of the season.  People want to find joy watching this show and have the chance to look back on their own experiences and laugh about how crazy it all was. But, if the show has little to offer, it won’t be enjoyable to anybody.

Up All Night is on Wed nights on NBC at 8pm.