Circuit Consideration: Harry Escott for “Shame”

For Your Consideration – Best Original Score – Harry Escott
Film: “Shame”
Director: Steve McQueen
Screenplay: Steve McQueen & Abi Morgan
Realistic Nominations: Best Actor (Michael Fassbender)
Oscar Scene: Opening Sequence on the Train

Reviews for Steve McQueen’s “Shame” have been mostly positive citing the powerful performances of Michael Fassbender and Academy Award Nominee Carey Mulligan with many jumping for the screenplay by Writer/Director Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan.  A forgotten and overlooked aspect of this dark yet hauntingly beautiful picture is the score set in place by Harry Escott.  Escott has delivered unique, lingering scores on films like “Hard Candy” and “A Mighty Heart.”

In “Shame,”  Escott initiates one of the best and most memorable scenes of the year.  As Brandon Sullivan (Fassbender) stares longingly at a beautiful, young redhead on the subway, the erotic tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife.  As the passion and aroma builds between these two individuals, Escott’s melodic and potent symphony overtakes and nearly creates an overwhelming emotion that can only be resulted in a tear.

The music in McQueen’s film isn’t as prominent or manifested throughout like other big time composers as John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, etc., it’s a subtle undertone that only lands in our entry and exit through this poignant and seductive tale of solitude, isolation, and indignity.

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