Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 1: The Acting Categories

The Awards Circuit Podcasts are back! (well, almost back)

We’re still working out some kinks but it looks as though every Sunday with Your Editor-in-Chief and random members of our staff we will be bringing you “The Awards Circuit Power Hour.”  We will be bringing some in-depth conversations regarding the Oscars, film, television, and much more.  We’ll also be taking questions from all of you regarding anything from the state of the race to just simple chit-chat.  Can’t wait to hear them.

Today’s (impromptu) episode focuses on the Acting categories with Staff Writers Joey Magidson and Joseph Braverman joining myself as we dish on this wide open race.  Here’s today’s agenda.

  • State of the Race
  • Lead Actor (Clooney vs. Dujardin vs. Pitt vs. Oldman)
  • Lead Actress (Is Viola writing her speech already?)
  • Supporting Actor (Is Von Sydow giving Plummer a run for his money?)
  • Supporting Actress (Who deserves it vs. Who will get it?)
  • All the “locked” categories.

Give it a listen.